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Gingka Hagane (鋼 銀河, Hagane Gingka) is the primary protagonist of Metal Fight Beyblade Manga Series.

Physical Appearance

Gingka is a tall, slim young boy with notably long and skinny limbs. He has long red spiky hair and bold eyes that look to his future. He is always wearing a bandage on his nose as well as a replica of his father's headband.

He wears a plain t-shirt under his short sleeved jacket while a scarf is wrapped around his neck. He wears skinny jeans held by his belt that is met by a second belt which holds Gingka's equipment. Gingka wears fingerless gloves on his hands and unique shoes on both his feet.


Gingka is a calm, friendly and optimistic person who looks to the brightside of everything. Although he had to deal with the trauma of watching his father "die", he has never blamed anyone but Ryuga and Doji and is always looking to move forward.

Ginga and his friends Manga

Ginga's friends are his power!

Although Gingka is very confident in his abilities, he is never cocky and shows and extreme amount of good sportsmanship. Gingka has always offered his opponents a gesture of friendship after victory (with the exception of Ryuga and Reiji). Gingka lives for the excitement of battle, to hear the symphony of two powerful beyblades clashing. Gingka loves to battle strong opponents which is why he'll never waver or back down from battle.

Despite his positive outlook, Gingka does not stand for the use of beyblades to abuse others and can become very feircly serious when his friends are put in harms way because of it. The source of Gingka's strength in battle is everyone who supports him, the bonds he's made with everyone through his friendship gives him strength!


Ginga grew up with his father in Koma Village with a dog named Hokuto. Ginga's father Ryo Hagane raised Ginga to love beyblade and groomed him to become the future owner of his Pegasus 105F. Ginga lived a happy life until one day suspicious activity occurred at a nearby mountain where Ryo decided to investigate. Ginga was notified by Hokuto and rushed to the scene to find his father battling the owner of Pegasus' brother beyblade; L-Drago 105F and Ryuuga.

Ryo dies Manga

Ryo passes Pegasus down to Ginga before his "death"

Ginga was shocked to watch as his father's Pegasus was outmatched by the sinister L-Drago. Ryuuga gains the upper hand and begins to crush the interior of the mountain, collapsing debris on top of Ryo. Ryo sends out Pegasus to Ginga and tells him its time for him to become Pegasus' owner.

The launch allowed Ginga and escape while the rest of the mountain collapsed atop Ryo, sealing his fate. On the outside Ginga picks up his birthright Pegasus and Hokuto convinces Ginga to fight for his father's wishes. Ginga embarked on a journey to become a stronger Beyblader with his Pegasus and left Koma Village for the city.


While in the city Ginga met Kenta Yumiya after he accidentally lost Pegasus, he finds Kenta being bullied by a bigger blader named Benkei Hanawa. Ginga gives Kenta tips and helps him defeat Benkei, making him retreat. Ginga says goodbye to Kenta and plans to move on but stopped when he reads a notice that tells him that Kenta has been kidnapped by the Facehunters gang and Ginga would need to hand over his beyblade to save him.

Ginga went to the designated point and was surrounded by one hundred Face Hunters, Benkei and their leader Kyouya who demanded Ginga surrender. When Ginga refuses he is struck by a beyblade, injuring him but Ginga does not stress and instead he takes their challenge head on. Ginga battles all one hundred at the same time and defeats them in a matter of seconds using Pegasus.

Ginga vs Kyoya Managa

Ginga battles the fachunters leader; Kyoya Tategami!

By defeating all one hundred Ginga had impressed Kyouya enough to be challenged to a one on one match on top of the Face Hunter's hideout. Ginga accepts and follows Kyouya in order to save Kenta.

They battle on top of the windy roof which gives Kyouya's Leone 145D added abilities and attack power, enough to outdo Pegasus in a power struggle. Ginga realized that the key to winning was to exploit Pegasus' true nature in flight. He allowed Pegasus to soar and unlocked it's special move; Shooting Star Attack!

