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This article is about the anime character. For the manga counterpart of the same name, see Ginga Hagane (Manga).

A Beyblade's true strength doesn't have anything to do with attack power or stamina, it attacks with the feelings of the Blader that's connected with it, as if all the power in the cosmos was being poured into it. You must put your heart that is as big as the starry sky into it.

—Gingka to Kenta Yumiya, Pegasus Has Landed

Gingka Hagane, known as Ginga Hagane (鋼銀河(ハガネギンガ), Hagane Ginga) in Japan, is the main protagonist of the Metal Saga series. He holds the title as the "#1 Blader in the World" and is a Blader of the Four Seasons, representing the season of Autumn.

Gingka is known worldwide for saving the world on three occasions: ending Lightning L-Drago 100HF's dark power corruption of Ryuga and the Dark Nebula Organization during the final battle of the Battle Bladers tournament, destroying the Spiral Core powered by Faust and his Twisted Tempo 145WD in Hades City, and vanquishing the God of Destruction, Nemesis after its rebirth.

Since then, Gingka has gained recognition for his actions and underwent training overseas. Gingka Hagane used four Beyblades throughout the anime: Storm Pegasus 105RF, Galaxy Pegasus W105R²F, Cosmic Pegasus F:D and Samurai Pegasus W105R2F. He later became a mentor to his biggest fan, Zyro Kurogane, in Shogun Steel.


Gingka has dark red spiky hair. He wears a blue headband with a design of the mythical creature, Pegasus, on it, but it has only one wing, whereas his father's headband had two wings on it. His headband does not get the two wing design until Metal Fury.

He also has golden-brown eyes and a broken nose which he may have got from beyblading. His usual outfit consists of a long white scarf around his neck, a short blue short-sleeved jacket, a plain orange shirt, white and blue fingerless gloves, a red and a brown belt around his waist, which has a pouch for his Beyblade, black pants, and red and navy blue colored shoes. The white long scarf represents Pegasus' wings. He keeps his Beyblade gear on his belt so that he can quickly use it whenever needed.

During Metal Masters and Metal Fury Gingka uses a String Launcher (Bey Launcher) with a 3-Segment Launcher Grip in right-handed mode, and a Beypoint Card.

In Metal Fury, Gingka obtains a new headband that has a Pegasus and 2 wings like his father's headband, but is white and red.

Later in Shogun Steel, Gingka gets a new look. His hair is shaggier and he now has taller, spiky hair with the same headband as the previous season. He now wears a black shirt under a short blue jacket with long, rolled-up sleeves, white-and-gold lines, now has brown fingerless gloves, dark-blue pants, and wears black boots under red socks. His white scarf is more longer and has shredded ends.

His materials have also changed- he uses a Zero-G Launcher with the grip part of the Zero-G Launcher Grip connected on it.


Gingka is a nice and calm Blader, and will do whatever it takes to battle with his Bey, Pegasus, and protect his friends, as well as save the world from danger. Even though he gets a bit worried when losing, he is never frightened and is always ready to battle again. No matter what disadvantages he faces, he never backs down from a challenge. He is always pumped up, ready to battle, never gives up, and fights till the end. "That's what makes a Blader's Spirit!" he says. While he did lose his temper while fighting Ryuga he didn't stay mad for long. Eventually he learned to forgive him after learning that Ryuga was being used. He always trys to enchourage others to have bey spirt. In the future he becomes a local hero after saving the world from Nemesis. Many bladers in the future respect him including Zero.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Pegasus Has Landed

Gingka Hagane, is a Blader with the calmest attitude and a passion for the Beyblade, also for helping out people in need. He shows himself sleeping strangely atop a water tower; awakening to begin the long journey ahead of him and his Storm Pegasus. A while after his awakening he catches a group of people known as Face Hunters bullying a young boy named Kenta Yumiya. He intrupts the battle and saved Kenta from a brutal defeat.

Gingka saves Kenta from Face Hunters

Surprised by what has just happened, the leader of the group of thugs named Benkei Hanawa challenged Gingka to a 5 vs. 1 handicap match. Even more surprising was that Gingka had defeated them without any effort. Kenta was happy that someone was there to save the day, and that he even had someone to look up to. Not long after that, they both became good friends and went to the Bey Park together.

During their first conversation alone at the park, Kenta asked Gingka where he was from. Gingka then revealed to Kenta that he had been traveling around the country looking for someone challenging enough to battle him. Gingka then reveals to Kenta what makes a true Blader strong, saying it's not the attack power or stamina, it's the Beyblader's Heart.

The next day, one of the Face Hunters, Benkei, proposed a challenge for Gingka; he told him to meet them at a construction site. As soon as Gingka got there, one hundred Face Hunters thugs were there waiting with their beyblades, eager to battle Gingka to attempt at getting their revenge on him. Gingka remained calm and unfazed as 100 beys flew at him. Soon afterwards, Kenta arrived at the scene and showed some sadness toward Gingka, saying to him that this wasn't a bey battle and suggesting for him to run; but Gingka wasn't fazed, and he reassured Kenta that everything would be fine.

Gingka then decided to get serious and launched his Storm Pegasus into the battle, and unleashed his true power against them and defeated them with ease surprising them and their leader Kyoya Tategami. Showing that a Blader's true strength comes from their Blader spirit. The leader of the Face Hunters then issues a challenge to Gingka, saying he is worthy enough to fight him and his Rock Leone.

Later that day, at the City Bowl, Gingka is seen beyblading against Osamu, Takashi and Akira, which he easily defeats their Blades in a single swipe. All the kids there got so excited that a strong Blader like Gingka had challenged them to a Beyblade match. Later he is then shown talking to Kenta again in the park about Kyoya and how powerful his Beyblade is.

He is then analyzing Pegasus when Madoka Amano appears in front of him commenting on Pegasus' poor condition. She then offers to treat Pegasus, and Gingka accepts. Madoka takes both Gingka and Kenta to the B-Pit, the Beyblade shop in town, which is also her house and decided to help them out. Madoka stays up all night repairing Pegasus while Gingka observes on a nearby couch, and eventually falls asleep.

Kyoya and Gingka face off

The next day, the Face Hunter's took Kenta's beyblade and said to bring Gingka to Metal Tower or else they would destroy Sagittario. Kenta informs Gingka and Madoka of this and Gingka says he will get his beyblade back, Madoka advises Gingka that Pegasus's repairs are not yet complete and it would be dangerous if he battled with it. Gingka still battles as he stated he would battle and get Kenta's bey back.

Gingka and co. arrive at Metal Tower to see that he will have to battle Kyoya atop of the tower. At the start of the battle it is already shown that the Face Hunters chose the tower for a reason, to give Kyoya an advantage due to high wind currents. Madoka realizes that Leone's rotation creates the wind current to go faster and causing the wind to distort Pegasus.

Gingka gets worried at the sight of Kyoya's special move Lion Gale Force Wall. Kenta starts saying to Gingka that its all his fault that his bey will lose (assuming that he will lose), but Gingka assures him that he will be victorious.

Gingka purposely gets his Pegasus knocked into the air and calls out a special move Starblast Attack and came out with a victory against all odds. After the battle Madoka states that if something were to happen to Pegasus it would have been all Gingka's fault and demands Gingka to apologize to Pegasus. Kyoya is surprised by his defeat and gets infuriated at the site and then a mysterious man says he can help him get his revenge on Gingka for his defeat.

Gingka is challenged to a battle by Kenta and to train him to become a strong beyblader like him, but turns out Gingka is wanted to be a trainer for Kenta and all of his friends; but Gingka isn't the kind of Blader who teaches more or less many young kids. He and Kenta battle for a while but Gingka beats him. He then tells Kenta he was not planning on leaving much to Kenta's joy. The next day he buys a hot dog by mistake and tells kids how having a heart that loves beyblade makes a blader stronger.

Combating the Nebula

Time after his battle with Kyoya, Gingka faces an face hunter Benkei in a battle with his new beyblade Dark Bull H145SD that he received from Doji said to have power stronger than Gingka's Pegasus making it able to defeat it, and that defeating Gingka is the only way to get back Kyoya until Doji says so. Benkei accepts the task to defeat Gingka and searches out to find him.

Benkei leads Gingka and co. with his beyblade into a warehouse ready to battle. At the start of their battle his Pegasus is being pushed back by bull but Pegasus begins to get repelled by bull's horns; Gingka and co. start to get worried at the site of Pegasus but he commands the warehouse starts collapsing in on them and he is saved by Benkei. Still eager to battle Benkei makes bull charge at Pegasus but Pegasus' special move repels bull causing Benkei a defeat. Gingka later tells Madoka how he admired Benkei's dedermnation as they all ate burgers togther. Later kids come to Madaoka claming their beys were damged. Her, Gingka and Kenta set out to fix this.

He later battles a crab like blader named Tetsuya Watarigani who was told by Benkei to battle Gingka by Kidnaping Madoka. Benkei however saves Madoka believing beyblade should be played fairly and thus Gingka beats Teasuta.

After getting sick, getting better and seeing Kenta defeat Hikaru Hasama, (thanks to Benkis help who had just became frends with Ginkas group) Gingka finds her and battles her. He uses the suns reflection to find the real Storm Aquario 100HF/S and defats her. He then teaches her about having fun while battling.

Before fighting Hikaru he is lured into a truck which has a show called challenge blader. Gingka never heard of the show but was eager to battle. He fought some beys and won easily. He then fought a giant Beyblade and won by causing it to lose its balance the host said for his price a strong opponent will defeat him using the data they collected on him. Unknown to Gingka the host was Merici a computer ordered by Doji to gather Ginka's data for the Dark Nebula.

When Kyoya was released from training by Doji, Kyoya disbands the Face Hunters and searches out to find someone for a battle. Kyoya finds Kenta and Benkei and challenges them to a battle in search of Gingka to get a rematch for his defeat; they both returned to the B-Pit, injured.

Gingka and Kyoya face off for a second time

That night, a furious Gingka sought out to find and battle Kyoya to get revenge for injuring Benkei and Kenta. Gingka notices that Kyoya has changed since the last time he battled him. Gingka says he cannot lose to to this new twisted Kyoya; But Gingka and co. fall for a trap as they believe Kyoya has unleashed his special move Lion Gale Force Wall but then is revealed to be a new special move Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance and is repelled into the air.

Kyoya's Special Move's tornado is seen from all over the city surprising everyone. Doji is pleased at the fact that Kyoya is defeating Gingka due to his training. Many Bladers appear on the seen and cheer on for him to defeat Kyoya. Gingka then realizes that he's been using the wrong way to win against Kyoya and that even Leone is saddened at the new Kyoya; but in no time Kyoya unveils a new special summon King Lion Tearing Blast. Kyoya believes he has won but Gingka states that battles aren't won by destruction, it's by spirit; and soon enough Gingka defeats Kyoya.

