The purpose of this shooting technique is to land on top of your opponents Beyblade before yours has the chance to hit the stadium. Doing so will greatly reduce the endurance or KO the opposing Beyblade.

How to perform Gattyaki

To perform Gattyaki, you must hit the opponents Beyblade on an angle before yours hits the stadium floor. To do this, you must launch a split second after them. Normally, when the countdowns, “3..2..1.. Let it Rip!” or “3..2..1..Go Shoot!” are chanted, players launch their Beyblade at the R of Rip or the S of Shoot. For this shot, you need to shoot at the P of Rip, or the T of Shoot. If you launch any later than this, it will not be a legal launch. If successful, your Beyblade will land on top of your opponents, causing them to be KOed, or at the very least, lose a great deal of their endurance. This technique is most effective when using heavy customizations, such as compacts. The heavy weight of compacts is significant when performing Gattyaki because every extra gram of weight will add more force to the impact of your Beyblade when it hits. Or shoot at a different height so you can still shoot at the R at Rip or S at Shoot.

Gattyaki is very difficult to aim, and more often than not, you will end up missing. However, it should not be a problem for the rest of the battle unless something unexpected occurs. Don't worry you"ll get the hang of it. Even if you fail to perform this at the start of battle other extreme results may occur, like a bounce.

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