Pegasus dove down and crashed atop Leone, defeating it by sending out of the stadium. Kyouya is shocked and distraught by his defeat, but Ginga reassures him it was a battle well fought. Kyouya accepts his gesture which marks the beginning of their friendly rivalry. It's not long after that the two are confronted by a mysterious man who attacks them with his Wolf Beyblade and destroys the platform underneath them, causing the entire building to collapse.

Ginga recognizes the man as Doji who was with Ryuuga when his father was killed and realizes he is after Pegasus. Ginga uses Pegasus to knock himself, Kenta and Kyouya to safety but exhausts himself and faints. Ginga wakes up to find that he had been found by Hokuto who had been attacked by one of the Dark Nebula, an evil organization that Doji and Ryuuga rule.

Pegasis destroyed Manga

Ryuga defeats Ginga and destroys Pegasus

Now at full strength, Ginga easily defeats Busujima right out of the launch. Busujima tries to retreat but is stepped on by non other then the evil Ryuuga, who came personally to defeat Ginga and destroy Pegasus once and for all. Ginga has been preparing for this moment and is ready to face Ryuuga with Pegasus and Launcher in hands, their battle begins.

Ryuuga is far too overconfident that Ginga will be weak like his father, but Ginga battles ferociously for his father and with murder in his eyes Ginga gains the upper hand on Ryuuga. Ginga's burning passion passed down from Ryo is enough to blast L-Drago further and further back into a corner, stunning Ryuuga to silence.

After a striking blow to Ryuuga's pride, Ryuuga becomes furious and uses L-Drago's full power to strike down Pegasus, destroying it in a single blow. Ryuuga leaves Ginga crushed by defeat, feeling as he has failed his father. Hokuto reunites with Ginga and gives him a note that his father left him which gives the location of the Beyblade Deity; Mawashi who can help to make Pegasus stronger.

Ginga recieves Storm Pegasis

Ginga receives his new reborn Pegasus; Storm Pegasus 105RF

Hoping to revive Pegasus, Ginga joined by Hokuto, Kyouya and Kenta head into the Beyblade Forest to find him. They spot a beyblading Monkey who taunts and defeats Kyouya, leading Ginga to face him with a wooden make version of Pegasus. Kyouya was defeated because he tried to take a stone beyblade head on but Ginga knows better and out blades it into a stadium out, causing the monkey to reveal himself as Mawashi.

Mawashi sends Ginga on a trial to Pegasus' and L-Drago's birthplace where Pegasus can be reborn. Ginga heads into a frozen mountain where he is battered by the wind and snow. Ginga does not waiver and continues to the top.

Ginga finds his way to the top of the mountain but collapses due to him nearly being frozen. Before Ginga gives up, he remembers his fathers sacrifice that gives Ginga enough drive to Launch his Wooden Pegasus with Pegasus' facebolt into the frozen water through the ice.

Ginga, Kyoya and Kenta Manga

Ginga, Kenta and Kyouya decide to enter Battle Bladers

Pegasus is enchanted by the water of it's birthplace and is reborn anew, into Storm Pegasus 105RF. He is amazed by the beauty of his new Pegasus and prepares to battle Kyouya until Doji locates them in his helicopter and challenges Ginga to finish what Ryuuga started.

Ginga struggles to control Pegasus but learns that it has incredible attack and endurance as Doji's Wolf D125B begins to break itself by attacking. Ginga realizes that he and Pegasus bond has never been stronger and deals the finishing blow, destroying Wolf and defeating Doji.

Doji congratulates Ginga on victory and gives him an invitation to a tournament known as Battle Bladers where the Dark Nebula plans to take over the Beyblade World. Hoping to stand in their way Ginga, Kenta and Kyouya promise to enter and help defeat the Dark Nebula to save what they love.

Battle Bladers

Ready to challenge the Dark Nebula's Beybladers, Ginga and Kenta head to the Battle Bladers tournament where they are met by a reformed Kyouya and Benkei along with their beyblades. Ginga is excited to battle alongside them against the Nebula.

Ginga and Ryutaro

Ginga congradulates Ryutaro on a match well faught

Benkei and his Bull 125SF battle in the first round against Ryuuga. Benkei fights hard but is overwhelmed when Ryuuga evolves his beyblade into Lightning L-Drago 100HF causing Benkei to loose the match, severely injuring him. Ginga watches as Kyouya vows revenge and dominates The Dark Nebula's Tetsuya in their match.