Shortly after the battle Doji arrives at the seen and surprises Gingka. Gingka challenges Doji to a battle but Doji denies the challenge and mentions his corporation Dark Nebula Organization and says that Kyoya's training was less than adequate and viciously attacks Kyoya at the scene while Kyoya's Leone was crying; injuring Kyoya badly and cracked some parts of Leone. Benkei quickly rushed to him in worry while Gingka got angrier because of what the executive of Dark Nebula (Doji) did. After distracting the group with a large metal disc rolling and stopped on the ground without any casualties, both Doji and Gingka disappeared into the night.

Madoka, Kenta, Benkei had no idea what was going on, demanded an answer from Gingka after he returned from his search for Doji. At first Gingka was reluctant to tell them anything, but after his friends convinced him, he told them about how Doji had a Forbidden Bey named Lightning L-Drago in which said posses an evil power inside of it. He then says that if L-drago awakings something tearable will happen. Gingka starts to search for many days and finds the castle thanks to his friends. Gingka and co. make it toward the Dark Nebula Castle.

Gingka advises them to wait outside but they state otherwise with caution. They are stalled by Defenses put up by Doji so Gingka and co. cannot enter the castle. Gingka and co. and Doji are surprised at the site that Kyoya has arrived in order to help them.

Gingka encounters a Re-Awakened Ryuga

Gingka and co. manage to break through by combining there special moves. Doji and his A.I system Merci have prepared a plan to stop them, but they still succeed in passing by all of Doji's tasks and challenges including Dark Nebula Bladers and taking down Dan Sodo and Reiki Sodo. Gingka then locates Doji and challenges him to a beybattle for revenge for his father. Doji accepts the challenge in order to stall for time. Doji's plan succeeds as his battle awakens Ryuga and Lightning L-Drago.

Gingka and Doji run outside to encounter Ryuga's return. Gingka challenges the Re-Awakened Ryuga to a battle foolishly and Ryuga accepts. They fought on the stadium often used by the Dark Nebula; thanks to his insulting and taunting comments, Gingka was easily distracted and furious.

The negative energy casted from Gingka allowed Ryuga to replenish L-Drago's energy near-instantly; with his energy more than 100%, he won the battle effortlessly with his final attack from L-Drago. Ryuga's "Forbidden Bey" defeats Gingka without any effort even after Gingka got all mad leaving Gingka and co. in a state of shock. Gingka determined to get revenge decides to set out for a journey to find an ancient scroll said to be able to defeat L Drago

Return to the Bey Village

Shortly after his defeat to Ryuga, Gingka has nightmares about his battle again. He keeps thinking about his Pegasus getting destroyed by L-Drago. Gingka then recalls something his father told him; that in Koma Village there was an ancient scroll that said how to defeat the forbidden bey. His aditude makes him to talk to his friends and has him lose on purpose to Osamu. Kenta and co. were still curious how he knows Doji and Ryuga, Gingka finally tells the story of how Doji and Ryuga went to Koma Village to steal the forbidden beyblade his father was protecting from evil. He tells how Ryuga stole L-Drago and battled his father in order to escape with it; and in the process kills Gingka's father Ryo Hagane.

Gingka and Hyoma reunite

In order to defeat L-Drago Gingka sets out to Koma Village to find the ancient scroll. Gingka's disappearance for Koma Village leaves his friends in curiosity into where he went causing them to look for him. Gingka's arrival in Koma Village surprised his old childhood friends Hokuto and Hyoma.

When he arrives Gingka tells his friends why he came back to the village. Gingka starts his search for the legendary scroll that is said to be hidden at the top of a dangerous mountain. Gingka sets off for this treacherous journey alone. While his friends journey to find their lonely depressed friend.

Gingka's long journey begins through dangerous weather and rapid winds while he tries to find the mountain that contains the scroll. Gingka's friends on the other hand reach the village and ask Hokuto and Hyoma where he went but have no luck.

Gingka's journey then comes to a conclusion when he reaches the illegid location of the "legendary scroll"; but turns out it was a trick devised by his father many years before, the only scroll found was a letter to Gingka by his father saying that their is no real scroll that it was made up to test him and that the only way to defeat the darkness is with spirit.

That made Gingka realize that he has lost his bey spirit after his loss to Ryuga and was only out to find anyway to defeat him with revenge. Gingka then sets out to return to the village and then finds his bey spirit on the journey, learning that his bond with Pegasus can overcome any foe. He then reaches the Village and sees his friends down below. His friends are shocked at the site that their friend Gingka has returned with a stronger bond with his bey Pegasus. He then shows everyone the spots where he and Hyoma used to pratice. Kyoya concluded that Gingka was so strong because he trained non stop with Hyoma.

Hyoma Challenges Gingka

Gingka is then challenged to a beybattle by Hyoma with his beyblade Rock Aries ED145B Hyoma says their battle will take place in the Green Hades. Hyoma then tells the story of the Green Hades; it is a meteorite crater said to be formed by the very meteorite that created Pegasus and L-Drago.

Hyoma starts off the battle dominating pegasus as the green hades' slippery sides are making Pegasus' speed slow and unbalanced. Hyoma takes advantage of that and keeps attacking.

Madoka reveals that their is only one part with traction on the stadium which is the bottom. Hyoma reveals that he will defeat Gingka to the bottom and does so with his Eternal Defense spin track changing his beys direction sending it to the bottom of the arena.

Gingka then sends Pegasus at an attack at Aries but Hyoma counters with his Special Move Horn Throw Destruction repelling Gingka but Gingka attempts to use his special move but misses and ends up cracking the arena floor, allowing traction to be made for Pegasus and trapping Aries in the spin track allowing Pegasus to send it out of the stadium and Gingka a victory.

After returning to Metal bey city Gingka hears of a Tag team tornment which Kenta and Benkei partake in Gingka was going to compete with Kyoya but he declined. Gingka later helps them find their true sprit by battling them in the locker room which helps Benkei and Kenta win the tornment.

Road to Battle Bladers!

One day Gingka and co hear of a tournament called the Survival Battle, which takes place on an island with a total of 1000 Bladers participating with the winner of the Survival Battle gets one wish made by the WBBA. With the tournament being planned Doji and Ryuga set out to find a new member of the Dark Nebula. When they arrive in the desert he is located in they see massive craters made by a Beyblade; the mysterious new member challenges Ryuga to a battle which leads in creating even more massive craters and showing his strength.

Gingka and Madoka. parachuting onto the Island

The day of the tournament Gingka and co. are flown to by a plane to the island but are then dropped from a high altitude in the air activating their parachutes before they fell to their deaths. When they arrived they heard the rules and regulations of the tournament stating when you lose your out of the tournament. and they see that the Blader DJ's blimp shows the amount of Bladers set at 1000 and decrease as each one is defeated.

The tournament starts off simple for Gingka and co. due to high numbers of in-experienced Bladers with Gingka beating four at once; but in soon time the competition gets tougher as eventually Kenta, Benkei and Hikaru begin to battle. While Gingka is still looking for good competition the Dark Nebula's new Blader Yu Tendo enters Gingka's friends battle.

Madoka and Gingka surprised at the sight of a powerful Special Move

Not knowing of his strength they accept the Blader and begin to battle but not soon after they begin to regret it as they are trapped in sand by Yu's bey libra. then Yu activates Libra's special move Inferno Blast which is seen from afar by Gingka and Madoka as they rush over to see what caused that. They are shocked at the sight to see that Benkei, Kenta, and Hikaru were all defeated by 1 Blader.

After Gingka's friends are defeated only 4 Bladers remain; Gingka, Madoka, Kyoya and Yu. They all head to one large plateau which contains a beystadium at the top where Yu challenges Kyoya and Gingka to a battle.

Kyoya and Gingka accept believing that they will defeat Yu with ease as a team; but they soon are trapped by Libra's sand trap. Madoka then sees that Kyoya's Leone will be destroyed if he keeps using it for so much power. When Kyoya activates his special move and Madoka launches her beyblade in order to stop Kyoya from destroying his beyblade. Kyoya then notices that Leone is being damaged so Kyoya forfeits the battle in order to save his Leone leaving only Gingka and Yu.

Gingka says he will not be defeated and is cheered on by his friends and the other contestants; but Yu states he will not be defeated because he is on a mission to win the tournament. Yu activates Libra's special move Inferno Blast. Repelling Gingka's Pegasus into the air. Gingka then commands Pegasus to use its special move Starblast Attack. Yu not fazed lets Gingka fall into his trap stating that Libra's special move is like armor that is impenetrable.

Gingka shocked at his defeat

A shocked Gingka is then surprised by a giant explosion showing that Libra has sent Pegasus flying out of the arena and into defeat. When Blader DJ announces that Gingka has been defeated everyone was surprised. They all ask one question; What will Yu's wish be? Yu reveals that his wish is to host one tournament: Battle Bladers!

Moments later Doji arrives to pick up Yu showing that he is a member of the Dark Nebula Organization. Ryuga arrives in the distance waiting for Doji and Yu; Gingka loads Pegasus and challenges Ryuga to a rematch for his first defeat at the hands of L-Drago. Ryuga denies the challenge knowing he will win so he tells Gingka that during Battle Bladers they will end their rivalry once and for all. Gingka accepts and vows to defeat Ryuga at Battle Bladers. Before leaving the gang have a friendly battle royal which Gingka wins before parting ways.

Reaching for Battle Bladers?

Gingka and co. try all they can by entering tournaments and battles. Gingka starts off winning his first challenge match. He gets ambused by a blader gang and gets saved by a new blader. They encounter a new foe in the process named Tobio Oike nicknamed Captain Capri with his beyblade Storm Capricorn who appeared as a strong foe with his beyblade being able to jump around the arena making it tough to attack; but soon Kyoya gets a load of him and finishes him off.

They also encounter Tsubasa Otori a Blader who used to be about pride with his eagle who Gingka beat during a challenge match who has now flown into the darkness by affiliating the Dark Nebula . Yu and Tsubasa infiltrate a challenge match Kenta and Hyoma participate in. Tsubasa challenges Kenta to a battle while Yu challenges Hyoma to a battle. Both Kenta and Hyoma are defeated with ease but the rest of their friends have ran elsewhere. Where they encounter Tetsuya Watarigani and his newly evolved Dark Gasher. Benkei challenges him to a battle and is surprisingly defeated; Gingka then challenges him to a battle and gets revenge for his friend Benkei's defeat and does so by defeating Tetsuya and his new Beyblade.

Ginkga is shown in a flashback where Sora calls Gingka his hero and makes him want to be a better blader.

Gingka and co soon enough enter a tournament that makes the winner get 10,000 Bey Points. Gingka knows that if he wins he will be able to get a spot in battle Bladers. One day the all appear to have battles on that same day surprisingly. Gingka battles a blader named Ryutaro Fukami that can control magic but Gingka finds out its fake and wins against him. Gingka's gang bump into Yu while their there and see Tsubasa with him and they greet him but are in shock when Yu tells them that Tsubasa has Officially joined the Dark Nebula which puzzles Gingka as to why his new friend would do such a thing. Tsubasa's response is to turn his back to him and walk away, dryly telling Yu to follow him already.

