Gigant Gaia Vertical Cycle (ギガントガイア・バーチカル・サイクル, Giganto Gaia Bāchikaru Saikuru) is a Stamina Type Beyblade that's a part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. As an anime-exclusive Beyblade, it was never released. It's owned by Shasa Guten.

Energy Layer - Gigant Gaia

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Takara Tomy's Gigant Gaia is a Balance Type Energy Layer featuring two rows of four blades resembling stones, two golem heads on either sides like the Layer's namesake, the Greek Primordial Deity Gaia, and a large 'G' around the center of the Layer.

The direction, shape and downward angle of the two rows of "stones" are similar to the blades of Wyvern except that the stones are much thicker and the angle that they protrude from is more obtuse, like the blades of Victory Valkyrie. The sides two golem heads create points of Burst Attack and the top of the heads create a smooth, low-recoil surface. This is meant to give Gigant Gaia a mix of Defense and Attack properties, however, the angle and spacing between the stones are too small for decent Attack potential.

Instead, Gigant Gaia's potential lies within Defense; the stones deflect attacks creating a low recoil surface perfect for Knock-Out Defense Combinations and the teeth on Gigant Gaia alternate between "medium tall" to "short" giving Gigant Gaia strong Burst Resistance, greater than Wyvern due to the similar blades and stronger teeth. However, this Layer's Stamina is only average compared to Layers such as Wyvern, Odin or Neptune, giving combinations using Gigant Gaia a risk of being Out-Spun.

Forge Disc - Vertical

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Vertical is shaped somewhat like an upside-down funnel, similar to its predecessor Armed. However, unlike Armed, which has a more gradual and rounded slope, Vertical’s slope begins at a sharper angle and continues downward in a straight line. Vertical also sports a jagged, line-like design, which forms the outline for several holes on the disc’s exterior and eight protrusions on its underside. Despite resembling Armed in terms of shape, Vertical does not offer the same resistance to Bursting that Armed is notable for, while also possessing less Stamina than top-tier Forge Discs such as Spread and Gravity.

Performance Tip - Cycle

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Cycle features a low angle cone tip akin to Survive, but differs by having a free-spinning disc above the tip, akin to Metal Fight Beyblade's Eternal Defense 145, the housing of which also extends down around the tip creating a free spinning ring like an inverse Gyro. In theory, the disc is meant to contact the stadium floor when the Beyblade is off balance and bring it back upright while minimizing Stamina loss due to the disc's free spinning nature. In practice however, the disc does little to Stabilize a Combination and causes Stamina loss despite the free spinning nature as pressure at an angle, which is created by a listing Beyblade, creates resistance and makes the disc lock up. While the secondary point of contact created by the disc can create some level of Knock-Out Resistance equal to Orbit, the resistance caused by the disc locking up increases the risk of Bursts, unlike Orbit which increases Burst Resistance.






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