Ginga is surprised to watch the next few matches as Kenta and Hikaru are defeated by two mysterious bladers while Ginga must also face a rather unknown blader named Ryutaro. Ryutaro's beyblade Thermal Pisces T125ES has the ability to distort Ginga's view on the stadium making it difficult for him to battle. It doesn't take long for Ginga to find that it's the bey's tip that allows it to do so and lifts Pisces off the ground allowing Ginga a clear shot for victory. Ryutaro is distraught by being defeated by Ginga, but Ginga reassures him by showcasing his good sportsmanship.

This leaves only three members to combat the three members of the Dark Nebula, but too soon Kenta is defeated by yet another unknown beyblader who turns out to be a member of the Dark Nebula. In the next round, Ginga would partner with Kyouya and his new Rock Leone 145WB to face Tsubasa and Earth Aquila 145WD, who defeated Hikaru and Yu and his Flame Libra T125ES, who defeated Kenta. Ginga and Kyouya only got a glimpse of their power, they somewhat underestimate how dangerous there opponents can be.

Yu and Tsubasa counterattack fiercely, pushing Ginga and Kyouya against each other due to the rotating stadium. They are nearly knocked out with a surprise attack but are saved by another mechanism within the stadium; a retractable wall that prevents stadium outs.

Ginga and Kyoya victory

Ginga and Kyouya get there first big win over the Dark Nebula

Tsubasa takes the lead and displays amazing speed and attack power while he knocks Ginga across the stadium. Before Kyouya can support Ginga he is cut off by Yu, Ginga is unable to gain any momentum to counter attack Tsubasa's powerful Aquila.

But after being pushed back, Ginga begins to use Pegasus' power to collect wind around itself and is boosted by Kyouya's Windstorm Wall to send Pegasus flying into Aquila, finally smashing it back.

Yu moves in to strike Kyouya's blind spot but Ginga supports him by spinning Pegasus around Leone to create an even larger tornado that is enough to best Libra's insane amount of endurance and send it out of the arena. Tsubasa tries to take then on with his Aquila's incredible abilities but when Ginga and Kyouya work together, nothing can stand in there way.

They disperse the tornado to send Ginga's Pegasus into the air and use Kyouya's Leone to hold Aquila in place while Pegasus crashes back down with its special move. The shock of the impact sends both Leone and Aquila out of the stadium, but because Pegasus remains, Kyouya's sacrifice allowed them a solid victory of the Dark Nebula's finest.
Ginga and Sora

Ginga congratulates Sora for trying against Ryuuga

After winning, Ginga is confronted by "his biggest fan" Sora Akatsuki who also possesses a Pegasus beyblade: Cyber Pegasus 100HF. He congratulates Ginga and hopes to face him in the next round. Ginga watches as the Dark Nebula's remaining members all surround Sora as he's tagged with Tobio Oike with Storm Capricorn M145Q to face Ryuuga with Lightning L-Drago 100HF and Reiji with Poison Serpent SW145SD. Tobio is quickly eliminated by Reiji who destroys his beyblade, Ginga is surprised to see that Reiji would do that to another Nebula blader.

Sora battles valiantly and gets the upper hand on Reiji but is blindsided by Ryuuga and eventually shot out of the stadium, and through the "no outs" blocker. Sora is injured from the experience and Ginga promises that he stop Ryuuga's tyranny for his number one fan.

Ryuuga leaves the arena after destroying the roof, dispersing all the bladers and spectators. Ginga is alone until he confronted by the mysterious Phoenix who challenges him with his bey: Burn Fireblaze 135MS. Ginga accepts and they battle in the abandoned arena, but is quickly defeated by the mysterious man. Phoenix suddenly has a large personality change when he teases Ginga by pulling on his face and walks away after congratulating him. This sparks suspicion within Ginga about Pheonix.

Ginga and Ryu Manga

Ginga is reunited with his father

He follows Phoenix to receive training on Storm Pegasus' abilities. He finds that Pegasus can use it's performance tip to spin around itself to increase speed dramatically and produce enough power to blast Phoenix's Fireblaze out of the arena. After completing his training, Ginga is assaulted by Doji who sends his Wolf flying at his blindside, Phoenix intercepts and protects Ginga.