Gingka and co. follow on and start their battles as Kyoya, and Hikaru go to fight their own battles as surprisingly that Kyoya battles Hikaru and Kyoya is victorious. Kenta also goes to his battle and faces the twins Dan and Reiki in a battle with their new bey Evil Gemios DF145FS but against all odds defeated them while Tsubassa beats Benkei very easily due to Benkei being distracted.

The Final 6 of the Tournament

Gingka, Hyoma, Kyoya, Kenta, Yu and Tsubasa are the final six Bladers who have survived the tournament. Blader DJ announces that their battle will be a 6 Man Battle Royal, he states that each one of them have an opportunity to win.

Kenta is worried that all his opponents are strong but is surprised at himself about how far he has made it and has the opportunity to battle all these strong opponents.

The battle begins as all six Bladers launch fiercely into the arena. quickly the target becomes Gingka being attacked by Tsubasa and his Earth Eagle. Yu then reminds Tsubasa about their plan, but he disregards it and keeps focusing on defeating Gingka. Kyoya tries to end it fast as he uses his special move King Lion Tearing Blast. Tsubasa's bey then gets caught by the wind and shows his carelessness; while Kyoya reminds them that Gingka isn't there only opponent.

Gingka then uses the help from Kyoya to repel Eagle while Hyoma and Kenta make their pretense known as they attack Yu's Libra with their combined strength, they repel Libra but that leads Tsubasa and Yu to devise a plan to take out all beys not Pegasus quickly. Yu then starts to attack Kenta and decides to cut their battle short as he activates one of his special moves, but Kyoya's Leone repels Libra in order to save Kenta while Tsubasa targets Hyoma's Aries.

Tsubasa attacks fiercely until Hyoma counters with a special move Wind Storm Assault to cancel out his attack. Tsubasa then figures out that his attack cannot be cancelled out from above so he uses his special move Metal Wing Smash to eliminate Hyoma from the battle.

Kyoya and Kenta work together to try to eliminate Yu by using there special moves together, Kenta's special move knocks Libra into the arena but still spinning barely, but is grinding against the arena but they spoke to soon as Libra's Eternal Sharp performance tip to regain balance and speed. Yu tries to go battle Pegasus with Tsubasa but Kyoya attempts to stop him but is stopped by Libra's special move Sonic Wave trapping Leone and Saggitario in sand.

Libra then tries to eliminate everybody by using his special move Inferno Blast, but Tsubasa counters with a special move Counter Stance to stop Libra's shockwave production but Kyoya activates his special move Lion Gale Force Wall. Gingka commands Pegasus to try to create a vacuum to cancel out all the special moves in the arena and succeeds but collides with eagle and Libra causing an explosion that eliminates all 3 of them leaving Kyoya and Kenta left. Kyoya works fast and creates a tornado and eliminates Kenta winning him the battle royal and the tournament.

Not Soon after the devious Tetsuya in attempts to steal Gingka's beypoints disguises himself as a world famous top researcher named Nigel Crabcakes, not knowing anything Gingka and Madoka let him see his beypointer and launcher. When they weren't looking he swapped his pointer for a new beypointer with a sticker on it to make it look like it was Gingka's pointer.

Madoka later noticed when transferring beypoints that he stole his beypointer. They soon track down the mysterious man and find out it was none other than Tetsuya. Gingka tries to get his pointer back but it soon falls out of both their hands and lands into the hands of a mysterious man known as Phoenix. Gingka says that if he defeats him he has to return his pointer, Phoenix accepts and says that his bey Burn Fireblaze 135MS will be Gingka's opponent.

Gingka faces Phoenix

Gingka and Phoenix begin as Pegasus and Firebaze's powers seem even. Gingka and Madoka are shocked at the site, that Fireblaze's tip is creating sparks. Madoka uses her laptop to see that his performance tip is made of metal allowing it to have a lot of resistance friction allowing it to have a lot of power but Gingka tries to defeat him quickly by using his special move Starblast Attack.

Fireblaze is repelled and is falling down to defeat until it begins bouncing off the structure landing it back where it was, Phoenix commands Fireblaze to create its fire stating that it melts everything and is correct as the that part of the metal beam is melting. Gingka is shocked to see that Fireblaze is cutting the metal structure with pure force and notices that he needs to come up with a strategy to defeat it.

Phoenix asks Gingka why he beyblades and says someone who does not fight for purpose should not be able to fight surprising Gingka. Gingka then counters Fireblaze's fire with his new special move Storm Bringer which repels Fireblaze into the sky, but Phoenix commands Fireblaze to use its special move Burning Fire Strike which sends Pegasus crashing into the ground and Defeat.

Phoenix states that his is weakness causes his defeat and crushes Gingkas beypointer in front of him stating that "defeat means losing everything and that his will is weakening" making Gingka accept the fact that he is right. Gingka then realizes that he will start back from scratch and work his way up and will not stop until he wins Battle Bladers and that the next time he loses will be the day he quits beyblading. Phoenix states that is the will power Gingka needs to succeed.

The Goal of 50,000 Beypoints

Soon after his defeat Gingka leaves his friend Madoka to journey Japan. He vows to not lose and will make it to Battle Bladers and defeat Ryuga. Gingka not soon after is already battling once more, he states that he needs to perfect the use of his new launcher and his new special move.

Gingka's first battle on his goal of earning 50,000 Beypoints and qualifying for Battle Bladers ends in quick victory as he uses his new launch power. Soon after his victory he sees a battle on a large screen showing Hikaru Hasama battling a strange man.

Gingka sees that Hikaru uses her special move Aquario Infinite Assault to try to earn victory but surprisingly the man's bey breaks through the special move and leaps above the arena crashing Aquario into defeat. The DJ later announces that the blades name is Teru Saotome, while Gingka states that if he keeps on winning he will probably end up facing him.

Gingka in little to know time keeps on winning and is eventually at 15,000 Beypoints and is keeping up his goal of not being defeated until he defeats Ryuga. One night Gingka is walking in a forest when he sees a ballet dancer like figure leap across the sky which puzzles Gingka and makes him check himself to see if he is sleeping but surprisingly wasn't. He approached where the figure came from and was amazed at the site of the beyblade spinning "perfectly" with no wobble what-so-ever, out of the forest comes out the man Gingka saw earlier on TV named Teru.

Teru said that beyblade is his Earth Virgo GB145BS. Teru states that his beyblade will defeat Gingka as he is his "supporter" confusing Gingka, Teru mentions that there is a tournament the next day and that is where they shall battle and Gingka will Lose. Gingka says he looks forward to battling him as Teru leaves into the forest and says that they will battle tomorrow.

Gingka squares off vs Teru in the finals.

The next day at the tournament Gingka and Teru blow through the competition in no time and with ease as they both advance to the finals and meet like they said they would. The battle begins as Gingka tries to attack Virgo with his Pegasus but is repelled and is seen that Virgo is spinning even faster, and comparing its spin to a beautiful ballet dancer.

Teru then reveals how Gingka was his supporter, how he used to be a ballet dancer and one of the greatest in the world, but one day a fateful accident that injured his ankle making him unable to ever become a ballet dancer again. Teru then told of the day he was inspired by Gingka and his Pegasus' were bursting teamwork and that he had bursted with a new hope and was gifted with a beyblade Earth Virgo his prima ballerina but Gingka states that he will not lose, and he will achieve his goal.

Gingka attacks Virgo and succeeds but is then repelled and then Virgo activates its special move Pirouette Tour which makes Virgo gain more speed than before repelling all of Pegasus' attacks even Starblast Attack. Gingka in attempt to win finally attempts at controlling his new special move Storm Bringer allowing Virgo to have a weak opening below allowing Gingka to knock it out of the stadium and victory. Gingka later sees Ryuga beat opponets on tv and gets determnated to catch up to him.

Not soon after his victory against Teru, Gingka is already in the finals of a challenge match in the Alamo Town Stadium, against an opponent known as Django which is said to have a launch as fast as lightning. Gingka is surprised at the speed of Django's launch but is then stunned at the sight of someone launching they're beyblade into the arena and shooting down Djano's Lightning Launch in the process causing Django a quick defeat. The culprit is none other than Tobio Oike who challenges Gingka to a beybattle to prove that he is stronger than him to the Dark Nebula.

Gingka faces a Dark Nebula Tobio

Gingka accepts and they quickly battle with ferocity. Gingka says Pegasus will not be defeate on a head on attack but was just a diversion by Tobio as part of a plan. Tobio uses a technique known as Sniper Shot allowing his Storm Capricorn to go through small places and attack pegasus and hide for cover in a quick second. Tobio's Sniper shot repels Pegasus with ease forcing Gingka to retreat for cover.

Gingka taunts Tobio into fighting him head on but falls for Tobio's trap as Pegasus is getting attacked from all directions bouncing off the floor with its performance tip. Tobio states that the only way for him to survive is by defeating Gingka due to the fact that Ryuga can never be defeated shocking Gingka.

Gingka says he will never give up but is then caught in the site of Capricorn's special move Spin Screwdriver. Which forms a tornado falling towards Gingka's Pegasus but then counters with his special move Storm Bringer causing Tobio's Capricorn to fall slowly to the arena and knocked out of the arena by Gingka and defeat.

He later appeared helping Kenta defeat a gang of bullies lead by Busigima and believes in Sora to beat Busimja. He later does earn Ginkas respect.

Soon enough Gingka returns to Metal Bey City and meets his friends and shows that he has not yet reached 50,000 Beypoints and only has 47,000 points needed 3000 more to enter Battle Bladers which shocks his friends. Gingka notices that there are no more challenge matches available and Madoka says that if it weren't for one battle, he would have had 50,000 points ages ago. Gingka says he still has a little time left so he will figure out something. Kenta offers battling him and the other guys saying if he wins, he could use their extra points combined with his in attempt to reach 50,000, Gingka appreciates the offer but denies saying every point counts and he couldn't do that to his friends.

Madoka shows that there is one final Challenge Match that Gingka could enter saying if he wins, he could win and compete in battle Bladers, but in their way is Tsubasa stunning Gingka and co. Madoka states that how he could go so low for the Dark Nebula but is surprised to find out Tsubasa isn't a member of the Dark Nebula anymore and challenges Gingka to a beybattle, but is told that there is no time.

Tsubasa then states his story of how he was saved by Phoenix and told that he could not defeat Ryuga in the state he is now and that the only one who can at the moment is Gingka. A confused Tsubasa is told to get to know Gingka's strength and his friends which makes Gingka realizes that he has unfinished business with Ryuga and his friends stand up for him and challenge Tsubasa to a battle in order to save Gingka time and allow him to enter the challenge match.