The attack blasts Phoenix's clothes off revealing that it is in fact Ginga's father Ryo under the disguise. Ginga is relieved to find that his father is alive after all this time but turns his attention to Doji, who approaches. He launches his Pegasus and uses his father's technique to blast Doji away with its power.

Ginga and Kyoya Fistpound Manga

Ginga takes on Kyouya's vow to defeat Ryuuga

Ginga returns to the battle bladers tournament as one of the final four including the others as Ryuuga, Reiji and Kyouya. As destiny would set it, Kyouya would face Ryuuga in the first match of the semi finals. Ginga hoped not for revenge and would rather Kyouya defeat him. But Kyouya struggles to deal with L-Drago's power as Ginga did but Kyouya tries to collapse four walls around the stage atop both his Leone and Ryuuga's L-Drago.

The stadium collapses on top of both Leone and Ryuuga, Kyouya sacrificing himself to avenge their fallen friends. But Ryuuga's L-Drago emerges from the rubble and claims victory. Kyouya was excessively injured by Ryuuga's brutality and Ginga was very displeased by the outcome, becoming increasingly serious and throwing his pleasant demeanor to the wind. He saw that Kyouya was cared to by the medic and promised to him that he would defeat Ryuuga once and for all.

Ginga pwns Reiji Manga

Deadset on facing Ryuuga, Ginga defeats Reiji with ease

Ginga is set to face Reiji but is only focused on Ryuuga. Ginga turns away from battle to tell him off, to tell Ryuuga that he brutality will not stand and that the Dark Nebula will fall by Ginga's hand. When Reiji tries to get Ginga's attention his beyblade is shattered by Pegasus, easily sealing Ginga's victory.

Ginga leaves the stage to confront Ryuuga head on to tell him he is not afraid, that Ryo is alive and everyone behind Ginga supports him with every breath. Ginga has never been more ready to take on Ryuuga.

Ginga and Ryuuga move to the final stage, set in the outdoors with everyone watching. Their destined battle finally begins, Ryuuga expects to bully and overpower Ginga as he's done to everyone else, but Ginga blasts him back with Storm Pegasus. Ginga knows that Pegasus has enough power as long as Ginga uses his fathers technique.

But Ryuuga has power instore of his own, able to blast back at Pegasus even when using it's ability to rotate to increase power. Ginga begins to waiver as Ryuuga continues to brutalize Pegasus until from the sidelines, everyone Ginga promised reminds him that they are there every step of the way. Ready to take on that responsibility, Ginga battles knowing that his friends are his power!

Obviously outmatching Ryuuga, Ginga begins to push him into a corner. Ryuuga becomes furious and releases his mental stability to L-Drago, allowing its Dark Power to control his mind to give him power. Ryuuga unleashes a powerful attack from the sky that engulfs everything in darkness and destroys the entire stadium. Ginga awakes in a pile of rubber to view Pegasus still spinning in shambles.

Everyone supports Ginga

All the beybladers support Ginga in his final battle with Ryuuga

His father Ryo helps him up and advises him to stay strong for what comes next, Ryuuga stands tall above the rubble, driven insane by the darkness of L-Drago. Ginga's friends are injured by the collapsing stadium once again showcasing Ryuuga's mercilessness that Ginga won't stand for. Ginga becomes furious and tries to attack, only to be outmatched by the Dark Power of Ryuuga.
Battle Bladers Manga

Ginga and his new friends are victorious!

Ryuuga unleashes his finishing move that covers L-Drago in a spinning wheel of darkness that would cut Ginga and Pegasus to pieces if it were to connect. Ginga refuses to back down and prepares to take this threat head on, but as he said, the power of his friends are there for him.

Kenta, Sora, Ryutaro and Kyouya use their beyblades to halt the attack. Ryuuga blasts all of them away and prepares to finish off Ginga, but Kyouya rallys all the beybladers there into supporting Ginga, believing that all bladers must help to defeat the Dark Nebula!

The power of all his friends, and all the bladers who support him at all enchant Pegasus with a new power; Pegasus evolves into Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F! This new Pegasus is able to take L-Drago head on and send it back with incredible power, defeating L-Drago once and for all.

Ryuuga regains his mind and is met by a friendly smile from Ginga, but he leaves without a word. With the Dark Nebula officially defeated, Ginga and all the friends he's made celebrate with one final fantastic bey battle.

Big Bang Bladers

After defeating the Dark Nebula, Ginga returns to his normal life and is soon surprised to hear that the world championships are approaching. He travels to the Japanese Selection matches to decide Team Japan to find that many of his fiends including old enemies are participating.

Gingka defeats Sora

Ginga struggles to control Galaxy Pegasus, luckily defeating Sora

Ginga battles first against Sora, Tobio and Ryutaro where he easily defeats Ryutaro while Sora dominates Tobio. Ginga then battles against Sora alone but finds that his Galaxy Pegasus is difficult to control and nearly loses because of it, but he is able to knock Sora's Pegasus from the ring.

Ginga realizes that he's lucked out and goes to his father for advice, Ryo tells him that Galaxy Pegasus has a large amount of raw energy that Ginga will learn to control. Ginga notices almost directly afterwards that Benkei and Kenta have been defeated by a newcomer but before Ginga can act, the new comer is challenged by Kyouya whom he also defeats and secures his spot next to Ginga on team Japan.

When Ginga congratulates this newcomer he claims to be the real number one rather then Ginga and reveals himself to be Masamune Kadoya. Masamune gloats about being stronger then Ginga, leading Ginga's friends to cheer him into battling Masamune. Ginga worries about controlling Pegasus but decides to battle Masamune and his Ray Unicorno D125CS. Directly off the start, Ginga struggles to control Pegasus new power allowing Masamune to attack and capitalize on him.

Gingka and Masamune Manga

Ginga and his new friend/rival Masamune form Team Japan

Ginga is stunned by Masamune's cunning while Masamune is disappointed in Ginga's blading, leading Ginga to try harder and become frustrated with himself. Masamune continues to push Ginga to the edge of his own self confidence, but it does not take long before Ginga remembers all the bladers who look up to him, and with trust like that their is nothing Ginga cannot overcome.

Rather then try to force Pegasus, Ginga allows it to soar, unlocking its potential as a Winged Horse. Pegasus soars into the sky and crashes down upon the stadium using Ginga's new finishing move; Star Gazer!

Masamune's chances of winning were doused by the attack as his Unicorno is sent flying out of the stadium, sealing Ginga's victory. Even after being defeated, Masamune respects Gingka's victory and agree's to work together as teammates, creating Japan's very own Team GanGan Galaxy.

The new team travels with allies; Kyouya, Kenta, Sora and Benkei to China to face there first opponents. They are met by two mysterious figures who turn out to be China's team Wang Hu Zhong. Chi-yun revealed himself first to face Masamune. During the match Masamune was in trouble due to Chi-yun's Thermal Lacerta's Wing Attack Spin Track which cut the air into blades and slashes up Masamune's Unicorno.

Gingka and Kenta accidentally dropped Masamune's chips onto the stadium where Masamune can see the pattern of the air is helping his Unicorno. With that aid, Masamune defeats Chi-yun and they are on to face the next member. Chi-yun is punished physically and verbally by the second member, displeasing Ginga who rencourages Chi-yun to not fret defeat. The second member is Da Xiang Wang who feels Chi-yun failed China through failure and took on Masamune and defeated him in a matter of seconds.

Gingka vs Da Xiang Manga

Ginga battles Da Xiang in the deciding final match-up

Because Masamune was so rash and didn't visualize Da Xiang's abilities he was defeated so easily, Ginga went into his battle with Da Xiang, knowing this in mind. Ginga has trouble dealing with Da Xiang's Rock Giraffe's Rubber Wings which we used to defeat Masamune. The Wings repel each of Pegasus attacks, absorbing the shock and sending Pegasus back with less and less Stamina every contact. Because Ginga is attacking so bluntly without aim, his attacks have no effect on Giraffe.