Before Gingka can reach the Challenge Match he is redirected by his friends support and returns to the scene. Gingka says its no big deal if he misses the tournament saying he can battle Ryuga another time. and challenges Tsubasa to a beybattle. Tsubasa then states that everything Gingka does is for his friends which puzzles him and tells Gingka to level with him and how is his friends friendship added to his strength.

Phoenix comes out from his location and returns to challenge Gingka to a battle. Tsubasa says he will show Tsubasa what he meant and attacks Pheonix's beyblade. Everyone is surprised by Phoenix's strength as he defeats Tsubasa with ease. Gingka says that he never backs down from any challenge and that he will battle. Madoka tries to convince Gingka not to battle since he is dangerous and what happens if the outcome results the same as it did during their first meeting, revealing Gingka that is the whole point.

Gingka squares off for his rematch against Phoenix and starts with a powerful attack with equal strength as Fireblaze. Gingka's friends say to Gingka to use his special move Storm Bringer to put out Fireblaze's flame and win the battle quickly. Gingka says that was the whole point stunning Phoenix. Gingka commands his Special Move but fails as Phoenix commands Fireblaze to stop it repelling Pegasus and shocking Gingka, but before he realizes it Gingka's Pegasus is hammered with a wall attack by Fireblaze.

Phoenix states that Gingka cannot lose because at their last meeting Gingka stated that he will not lose and the next time he does will be the day he quits beyblade shocking Gingka. Phoenix says men don't go back on their words, Gingka agrees and commands Pegasus to attack but misses and ends up being trapped. Phoenix states that this is the for Gingka and commands his special move Burning Fire Strike.

Gingka is then told by his friends that he promised to meet them at battle Bladers. Everyone is shocked at the site that Gingka says that the battle is not over and will not lose. Gingka states that he made a solemn promise that he will make it to battle Bladers. Gingka is then surprised at the site that Kyoya has arrived and said that he will be the only one to defeat Gingka which encourages Gingka to raise his spirit and say that he will win.

Gingka uses his true strength and uses a move similar to Kyoya's Lion Gale Force Wall to extinguish Fireblaze's flame which surprises Phoenix as his attacks are being evaded. Madoka notices that all of Gingka's tactics are similar the ones his friends use repelling Fireblaze.

Tsubasa then realizes that he has picked up his friends moves and improved his own strength. Gingka then commands a special move Starblast Attack which misses its target of Fireblaze due to it only being a move that works with a target on the floor. Everyone is then surprised at Gingka stating that that was his whole plan and commands Pegasus to use its true special move Storm Bringer to attack a vulnerable Fireblaze and earning Gingka victory over Phoenix surprising everyone and earns respect from Phoenix as proof that he has defeated him by giving Gingka 48,000 Beypoints making Gingka's total 95,000 allowing him to qualify for Battle Bladers much to his friends joy.

Battle Bladers

Sooner than he believes Battle Bladers begins. Gingka is surprised that the Master of Ceremonies for Battle Bladers is none other than Doji. Gingka sees that his selected opponent for the first round was his opponent for the finals of the Survival Tournament Yu Tendo. Gingka says that him and his friends have an opportunity to defeat all of the Dark Nebula Bladers in one round and should attempt to due so with Benkei and Kenta beating Tobio and Tetstuya, while Ryuto beats Teru.

Gingka tells himself that in order to face Ryuga he must win the battle. Gingka's Pegasus gets attacked by Libra but then counters and gets repelled high into the air. Yu taunts Gingka questioning if its already over but Gingka is determined as always and commands Pegasus with a move Starblast Attack but Yu says that the move will not work on him as it didn't in their first encounter and used a move Sonic Shield repelling Pegasus, but a determined Gingka uses a new move Tornado Wing in order to attack Libra but fails as Libra's power is stronger. Yu uses a move Sonic Wave to shoot out supersonic waves from its vibrations at Pegasus who manages to dodge a couple but leaps into the air. Gingka commands Pegasus attacks Libra and says that he vows to defeat Ryuga and until then will not give up, surprising Yu and angering him to repel Pegasus. An enraged Yu uses Sonic Buster to defeat Gingka and attacks Pegasus and Kyoya notices that Yu is able to see Pegasus' position through the sandstorm he created attacking it with all its strength but Pegasus is still spinning doubting Yu and Doji's thought that he had one. Yu tells Gingka that Libra isn't just balance and stamina that he also has attack and repels Pegasus. Libra activates its special move Inferno Blast in a final attempt to defeat Gingka's Pegasus but fails as Pegasus activates its special move Storm Bringer to attack Libra and destroy his special move repelling Libra out of the arena and Yu's defeat. Gingka teaches Yu the fun in Beyblading with friends.

In the second round, Gingka faces Ryutaro Fukami, a Blader he had faced before, who he learns is a member of the Dark Nebula. Determined on making it to the finals and defeating Ryuga, Gingka faces Ryutaro with his full strength. Gingka and Pegasus start of with some hard attacks but Ryutaro and Pisces immediately counter using his bey's air controlling technique to throw back Pegasus but Pegasus continues to attack. Gingka exclaims that the battle is important and he'll lose everything if he loses and Ryutaro starts to explain how he can't lose the battle either. He starts to tell Gingka of his visions of the future with L-Drago's rein of destruction. Ryutaro calls out his special move,Distortion Drive, that changes the air pressure and starts to give Gingka headache. Gingka tries to break through but Ryutaro counters with another special move, Blazing Inferno. The move creates an allusion that engulfs Gingka in flames but he is able to withstand it. Ryutaro is amazed by the fact that Gingka shouldn't be able to stand because of the allusion. Gingka taunts Ryutaro so he changes his tactics and goes from flames to freezing Gingka in a block of ice. Ryutaro begins to think that the battle is over but Pegasus is shown to still be spinning then Gingka exclaims that it isn't over yet. He slowly breaks through the ice while Ryutaro starts to freak out about the fact that it isn't possible. Gingka breaks through the ice and exclaims how the battle isn't finished yet. Gingka explains that his fiery beyblade spirit and non stop desire to win will never let him give up until the very end of a battle. He explains that he's driving forward with everything he has and wherever he ends up will be his future. Gingka calls out his special move, Storm Bringer, and Pegasus knocks Pisces out of the stadium. He later vows to make Reiji and Ryuga pay after they hurt Kenta and Tsubassa.

In the Semi-Finals, Gingka faces Reiji Mizuchi, a Blader that destroyed Hyoma and Kenta's beyblades in previous rounds. In this fight, it appears as if Reiji is about to defeat Gingka, who's seemingly turned to stone with negative emotion. However, Gingka breaks free and declares that he is still having fun battling Reiji. Reiji can't understand why Gingka is not afraid of him. He starts to lose his composure and attacks again. Gingka finally finds an effective strategy - he blocks Reiji's attacks by mirroring his movements. Reiji finally feels fear himself as he notices Gingka, who is still smiling, is about to win. He is defeated, and has a nervous break down and Gingka wins the battle.

Shortly after winning he learns that Phenox was really his father who took on this identity after he was almost killed by Ryuga. Ryo tells Gingka that he must defeat Ryuga for it is Gingka's destiny to stop Dark Nebula from ruling the world. After hearing his story Ginkga understands why his dad did what he did it was to help him. After Kyoya losses to Ryuga in the semi finals Ginka gets determined to avenge his rival. After Ryuga beats Benkei and tells him it was thanks to him that he grew strong Gingka becomes angry. After hearing his frends will support him Gingka gets into the final battle against Ryuga. It was a hard-fought battle, one that pushed Gingka beyond his limits into new level of strength. But, with the help of his friends, Gingka envokes his Blader Spirit and battles back to overcome the odds and defeat Ryuga, but sacrifices his Beyblade in the process. When his dad tells him Pegsus is resting its wings Gingka becomes happy. Gingka accepts this as all Bladers are happy to know Gingka won. All Bladers say "3, 2, 1, Let it Rip!" as Gingka jumps into the sky!

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Galaxy Pegasus

Gingka obtains Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F

Gingka is the victor of Battle Bladers and is known as Japan's Number One Beyblader but at the cost of losing his Storm Pegasus. Gingka remained in Japan and lived a normal life watching a tornment while eating a buger, until Hyoma and Madoka tell him the legend of a new Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus. They go on a journey with Kenta and Hokuto to find this Legendary Beyblade with Kenta and Hyoma using their beys to help and find it sealed in a stone temple.

Gingka finds he has a strong connection to this bey and starts a dialog with it, during which Gingka pleads with the Bey to join him and once he is deemed worthy it shines bright spreading the skies itself releasing itself to be Gingka's Beyblade. Gingka and his pals get excited over the new power Pegusus has.

Gingka Masters Galaxy Pegasus

On his return to his hometown, Gingka is confronted by a mysterious young man who claims that he is the number one Blader that missed his chance to battle Gingka. This young man's name is Masamune Kadoya and he challenges Gingka to prove that he is the best. Gingka uses this battle to test Galaxy Pegasus' strength and easily defeats Masamune but surprisingly can't grasp Galaxy Pegasus' great power.

Gingka tries to return home to his life but is challenged by Masamune on several occasions but is always victorious without being able to control Galaxy Pegasus. Once home Masamune challenges Gingka one last time and defeats Gingka after revealing that Galaxy Pegasus only has strength and Gingka has not mastered it at all. Gingka is stunned by his defeat but uses this chance to finally Master Galaxy Pegasus power, which he does.

The World Championships!

Kyoya leaves without joining the team

Even after being defeated by Masamune the two become friendly rivals and hang out a lot doing things like a jumprope contest much to Benkei's suprise, this is when they are challenged by a mysterious stranger. They go the designated point from the stranger who reveals themselves to be Chi-yun Li and Mei-Mei of Team Wang Hu Zhong, oblivious to Gingka who they are. Gingka checks their place outand finds out about the yummy food. They challenge Gingka and Masamune to a tag battle. They accept but struggle working as a team and working out their difference but when the time comes they work together to eliminate Mei-Mei and win the match. Chi-yun awards them for winning by telling them about the World Championships which shocks both Gingka and Masamune.

They head to the WBBA Stadium to find that it is about to begin. Gingka finds out that Japan will have selection matches that will choose the members of the Japanese Representational Team. Gingka was exempt due to his win in Battle Bladers and has his spot as leader of that Team. Gingka feels upset about this as we wanted to battle. Instead he uses pegsus to roam around a table. Gingka watches as Masamune and Kyoya make the team but also watches as Kyoya walks out on him and the team leaving Tsubasa and Yu to be the remaining members with Yu as the sub after he lost to Tsubassa. Gingka, Tsubasa, Masamune, Yu and Madoka then head out to their first round match in Beylin, China with everyone from China wishing them luck.

Against 4,000 Years of Training

Gingka and Masamune train at Beylin

Gingka and his team decide their name will be Team GanGan Galaxy and they head to China for their assigned first round match up against Team Wang Hu Zhong, who include the familiar faces of Chi-yun and Mei Mei. The team arrives at Beylin Temple and are greeted by Chi-yun who shows them around to where they find Wang Hu Zhong's leader Dashan Wang.