Da Xiang permanently switches to defense mode and begins to gloat about his Giraffe's overwhelming power, during this time Ginga finds the weak point in the space between each rubber wing and begins to use precise attacks. Because Da Xiang is not paying much attention to the precision of each strike while Giraffe is not moving, the rubber wings suffer severe damage.

Da Xiang plans to easily counter Ginga's next attack and is shocked when his Giraffe's rubber wings are shattered, leaving it defenseless. With the last ounce of his power, Ginga unleashes his final attack and knocks Giraffe from the stadium, winning the match. Ginga celebrates and is surprised to see that Da Xiang and Chi-yun congratulate GanGan Galaxy's victory.

Ginga and Masamune move on to Europe where they easily defeat Aleksei and Dora of Russia's Team, meanwhile Korea's Team is dominated by Julius Caesar of Europe's Team Excalibur. Ginga's Team are up next to face him, Masamune confronts him but is stopped by his mate; Klaus. Although Ginga wishes to defeat Julian first, Masamune ties Ginga's scarf to the stands so Masamune can settle the score.

Ginga vs Julius

Ginga battles Julius in Masamune's honor

Masamune doesn't do well against Julian's dual rotation beyblade that overpowers him in reverse rotation. When Masamune finds a way around it, he is outmatched once again by his Perseus' ability to freeze it in place using the Head of Medusa. Masamune is ultimatly brutalized and dominated by Julius and his Gravity Perseus who show no mercy. Ginga does not take this well and becomes furious with Julius, ready to avenge his fallen teammate in their next match.

Ginga starts off very strong by pushing Perseus back even though it is in reverse rotation. Julius tries to use the power of medusa on Pegasus early, but Ginga is able to break through with pure force. Ginga's fury is unleashed on Julius beyblade, and causes him to become nervous because his father is watching.

Although Julius becomes very angry, Ginga begins to lighten up, only making him more furious. Ginga is able to mimic Masamune's technique to outmatch the reverse rotation, by using his unicorno's Coated Sharp performance tip to gain extreme speed to lap and outpace Perseus' wide defense. With the power of Pegasus and Unicorno, Masamune's technique works for Ginga and slams Perseus out of the stadium, defeating Julius.

Ginga defeated by Argo

Ginga suffers from his injuries and looses to Argo

Now Team Japan would have to face Team Brazil . With Masamune injured by Julius, Ginga plans to move on by winning all by himself. He promises Masamune that he'll win and while on his way via boat, he is sabotaged and nearly blown to death by his opponent Argo, who rigged his ship with a bomb.

Ginga survives the ordeal and suffers serious injuries. Even so Ginga does no give in and decides to move on with the battle, to fight for all those he left back in Japan. Despite his determination, Ginga's injuries are too great and causes him to collapse at the very start of the battle, losing the match.

Although it seems over for Team Japan, Team japan can still continue if they substitute for Ginga. As destiny would have it, Ryuuga would arrive in the nick of time in challenge Argo in the name of Japan.

From the very start of the battle, Argo does display some amount of skill, able to dominate Ryuuga's new Meteo L-Drago. But after all, Ryuuga was toying with him by literally absorbing his attacks in one final attack defeats Argo in a single blow. The fright of Ryuuga strikes Argo's brother Ian who immediately forfeits.

Now Japan would have only one opponent to officially win Big Bang Bladers; Team USA. While arriving in America, Ginga and Masamune are welcomed by all their old opponents and friends including Kyouya, Kenta, Benkei, Da Xiang, Julius and many more. While celebrating Ginga, Kenta and Masamune decide to get more food, and in their absence Team America arrives and attacks their friends, stealing their consciousness with their evil beyblade; Hell Kerbecs.

Ginga returned to find that all his friends were soulless and furiously attacked the perpetrator; Damian Hart. Ginga is easily over powered and nearly defeated but is saved by Masamune. Masamune takes a fatal blow with his Unicorno in order to save Ginga and his consciousness is taken by the evil beyblade. Ginga swears revenge for all his friends in one final battle with Damian.

Ginga and Ryuuga work together

Ginga and Ryuuga agree to work together to avenge those taken by Hades Inc

After dropping his friends off at the hospital, Ginga is confronted by Ryuuga who demands to test Ginga's power. Ginga accepts and looses sight of the notion that he should be by his friends side until the final round against Damian. He battles Ryuuga feircly but is reminded by Kenta from the hospital window that his place is with the friends who lost their minds to protect him.

Ryuuga was impressed to see Ginga's drive as the match ended in a draw after Ginga unleashed an attack to try and end the match. Ryuuga respected Ginga's passion to fight for something he believes in and warns Ginga that Hades Inc is behind the creation of Hell Kerbecs, a beyblade that can absorb someone's consciousness/mind in order to become stronger and stronger to the point where it can dominate the world. The two agree to fight together for the first time in order to take down Hades Incorporated.

Ginga vs Zeo Manga

Ginga battles Team America's first; Zeo Abyss

Ginga would now go it alone against Team America and would have to win against both Zeo Abyss and Damian Hart to win for everyone. Ginga would have to face the mysterious Zeo first, and is surprised to see that his Flame Byxis is a skyscraper like beyblade. It stands high above Pegasus with a 230 Track which neutralizes most of Ginga's efforts to gain and offensive lead.

The track itself is invulnerable to all of Pegasus' attacks and with it's wheel it can send Pegasus flying back. Ginga figures that it's upper parts should be more vulnerable but fails to damage it until he finds out that its only weak point is it's face bolt. The only way to attack that is using Pegasus' Star Gazer to attack from above. It seems like the attack doesn't work at first, but it is successful and slashes Flame Byxis in half shocking Zeo and winning the match for Japan.

Everyone's Soul with Ginga

Even in the darkness of Hades, Ginga's friends are there to save him

Now Ginga would finally get his shot at Damian Hart, but before they could officially battle, Damian's leader Faust ordered him to destroy the stadium and drown Ginga in the ocean below. Damian tried to do just that with his Hell Kerbecs but Ginga was saved by his father. Ryo encouraged Ginga to stop Damian and gave him his dual wing Pegasus headband to prove how proud he was.

Ginga accepted his new rank as the owner of Pegasus and relaunched his attack on Damian. He fights Damian fiercely but is ultimately swallowed by his dark gate into Hades, where has trapped the minds of all Ginga's friends. While drowning in the darkness, Ginga is found by Kyouya and his other friends who help him out of Hades Darkness and back into the battle with Damian.

Ginga reunited with his friends

After winning it all, Ginga's true prize is being reunited with his friends

Because of all the spirits that are with Ginga, they enchant his beyblade into evolving once again into Big Bang Pegasus F:D! Big Bang Pegasus has enough attack power to overpower the Evil Kerbecs who's stolen souls can no longer power it as they are with Pegasus and of their own free will at that. Damian becomes Furious and unleashes all his reserves to attack Ginga, but Ginga stands tall after all is said and done.

Ginga realizes in that moment that Big Bang and himself have enough power after all to overcome Damian. Ginga unlocks the power of Pegasus and uses his new special move; Big Bang Tornado! The attack gives Pegasus enough of a boost to slam Kerbecs into infinity; freeing all the capturing souls to return back to their respective hosts.

This free's Damian's own mind from its control and now that Ginga can see who he truly is, Ginga decides to befriend Damian. In that moment everything lights up, as Ginga's friends return to congratulate and embrace him. Everything returns to peace as Ginga would always and forever want.

Ultimate Bladers

Ginga vs Yuki

Ginga battles Yuki Mizusawa

Ginga, after sucessfully defeating Hades Inc and freeing the minds of his friends, has settled down back to his normal life. Ginga took part in a minor tournament where he dominated, soon after Ginga was confronted and challenged by an unknown blader. The Blader is named Yuki Mizusawa and with his Mercury Anubis beyblade, he was able to provide Ginga's first challenge since defeating Damian.

This challenge was short lived, Ginga was able to defeat Yuki simply by switching Big Bang Pegasus into Final Drive mode. After his defeat, Yuki reveals that he is with the newly established "WBBA" (World Beyblade Association) and has invited Ginga to participate in the Ultimate Bladers Tournament. 