Dashan introduces himself to Gingka and the team and even offers them some of Beylin's training regiments which are accepted by both Gingka and Masamune. During their training Dashan expresses his impressions of Gingka's strength to be admirable. Gingka and Masamune complete the training only to have Dashan ask Gingka for one more test, a beyblade battle!

Gingka accepts and battles Dashan in a friendly beybattle on one of his homage stadiums. Gingka seems to have the upper hand most of the match not impressed by Dashan until he reveals that Zurafa has sustained no damage from Gingka's Pegasus who is loosing energy. Gingka looses his momentum and is dominated by Dashan but refuses to give up even so Gingka is nearly defeated but unwittingly saved by Masamune's interference which ends the battle without a outcome.

Gingka finds out about Masamune's defeat

The day after all of Gingka's training they find out that Wang Hu Zhong possess one more member as Mei Mei is actually the sub. Dashan tells them that this Blader is not present and Masamune sets out to find him, Gingka later finds Masamune doing battle with this mysterious Beyblader named Chao Xin. Even with Masamune's level of skill he is defeated by Chao Xin showing that Beybladers from around the world are as strong as they are.

The very next day the World Championships begin as GanGan Galaxy prepares to face Wang Hu Zhong is a best of three round match. Masamune was designed to go first but isn't present making the team fear forfeit but Gingka doesn't fret as he knows Masamune will arrive which in time he does. Masamune shows new found powers and defeats Chao Xin showing Gingka that his friends are working just as hard as he is to win the championships.

Tsubasa is next to face Chi-yun as GanGan Galaxy could get the win with two battles in a row. Tsubasa looses the match due to recurring dark power that infected him due to Ryuga but Gingka seems oblivious to this. This lays GanGan Galaxy fate in Gingka's hands as he faces the opponent that nearly bested him only two days earlier, Dashan Wang.

"Our responsibilities are different"

Gingka faces off with Dashan Wang who he will battle to decide the fate of both their teams. He meets Dashan accompanied by his Beylin Temple followers before entering the stadium. This is where he tells Gingka that their responsibilities are different, and because of that Dashan has a bigger drive to win then Gingka, and this could very well be the deciding factor in their match.

Before the battle Gingka tries to drive himself by saying that he carries all of his teams hopes as well, but that does not seem to reassure Gingka at all.

Their battle begins and Gingka worries as his attack don't work and is afraid that their battle may end up like it did at Beylin Temple, revealing that Gingka has figured out that he would have lost back then. Dashan pushes Gingka into a corner as he stress' the importance of his win and is backed by the crowd which stress' Gingka to the point where he is almost fearful of Dashan's will. Gingka seems to regain some of his own drive and tries to take back the match until Dashan reveals the 4,000 Year old Technique, The Solid Iron Wall.

The Solid Iron Showdown Begins!

With this Gingka is truly up against 4,000 Years of Legacy as the pressure gets to him. Gingka, torn between what to do he tries desperately to battle through Dashan's defense as the reality sets in that Dashan was right and their responsibilities are different and Gingka simply doesn't have enough power to topple it.

Gingka ponders how he can fight a Legacy as huge as beylins and stumbles upon the power he can gain from having all the spirits of all the Bladers he left behind in Japan revealing to Gingka that his responsibility to not only his team but all of his friends back home is just as important as Dashan carries.

Beys aren't spun by history but the spirit of the Blader, the spirit that lives in our hearts!

—Gingka Hagane 4,000 Year Old Secret

Gingka battles Dashan

Gingka has casted out all of his doubts and realized that his beyspirit combined with the power of his friends can accomplish anything, even defeating 4,000 years of Legacy! Even as Dashan's arrogance and belief in the power of Beylin fuels his beyblade's power. Gingka is able to overcome even that with his Beyspirit and come at Dashan with full power.

The two battle with all their might to win this battle as even Dashan is pushed to his limit against Gingka's surprising new strength, at the end of it all the two release the limit of their strength with their special moves and clash shaking the stadium and the crowd.

Gingka is victorious!

The dust settles and Gingka is victorious sending he and his team to the next round! His victory is celebrated amongst himself, his teammates and even Dashan and his team who've realized that they don't carry the legacy alone but along with there friends to start their very own legacy all thanks to Gingka.

The teams must now part ways with their new friends from Wang Hu Zhong having set absolutely no hard feeling over the battles. Team GanGan Galaxy heads to the Middle East to view the other first round match ups.

Exploring the World

The rivalry begins

Gingka, Tsubasa, Madoka, Yu and Masamune head to the middle east to view another A-Block first round match between the European and Arabian Teams. While exploring the desert they stumble upon three strong beybladers who are introduced as Gasur, Karte and Zidane.

They are friendly towards one another as the three even express their great impressions of Team GanGan Galaxy's matches with Team Wang Hu Zhong and eventually display their power for Gingka and his friends. The two separate as Gasur and his friends reveal that they are infact the Arabian representatives, Team Desert Blaze.

They move along to the stadium for the match of the night where Gingka and the other unwittingly see a rich young man walking into the stadium. During Desert Blaze's match it turns out that this young man is non other then Julian Konzern, the leader of the European team who has actually come alone to face Team Desert Blaze. Julian easily defeats Gasur shocking Gingka and the others and goes on to battle Karte and Zidane in a 2 on 1 to reveal an even bigger surprise.

Julian's beyblade is Gravity Destroyer AD145WD a beyblade that can rotate to the right or the left. This reminds Gingka of his former enemy Ryuga's strength while possessing a bey with reverse rotation, this dampens all the hope Gingka has for Team Desert Blaze as they are defeated by Julian single handedly.

Gingka battles Nowaguma

Gingka and the others say goodbye to their newfound friends as they head to Russia for their second-round battle. He and his team fight a battle royal on the train to keep busy. While on their way to where they'd be staying Team GanGan Galaxy is confronted by three scientists of their age that use Beyblade as a form of Space Research.

Gingka and Madoka befriend these strangers who eventually challenge the team to a friendly battle. Gingka is the first to battle against one of them named Nowaguma where Gingka tries to use his special move but cannot due to the roof on the stadium, though Gingka is able to win easily anyway.

The new found friends depart until the next day where the strangers; Aleksei, Lera and Nowaguma reveal themselves to be Team Lovuska, the Russian representational team. Later during that day Masamune mysteriously disappears leaving the team a member short which doesn't worry Gingka as much as Masamune's disappearance itself.

The Cage Match

The match up begins as Gingka decides to go first to obtain an early win against Team Lovushka as he is set against Nowaguma in a rematch. Team Lovuska's manager named Anton reveals that each time the stadium will change during the rotation of matches and Gingka's and Nowaguma's will be a cage match. Gingka and Nowaguma are locked inside a steel cage and their match begins.

Gingka tries right of the bat to use Galaxy Pegasus soaring special move but cannot due to the cage roof meaning that Team Lovushka figured out that weakness from their train battle. Gingka doesn't fret until the Cage roof is electrically charged repelling his Pegasus. Gingka is put at a major disadvantage as Team Lovushka tries to cheat to gain their win without breaking the rules. Gingka musters up enough strength to break through the cage roof allowing Pegasus to soar and crash down on Nowaguma's trap, defeating him and bringing home the first match win.

Due to Masamune's absence it is decided that Yu will face Aleksei in the next match. Aleksei also uses cheating tactics to avoid the use of Yu's special move but Gingka continuously encourages (sometimes argues) with Yu to get him to realize he's a genius and can find a way out. Yu does and eventually defeats Aleksei giving GanGan Galaxy a decisive Victory against Team Lovushka. After Anton is put out of commission Aleksei regrets his actions and apologizes to Gingka and the others leaving the two teams on better terms as Team GanGan Galaxy departs for Greece.

A True Team

The Shadows of Excalibur

Team GanGan Galaxy gains wind of the Festival of Warriors where they plan to meet Julian Konzern of Excalibur. They land in Greece in search of the festival and even run across two friendly Bladers who point them in the right direction. GanGan Galaxy finds the Festival but are denied entry due to their heritage of not being a European native. They try to plead with the entry guard but are confronted by the two Bladers from before who reveal themselves to be Sophie and Wales of Excalibur and the hosts of the festival who force Gingka and the others to leave.

Gingka refuses to miss out and helps his friends find another way into the festival but are caught. Because of this they are put up against several dozens of Europe's best Bladers but are no challenge for the anxious trio of Gingka, Yu and Masamune. After defeating nearly everyone Gingka and Masamune are challenged by Sophie and Wales and because Yu forces his way into the match Julian reveals himself and decides to battle as well.

They all battle in a three on three tag match as Masamune and Gingka fail to work together and are easily outmatched by Julian's "Twin Jewels". Yu even tries to best the two alone but is knocked out of the match by Sophie's incredible power knocking some sense into Gingka and Masamune. The two finally realize how to work as a team and break through the teams defense only to be cut down by Julian's incredible strength. With this loss they are embarrassed and expelled from the festival.

"Watch us battle, We will stand at the top of the World!"

—Gingka, Masamune, Yu & Tsubasa We Meet Again, Wang Hu Zhong

"Watch us battle, We will stand at the top of the World!"

The team remains in Greece for the time being and decides to work on their Team work. They struggle with this as they decide to have a 2 on 2 match with Gingka & Yu vs. Masamune and Tsubasa which quickly turns into a four way battle which spirals out of control.

Due to Madoka's frustration she storms off leaving the team to fend for themselves until they are met by familiar faces; Team Wang Hu Zhong! Dashan and his team reveal they witnessed GanGan Galaxy's embarrassment at the festival and will agree to help them with their Team building training so that when they battle again they will be a true team.

Gingka and his friends prosper quickly and are ready for the final exercise, another two on two battle. Gingka is paired with Masamune to face Dashan and Chao Xin in a tag match while Tsubasa and Yu face Mei Mei and Chi-yun. At first Dashan and Chao Xin display phenomenal teamwork and dominate Gingka and Masamune. Gingka knocks everyone back into shape by reminding them they have to keep trying if they want to win and they will stand at the top of the world! With this they all clash simultaneously leaving the battles as a tie match.

Once again the two teams say goodbye after strengthening their bond between each other as GanGan Galaxy heads back to Japan while Wang Hu Zhong reveal themselves to be fighting for the Wild Card Spot in Big Bang Bladers and that the African Team is led by Gingka's greatest rival; Kyoya Tategami!

Destined Rivals

Fate continues the rivalry

Now GanGan Galaxy could return home to face a new threat of an old face. The face of the man who resigned from the Team, Kyoya Tategami and his Team Wild Fang would await them in the next match. Gingka and the others arrive back in Japan to view the results of one of the most popular matches in Japan between Kyoya's Team Wild Fang and India's Team Chandora. While awaiting the matches start Gingka and his team talk with Hikaru and Gingka's father Ryo who tells them that if they defeat whichever team comes out the winner of this match that they can move on to the A-Block Finals.

The opponent for that match will either be the infamous Team Excalibur or the winner of the conciliation round that could very well be Team Wang Hu Zhong. Gingka and the others watch as Kyoya's team dominates the Indian representatives with Kyoya's new found powers. After Kyoya is victorious he openly challenges Gingka to an almost immediate acceptance.

Team Wild Fang comes to Japan for their match and the teams meet at the pre battle press conference where Gingka and Kyoya concemate their battle while overshadowing Masamune's challenge to Nile. The third round match begins with Masamune battling Nile to Masamune almost being totally dominated to where Gingka has to encourage Masamune to go on and fight to no avail as he's defeated by Nile's superior strength. Gingka and Kyoya decide to go next as the two's destined rivalry continues.

Gingka and Kyoya fail to finish the rivalry

Their battle begins as Gingka and Kyoya easily match each others strengths from experience. Kyoya admits to Gingka that Gingka is the first opponent that he's actually enjoyed battling. The two battle ferociously back and forth until Kyoya reveals Leone's new fangs and matches Gingka's every move. Gingka is soon overwhelmed by Kyoya's new found powers and even outmatched in the skies as Leone leaps above Pegasus which has never been accomplished before.

Gingka refuses to give up as this could decide the fate of his team and battles on. Kyoya refuses to lose and the two go beyond their limits in battle and end up passing out as their beys follow suit leaving the match as a draw. Gingka is unable to witness most of Tsubasa and Yu's battle with Demure and Benkei but wakes up afterwards to view his dark side thrashing through the opponents and tie up the matches 1 to 1. Gingka and Masamune retake the field as the teams decide to have one final deciding Tag Team Match.

The teams battle as Nile tries to take advantage of Gingka's weakness but is stopped by Kyoya's ferocious pride and battles Gingka instead while Masamune battles Nile. Gingka fights on equal ground with Kyoya until Masamune interviews and reminds Gingka of their team training igniting the two's spark of teamwork. They use their special moves while Gingka and Kyoya are pushed to the limit allowing Masamune to come in and strike Vulcan Horuseus 145D at the just the right time to obtain the win for his team. Team GanGan Galaxy has officially defeated Wild Fang and will move on the the next round but this doesn't mark the end of Gingka and Kyoya's eternal rivalry with Kyoya telling Gingka that next time they fight he shall win.

Shadow of The Excalibur

Gingka faces Ryuga

Gingka and Team GanGan Galaxy return to Europe to view Wang Hu Zhong's match with Team Excalibur. They watch in anticipation of who there next opponents will be in the A-Block Finals. It turns out that Team Wang Hu Zhong was indeed defeated by Excalibur without the help of Dashan himself. Now GanGan Galaxy must face Team Excalibur in the A-Block Finals. Gingka and the others worry about Tsubasa's condition as he is almost removed from the team but Gingka decide to move along with Big Bang Bladers with Tsubasa intact.

The A-Block Finals begin and on the teams way to the stadium they run into a face that is all too familiar. Ryuga has returned and challenges Gingka with his new Meteo L-Drago LW105LF. Gingka battles his former Nemesis only to find out that he has not fully mastered Galaxy Pegasus' potential, Ryuga lets Gingka go to the championships without finishing the battle. Gingka returns just in time for the third match where he will face Julian Konzern.

Gingka returns to battle Julian

Gingka arrives as he is noted to be tired out after battling all afternoon with Ryuga though his Blader Spirit remains completely intact. Julian boasts about his abilities to be the absolute best but Gingka is confident enough in his own abilities to stand his ground and get ready to rip. Gingka anticipates that Julian will use his reverse rotation and is correct in believing so, with this Gingka uses his new found experience in battling reverse rotating beyblades like Ryuga's, Gingka confidence withers when Julian uses Medusa's curse to turn Pegasus to stone but he thinks back to his battle with Ryuga and figures out about Pegasus' "hidden power".

Remembering he hasn't fully mastered Pegasus, Gingka uses it's performance tip to escape and battle on until Julian plays his last hand in unleashing the black sword; Excalibur. Pegasus is severely beaten and Gingka is pushed into a corner where he figures out to take this new power to the next level and spin, spin, and keep spinning faster and faster so that Pegasus could leap higher then ever before and crash down with Gingka's new special move; Stardust Driver which bested even the Jet Black Sword Excalibur. With this, Team GanGan Galaxy moves onto their Semi-Final match in Brazil.

Brazilian Ambush

Team GanGan Galaxy heads to Brazil where Tsubasa takes them to the stadium leaving Gingka and Co in confusion. Then, Kenta pops in and tells them that he decided to root for them in the finals tournament. The team head to the hotel where Kenta says he brought a tape showing the battle between Team Garcia and Team Starbreaker, however, they learn that the two teams have not used their full power and the fights were just one-hit knockout's that used no power at all. The reason was because even if one of the teams lost, they would still be in the finals tournament.

They then learn that Zeo Abyss, Masamune's best friend from the U.S.A., is a member of Team Star Breaker which causes Masamune to conclude that Team Garcia is weak because they lost to Zeo who was not a very talented Blader at all. Little did they know, Yu had left the hotel in order to really learn about Team Garcia but is severely injured from an ambush from the Garcia family so they could get an advantage in the battle the next day.

When they arrive to the stadium, Team Garcia reveals that they have intended to make their battle a four-person knockout battle with no intermission in order to make the finals more exciting for the fans, when in reality they just wanted to get an early lead in the battle.

Gingka takes on the Cyclone master, Ian Garcia

After seeing Yu and Masamune defeated by Enzo and Selen respectively, Gingka jumps in and launches his Pegasus into the stadium. During the fight, Selen keeps on dodging Pegasus' attacks to drain all of Pegasus' stamina until her bey itself runs out. But, just as Pegasus was about to deal the final blow, Selen calls back her Bey and Ian and his bey, Cyclone Herculeo 105F, take her place.

The battles rages on as Ian uses a hollow in the stadium called a "Cyclone Point" to activate a move called "Cyclone Attack" which causes both Pegasus and surprisingly, Herculeo to lose a whole lot of energy. Gingka tries to use the Cyclone Point to his advantage but is either attacked by an attack from above, or is attacked by Ian's special move; Blazer Slash.

Gingka is blindsided by Argo, and eliminated

Ian tries desperately to unleash one more Cyclone Attack but is struck by Pegasus Starbooster Attack and Herculeo is knocked out of the stadium resulting in Gingka's victory.

Then, Argo launches Ray Gil right at the exact spot Pegasus was spinning causing Pegasus to fly right out of the stadium and Argo says that Gingka only lost because he let his guard down.

Tsubasa then fights Argo and defeats him but causes his Earth Eagle's fusion wheel to scratch up. The team then congratulates Tsubasa and head of to America in order to watch the match between Team Excalibur and Team Starbreaker and find out who will be Team Gan Gan Galaxy's opponent in the finals.

New York, New Enemy

Team GanGan Galaxy arrives in America excited to see the sites of the United States, but Masamune (who was supposed to show the group around) runs off in order to find his hospitalized friend, Toby. Gingka and Madoka get separated from Tsubasa, Kenta, an Yu and were found with a lot a boxes of clothes that Madoka insisted they buy. The team meets up with Masamune who, again, rushes off.

In hot pursuit, Gingka and the others find Masamune at his old stomping ground, the Dungeon GYM. The gang then meet the GYM trainees and Coach Steel. Masamune tells the group about Zeo and Toby, the fun times they had, and what had happened to Toby. Zeo then is seen at the door to the Dungeon GYM and challenges Masamune to a Beybattle which ends in a no contest outcome.

Team GanGan Galaxy arrive at the hospital where Toby is residing in and are introduced to him along with learning about how Masamune came to America and met Zeo and Toby with Gingka wondering about Zeo. The team then head to a sports stadium to test out Tsubasa's Earth Eagle and Yu's Flame Libra's performance after being recently restored however, Masamune sees Zeo and runs off to talk to him with Gingka following close behind. Masamune and Gingka find Zeo with a group of HD Academy Bladers surrounding Ryuga.

Gingka is for warned by Ryuga about Team Starbreaker

Masamune assumes that Ryuga is the attacker and tells him to back off away from his friend but Zeo turns on Masamune in surprising anger and launches his bey at him with Masamune retaliating by launching his Ray Striker. Ryuga then quickly defeats the HD Bladers and tells Gingka to watch out for the U.S. team.

Gingka then launches Pegasus in the fight with Zeo explaining how Masamune supposedly abandoned him and activates Flame Byxis' Special Move; Destiny Needle. Zeo almost decides the match when he sees a golden/shadowy explosion knowing full well that Damian has arrived. Zeo retreats and Gingka runs to the stadium to find Yu and Tsubasa unconscious and Eagle and Libra almost completely destroyed.

With Yu and Tsubasa in such a critical condition, Team GanGan Galaxy is reduced to just two competitors, putting the Japanese team at a disadvantage. Gingka and Co. watch the match between the American team and the European Union team and are shocked at what they see. In the match between the Axe of Destruction, Klaus, and the Painter Peacock, jack, Klaus is defeated ever so easily by Jack and is knocked into a coma from being pushed beyond his body's limitations.

Gingka watches closely as Julian is dominated by Damian Hart

Then, the Emperor of Beyblade (and Italy), Julian Konzern, and the Guide of Hades, Damian Hart, have a best of three match so Damian can test Hades Kerbecs' Boost Mode and obtain data on Gravity Destroyer's left rotation and Damian defeats Konzern quickly in the first match with his special move; Hades Drive and starts to toy with Konzern's emotions in the second.

Damian starts taunting Julian on how Team GanGan Galaxy defeated his own team and says that Julian has no extraordinary powers and he should just concede the match. Wales and Sophie barge in to save their friend Konzern, but are disqualified as a result. Damian uses Hades Gate to defeat the trio of Bladers and it causes Julian to have a mental breakdown leaving Team GanGan Galaxy in awe as they see the outcome of the match.

Closing the Gate to Hades

It was now GanGan Galaxy's turn to face Team StarBreakers in the Big Bang Blades Championship finals. With two members down, Gingka and Masamune hold a battle royale with their allies to decide the missing members. This was interrupted by Hikaru and Ryo Hagane who tell them that only a person of age and someone who isn't on a team can be there replacement.

Gingka uses his bonds to close the gate to Hades and unleash one final attack upon Damian

With not time left, Masamune faces Zeo Abyss in the first round. With Zeo's "arrangement" he is far too powerful for Masamune and defeats him, dashing GanGan Galaxy's hopes for two consecutive wins. Right when Gingka decides to face Jack, Ryuga appears to settle the score with the artistic Blader. Ryuga is able to overcome Jack and win GanGan Galaxy its first victory, leaving the rest up to Gingka.