Ginga agrees to join and qualifies with 12000 Beypoints, Ginga figures that no one else could have wracked up as many Beypoints as himself and feels as if he'll breeze through the first round. To his surprise he is matched up with another individual with 12000 BP, none other then his rival Kyouya Tategami!

Ginga vs Kyouya Ultimate Bladers

Ginga takes on Kyouya in the first round of Ultimate Bladers

He greets Kyouya but is rejected, Kyouya feeling as if Ginga has overshadowed him for too long and is ready to battle him as an opponent rather then a friend. Ginga reflects Kyouya's attitude and prepares to take on a reborn Kyouya and his new Fang Leone beyblade. 

The battle begins as Ginga's surprised by Kyouya's newfound powers. Pegasus is constantly pressed by the New Leone. Now on equal standards, Kyouya proves to be a true challenge for Ginga to overcome. By using special moves such as his Windstorm Wall, Kyouya would try to keep his hold on the match. Ginga reads through his attack and uses Pegasus ability to take flight to use Leone's own power against it. Pegasus uses the strangth of the tornado to propel itself into the air and then came down crashing with its own power to defeat Leone and win the match. 


Pegasis Manga

Ginga and his birth right beyblade; Pegasus!

  • Pegasus 105F: After his fathers "death", Ginga received Pegasus as his birthright and grew up to become it's perfect match. It is a powerful four layer attack type beyblade with great speed and attack power, able to defeat a hundred beys in no time at all. During Ginga's first battle with Ryuuga it was destroyed by it's brother beyblade; L-Drago. Ginga made a wood mache version of it using Pegasus template, it would later be reborn as Storm Pegasus 105RF.
  • Storm Pegasus 105RF: After making a paper mache replica of Pegasus, Ginga travled into the BeyForest to find Mawashi, the great Beyblade Diety. Mawashi led Ginga to the birthplace of Pegasus where he would have it reborn as the new Storm Pegasus. Storm Pegasus is an attack type beyblde that posses incredbile power and speed which Ginga learned to utilize from his father; Ryu Hagane. During Ginga's final battle with Ryuuga, it evolved further into Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F.
  • Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F: Storm Pegasus evolved during Ginga's battle with Ryuuga to become Galaxy Pegasus. He intially struggled to control it's power but gained control during his battle with Masamune Kadoya. It has incredible speed and attack power due to the combination of it's track and tip which simultainiously allow it to soar into the air.
  • Big Bang Pegasus F:D: Galaxy Pegasus Evolved during it's battle with Damian and his evil Hell Kerbecs. Big Bang had enough power to defeat Kerbecs with his new special move Big Bang Tornado
  • Samurai Pegasus W105R2F:

Finishing Moves

  • シューティングスター\攻撃 Shooting Star Attack: Ginga always struggled to understand Pegasus abilities but finnaly discovered Pegasus' power to soar in his battle with Kyouya. Pegasus can soar into the air and crash down apon the opponent with great force to send them flying. After being reborn into Storm Pegasus, Pegasus retains this incredible ability.
  • スターゲイザー Star Gazer: Ginga created this move with Galaxy Pegasus when he realized it's ability to soar into the sky using its speed from it's tip and grip on it's wheel. Pegasus soars into the stars itself, causing its opponent to gaze at it as it crashes down ontop of them and crushes them into stardust.


Metal Fight Beyblade
Opponent Chapter Result
Benkei Hanawa 1 Win
Kyouya Tategami 2 Win
Busujima 3 Win
Ryuuga 4-5 Loss
Doji 7 Win
Battle Bladers
Opponent Chapter Result
Ryutaro 11 Win
Yu & Tsubasa (w/ Kyouya) 12-13 Win
Phoenix 14 Loss
Doji 14 Win
Reiji Mizuchi 16 Win
Ryuuga 17-18 Win
Big Bang Bladers
Opponent Chapter Result
Ryutaro 19 Win
Sora Akatsuki 19 Win
Masamune Kadoya 19 Win
Da Xiang Wang 21 Win
Aleksei 22 Win
Julius Caesar 23 Win
Argo Gracy 24 Loss
Damian Hart 26 No Outcome
Ryuuga 27 Draw
Zeo Abyss 27-28 Win
Damian Hart 28-29-30 Win


Volume 1


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