Gingka would now have to face the mighty Damian Hart who easily defeated Julian, who provided a great challenge to Gingka. Gingka does not back down as the match begins. Damian uses the levels of Hades to overwhelm Gingka, but Gingka remembers his bond with his team and brings out his Storm Bringer special move which he hoped would be enough. But not even close as Damian's Kerbecs is not even effected by Gingka's beyspirit.

Gingka leads his team to victory, the new world champions; Team GanGan Galaxy!!

Gingka continues to be dominated by Damian until Kerbecs decides to pull both Gingka and Pegasus into Hades Gate. Now trapped in Hades' Damian has pulled out all the stops and all hope seems lost for Gingka and GanGan Galaxy. But Gingka realizes that Damian is not a true Beyblader, he has not experienced the trials of the Beyspirit and that's why Gingka cannot lose, Pegasus breaks free of the gate and brings the fight back to the stadium.

With the world watching, Gingka charges his Beyspirit to its max and unleashes all his power upon Damian. Damian's arrangements are now no match for Gingka's power as the final clash is powered by the time and trials that Gingka has gone through in Big Bang Bladers.

In the final moments of the match, the stadium itself nearly collapses but when the smoke clears, it is Gingka who is victorious. And with this win, GanGan Galaxy is officially the World Champion Team of the World.

For Beybladers Everywhere

After winning the World Championships, Team GanGan Galaxy attends a ceremony where they celebrate victory although they are alone until they are greeted by their good friends in Team Wang Hu Zhong. At first they have a grand time but are interrupted by the arrival of Dr. Ziggurat accompanied by his team, Team Garcia and Julian Konzern. Dr. Ziggurat takes over the ceremony in order to announce his new energy system known as the Spiral Force, which is powered by a young boy named Faust. Masamune reminds Gingka that Faust is actually Toby while Dr. Ziggurat reveals the Spiral Force's destructive power.

Gingka is pursued by Team Star Breaker

Gingka and his friends refuse to let Ziggurat use beys as research tool to power a weapon. They wish to pursue him as he leaves but they are ambushed by everyone he left behind. Out numbered by Damian and Jack, Gingka is pushed into a tight corner until Kyoya joins the battle to save him, forcing the others to retreat.

Seeking help, Gingka leads everyone to his father who refuses to allow them to pursue the spiral force. But with Hikaru's help they are able to continue their pursuit after making a game plan to storm Hades City, the homebase of Hades Incorporated. They arrive only to be assaulted by Hades forces led by the Garcias, who unleash a flurry of attacks that separates everyone from each other. Gingka is trapped with Hikaru and Kenta and furiously assaulted by Argo and several HD Beybladers.

But before they can counterattack, Spiral Force is used to float Hades City so Gingka and his friends have to race towards it. Kyoya acts and free's everyone from their stony prison to race towards Hades City. Argo Garcia refuses to let Gingka pass but he is momentarily able to stop him thanks to Kenta and Hikaru who stay behind to hold behind the enemy. But as Gingka races towards he is once again cutoff by Argo who absolutely refuses to allow Gingka entry onto the city. Argo unleashes his Special Move and nearly defeats Gingka until he is saved by a recovered Yu and Tsubasa who take down Argo and help for everyone to board Hades City.

Spiral Core Takedown

Gingka, Masamune, Tsubasa, Yu, Madoka, Dashan, Wells and Sophie all managed to get aboard the flying city, and face off against opponents, such as Julian Konzern, Jack, Damian, Dr. Ziggurat and the power source behind the entire city; Faust. With his friends holding off the enemies, Gingka and Masamune are able to reach the Spiral core where Toby is being used.

Gingka and Masamune are halted by the power of Twisted Tempo

They are met by Faust and Dr. Ziggurat who show the immense abilities of Twisted Tempo, the bey powering the spiral force. Gingka and Masamune battle together and are able to momentarily stop Tempo after their battle ends in a draw. Gingka moves on to the spiral core while Masamune stays behind to free Toby.

Pegasus charging to destroy Tempo's Black Hole

After having Pegasus absorb all the Spiral Force in the Spiral Core to prevent the Earth from being destroyed, with the assistance of Ryuga and Meteo L-Drago LW105LF; Gingka commands Pegasus to fly into outer space and release the energy before it is too late. It does so and a huge ball of light can be seen from all around, and the Earth is saved. Gingka later reunites with the others who congraulate him on his victory. Kyoya then says that once peasus is repaired then they will battle with Masamune saying that he will be part of Team Dungeon now. Gingka gets thrilled as he knows having more rivals means more battling.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

Gathering the Legends

After the defeat of Hades Inc and the destruction of the Spiral Core, a strange event occurred. A new Star Fragment similar to the one that created Pegasus and L-Drago exploded and spread out ten beams of light that fell on Earth, hitting and enchanting ten destined Beyblades. These Beys would prove to help in a time of darkness, as the legend of the star foretells.

Once again, Kyoya challenges Gingka to spice up their rivalry

Meanwhile, Gingka has returned to his normal life of Beyblading, disbanded from GanGan Galaxy and instead returns to normal life with Kenta and Madoka. Gingka was shown watching Kenta win and tornment and felt proud of how strong his friend became. Kenta later challnged Gingka to battle. However, Gingka receives a strange message from an anonymous sender, stating for him to go to a local beach.

As Gingka arrived he was surprised to see it was none other than Kyoya and Benkei who sent the message. Kyoya challenged him to a battle that would ultimately decide who was the strongest Blader out of the two.

The battle ends in a tie as both evolved beys are equally matched

In their battle, Gingka discovers that Kyoya and his Leone have become even stronger than ever before. But Gingka has not fallen behind in skills either, making the two a perfect match once again. Gingka gains the upper hand after a minor slip on Kyoya's part and In an epic clash, two Star Fragment Beams hit both Galaxy Pegasus and Rock Leone causing a huge explosion.

When it seems that disaster has struck, instead a blessing has come upon both beys, causing them to evolve into Cosmic Pegasus and Fang Leone respectively. They are happily to see that their beys have changed, but the battle rages on as neither Blader is really able to control their beys. Pegasus' new abilities come as a shock to Gingka as he can barley comprehend Leone's abilities either. They both pull out what they know and have left in one final clash that ends the battle in a draw. The next day, Gingka's father tests both the new Beyblades to find that they have evolved due to a Star Fragment enchanting their Beyblades. Gingka beats Kenta with his new power. Later Gingka and co save a boy named Yuki Mizusawa from Johannes who tells them off the legend of Nemesis and the Star Fragment that has chosen Legendary Bladers to combat the ultimate darkness; Nemesis.

The Next day as the gang gets ready to leave Gingka ends up battling Johannes who wants to who's arrived to instead recruit Bladers to battle for the Nemesis rather then against it. It is a tough battle for Gingka, but Kyoya arrives to help causing Johannes to flee.

The Legendary Blader of Destruction: Ryuga!

When arriving on Zarkin Island, Gingka and the gang realize that the villagers are not happy about Bladers and are sent away. But afer meeting Sala and her father, the gang are told not to go to the island due to a Blader with the power of a dragon had trespassed there.

Just when things couldn't get any worse, Gingka and the others head to the summit of the volcano where they see Kyoya face off against Ryuga, which realize that he is the third Legendary Blader since the Star Fragment made Meteo L-Drago LW105LF evolve into a new Bey: L-Drago Destructor F:S

To avenge Kyoya, Gingka tries to battle his Cosmic Pegasus F:D which he utilizes its new attack power and its Final Drive mode. But due to L-Drago's new mode change, he is quickly defeated and knocked out. Gingka then gets up and sees Yuki battling Ryuga and becomes impressed saying Yuki was a legendary blader all along. After Yuki's loss Ryuga learns the story was not a lie but leaves to gain the power for himself.

Facing Kronos of the Beylin Fist

The gang arrive in China after they learn from their old friend, Dashan Wang of Team Wang Hu Zhong, that an unidentified Legendary Blader was found there. Arriving to Beylin Temple, Gingka and the gang decide to enter the Gateway to Success Tag-Team Tournament in order to find out if the strange Blader with the Crimson Flash bey was a Legendary Blader. He starts training by showing Cosmic Pegasus' new abilities to the Chinese team by utilizing its Final Drive mode.

Gingka and the gang enter the Gateway to Success Tag-Team Tournament with Team Wang Hu Zhong. Gingka teams up with Yuki in order for them to use their Legendary Blader abilities to the max. After a few mishaps and difficulties of team ups, he and Yuki manage to work together and defeats Mei-Mei and Chao nix, entering the next round. Gingka and Yuki easily beat the unknown bladers in their path.

In the semi-finals against the team of Dashan and Chi-Yun, Gingka and Yuki use a new strategy to counter their attack/defense combination, thus allowing Gingka to use their power to create a new Special Move: Cosmic Tornado, and wins towards the final round.

Gingka and Yuki are defeated.

In the finals of the Gateway to Success tournament, Gingka and his partner Yuki are up against Bao and Aguma where they must find a way to get the fifth Legendary Blader to join them. Since they were attacked by Bao and Hades Crown, Gingka decided to fight him while Yuki fought with Aguma and Kronos.

But since the Saturn Legendary Blader was a weakness to Anubias, Gingka tries to help with Cosmic Tornado clashing with Aguma's Great Ring of Destruction, they are outmatched as he, Yuki, and even Bao, were defeated, causing the battlefield to be destroyed. Later Julian Konzern emails the group and they head to Greace where Wales and Sophie great them and tell them about the history of a strong bey. They meet up with Klaus and Julain who give them info on they bey named Variares D:D being so strong it was sealed. Afterwors the group watches the Distroyer dome tornment where they learn that a blader named King and his Variares D:D is also a Legendary Blader.

The Guardian of Mist Mountain

After learning from their old Russian friends, Team Lovushka, that a star fragment was found somewhere in Africa, the gang heads there to find the seventh Legendary Blader. With help from Kyoya's old friends, Nile and Demure, they learn that the Blader they are looking for guards Mist Mountain also known as the "Mountain of No Return". The gang enter through the maze and Gingka accidentally triggers something that makes him fall into a dark hole underground.

Gingka then runs into a Blader named Ryuto who is also a Treasure Hunter and battles against his Bey, Omega Dragonis 85XF. Gingka manages to use Final Drive mode and Cosmic Tornado to counter Hammer Bolt and wins the battle. Ryuto realizes that he had fought and lost to the No.1 Blader and agreed to help the group through the maze.

The God of Destruction, Resurrected

Through a helicopter, Gingka and the gang; Yuki, Madoka, King, Masamune, Benkei, Toby, and Zeo are rushing to the ancient ruins where inside, the dark energy of Proto Nemesis was given off and had affected all of the Legendary Bladers' Beys. Cosmic Pegasus was glowing with its aura due to this, leading the gang to the ruins. While inside the ruins, the dark energy of Proto Nemesis continues, as if it will never stop. Pluto gazes at this and is enjoying the power of Proto Nemesis. However Chris and Aguma try to pull themselves together after their incredible loss to Proto Nemesis.

Pluto tells them that soon Gingka and the others will arrive in response to the dark energy. Just then, the mysterious person with a walking cane arrives at the scene. He tells them that he knows about Gingka and the others. Aguma reacts and attempts to assault him with his Bey, but Johannes reassures him that everything is fine. The man tells Pluto that he has brought along people with him. He has brought along with him, and the three Nemesis Bladers: Herschel, Keyser, and Cycnus. The three reveal their Beyblades with Herschel owning Duo Uranus, Keyser owning a Bakushin Beelzebub, and Cycnus owning Kreis Cygnus. Rago then out of nowhere, uses his power to control the dark energy of Proto Nemesis which increases it and made it more powerful. Dynamis starts to choke as the energy is too much while Pluto becomes excited when he has found the worthy Child of Nemesis, Rago.

Meanwhile, Gingka and co. arrive at the ruins but just when they attempt to enter it, Beat Lynx subdues them as Johannes, Bao, and the Temple Bladers arrive. They want to stop Gingka and the others from entering the ruins as they attack them. With Toby fighting Johannes and Zeo fighting Bao. Benkei then joins in the fight as his Dark Bull stampedes over the Temple Bladers' Beys. Toby and Zeo tell Gingka and the others to enter the temple while they handle Johannes and Bao. Then, the Temple Bladers gather their Beys onto Dark Bull but Benkei unleashes his full potential and drives them away with full force. Gingka and the others get ready to enter the temple. Johannes then switches Beat Lynx to a higher height to stop the others but Zeo's Spiral Fox knocks Hell Crown over it rams Beat Lynx by accident. They then handle the Temple Bladers' Beys while Johannes and Bao think of a plan.

Elsewhere, inside the temple, Yuki's Anubius glows which leads them inside a maze of stairs of the ruins. Benkei then spots Yu in a helicopter who tells him that Kyoya and Tithi are with him. Benkei is excited at this but then turns sad when land at the top of the ruins, not able to aid them in battle. Gingka and the others are then stopped when they encounter none of than Aguma. Aguma wants to stop them from stopping Nemesis' revival and launches Scythe Kronos at him but just as Gingka gets ready to launch Pegasus, Yuki intercepts and launches Anubius. Yuki plots to defeat Aguma once and for all and to have nothing stand in his way. Aguma does not see Yuki as any threat though as their Beys clash in battle. Each clash gives Proto Nemesis even more energy. Just then, Gingka and the others are spotted by Dark Dynamis. Gingka is surprised at how Dynamis has turned over to aid Nemesis and cannot believe his eyes. Dynamis assures Gingka that he will defeat him with all his might which gives Gingka off.

The Last Battle

It is in the climax of the last battle against Nemesis, Gingka with his Cosmic Pegasus against the over-powered Nemesis. Gingka continues with attacks as he attempts to knock out Diablo Nemesis with all he can in his might, willpower, and wit. Rago while inside of Nemesis is not fond as Nemesis keeps continuing to attack as still, everyone around the globe is watching, but there seems to be no use in this. With Nemesis' Shadow Beast, it may seem to be the end of Gingka, Pegasus, and the fate of humanity. Gingka does not care and instead commands Pegasus. He rides on Pegasus Beast as they fly into outer space, with which, they disappear for a moment. When at that moment, Cosmic Pegasus' motif appears big and flashes, signifying a special move. Gingka and Pegasus glide down toward Earth, in a special move reminiscent of their first: Starblast Attack. They, with Pegasus' golden aura, strike Nemesis into its chest with a Super Cosmic Tornado, as Cosmic Pegasus is in close combat with Diablo Nemesis. Gingka gives it his all, as he knows that if he loses right now, all is lost in this world and for everything else. He can only survive this battle by his friends, family, ideals, and for his wanting of a better future for his friends, family, and the ultimate fate of humanity.

Gingka then unleashes the final strike. Pegasus goes through Nemesis' chest, creating a hole as Nemesis begins to lose power. Nemesis' dark power starts to burst away, with all of it disappearing against Nemesis' will. Rago himself, even shows his pain and agony as he cannot do anything now. Nemesis' Shadow Beast appears to be getting weaker by the moment. The Black Sun is losing power due to Nemesis losing as well and falls off, disappearing in the midst. Nemesis falls as Nemesis and Rago disappear with no trace left behind at all. The dark clouds that took place during the battle leave, as a sun-light returns. Everyone is left watching, wondering what happens to Gingka and Pegasus. It is then where Cosmic Pegasus is spinning, albeit almost losing spin. Gingka is alone watching, with scars left throughout his body. Cosmic Pegasus ends its spin and stops, where Gingka simultaneously collapses onto the ground.

Gingka's friends dash at him, being afraid if Gingka is deceased. They then find Gingka but see he has awoken in which they relief. Gingka then asks if Nemesis is gone. They tell him Nemesis is, away from the world to never come back, as Gingka is delighted. His friends are as well, as they reconcile with one another. Gingka however, gives thanks to a very special friend he met since his adventure started. This friend, Ryuga, who Gingka is very thankful for. Though Ryuga is deceased, Gingka knows that Ryuga gave it his all for Gingka and he couldn't have done it any other way. Even though Ryuga is deceased, Gingka knows that Ryuga is thankful and is happy to have done what he had done. As time passes, multiple things occur. The Legendary Blader's resume their original roles such as Dynamis as The Guardian of Mist Mountain and Tithi with him, Gingka's being interview for saving the world, Chris leaves Metal Bey City, Masamune, King, Toby, and Zeo return to the Dungeon Gym, Aguma reunites with Bao and Beylin Fist, and Madoka fixing the Legendary Bladers beys. Later, Gingka and Kyoya are in a BeyStadium, with their friends there as well. Gingka and Kyoya later, decide to have a battle as they bring out their Beys, Cosmic Pegasus and Fang Leone, respectively. They prepare and yell the legendary chant, "3... 2... 1... Let It Rip!". At the end of the chant, Gingka jumps high up, to in a background of outer space ending Metal Fury.

Gingka meet with Zero.

Beyblade: Shogun Steel

Gingka makes an appearance in the Shogun Steel anime, during Zyro's flashback, where he is seen handing a younger Zyro his future Beyblade, Samurai Ifraid.

Gingka in Beyblade: Shogun Steel.

The Shogun Meets The Legend

He later makes his full appearance in 7 years ago while interrupting Zyro's training with his new beyblade, Samurai Pegasus W105R2F where he challenges him to a battle. Since Zyro's anger and hatred of Kira Hayama had clouded his judgment, Gingka tells him to calm down and use his friend's power to win, then he disappears. Later, Gingka witnesses Zyro's final battle against Kira Hayama then leaves Metal Bey City once again.

Gone Gone Pegasus

While walking, he sees a little kid crying. Gingka goes up to him and the kid tells someone stole his bey. He helps the little kid, Baihu and goes into the temple. He sees a bey and tried to get Pegasus to battle. He notices that it is missing. Baihu, standing in the door smiles and holds up Pegasus. Gingka falls into the trick and pit and goes deep down. He later appears waking up seeing Zyro and Co. struggling with DNA. He then notices Doji and says that DNA will control the world. Gingka is getting shocked since he is trying to get out. Gingka refuses and says Zero will win. He is proven correct with Zero beats Kira and magines to redeem him as well as free Gingka. Gingka and Zero fight Doji's robot and are having trouble until Kira lends them a hand and finally beats Doji causing him to fall down a hole and die. Gingka along with Zero's friends escape the DNA headquarters and later Gingka joins his old friends watching Zero and Kira team battle it out.


Kenta Yumiya

He is like Gingka's younger brother. Gingka saved Kenta from the Face Hunters and have shared a close relationship since then.

Madoka Amano

Gingka's relationship with Madoka is very close as she was one of the first female friends, and the only one except Hikaru, he made in the series. He has been shown to care for her well being and protects her when there is danger as he did during the survival challenge when she was stuck on the wrong plane making her part of it, so to calm her down on her worries he said that he would protect her. Gingka also loves Madoka's cooking and says that her hamburgers give him 100% more energy then he had and actually embarrassed her when he asked her over TV to make him some when he comes back. While Gingka was sick Madoka made a cake for him. In the episode We Meet Again! Wang Hu Zhong when Chao Xin enters Madoka's room Gingka felt very jealous. Madoka is one of Gingka's best friends and is always there for him whenever he needs emotional or physical support. Gingka maybe has a crush on Madoka.

Masamune Kadoya

Gingka's relationship with Masamune mirrors that of Tyson's's relationship with Daichi from the original series. Although Gingka and Masamune are good friends and get along quite nicely, they do tend to be at odds with each other a lot to point where they get mad at one another. Nevertheless, Gingka and Masamune maintain a great relationship, albeit some differences.


Gingka's relationship with Ryuga was at first really bad as they both showed no less than hatred for each other due to the fact that he believed Ryuga killed his dad. However after defeating Lightning L-Drago, realising Ryuga was just a pawn and knowing that Ryo Hagane was still alive, the two get better with each other and their relationship grows. Ryuga is seen as giving Gingka advices in Metal Masters and Metal Fury. After almost defeating Gingka in Metal masters, Ryuga told Gingka to find his Blader's spirit, later he helped Gingka destroy the Spiral Core. In Metal Fury, after defeating Gingka again, Ryuga told Gingka to get stronger. Right now he is helping Gingka and his friends find the Legend Bladers. But he does seem to go on the wrong path right now, where Kenta is trying to stop him. After Ryuga gave Kenta his power Gingka gained new respect for Ryuga.

Kyoya Tategami

Gingka's relationship with Kyoya has been bad from the very first episode. Kyoya, got defeated by Gingka several times, and is determined to defeat Gingka but has never succeeded. He even created one of his special move in order to defeat Gingka, but failed yet again. In Metal Masters, however, he was able to draw with Gingka in the Beyblade World Championshions. Before this battle he had told Gingka that he had trained very hard in order to find a way to stop Pegasus spinning and that he had found out the way. Gingka also seems to think that Kyoya is a great rival. In Metal Fury, he is again shown, determined to defeat Gingka, but again there is a draw. This shows what great rivalry there is between these two strong bladers. After Ryuga, Gingka's second greatest rival is Kyoya Tategami.


  • Storm Leone 100HF: Gingka's first Beyblade, its an Attack-Type Beyblade that Gingka used as a child to battle Hyoma in the Beyblade Forest on the outskirts of Koma Village.
  • Storm Pegasus 105RFStormPegasis.jpg: Gingka's primary Beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It is a powerful attack type Beyblade with incredible speed and strength. It was one of the first Beyblades alongside L-Drago, coming from the star fragment. It was given to Gingka by his father and later destroyed when it sacrificed itself to slay The Dark Power.
  • Galaxy Pegasus W105R2FGalaxy Pegasus W105R2F.jpg: Pegasus was reincarnated in a stone outside Koma Village and awakened by Gingka to become Galaxy Pegasus. Galaxy Pegasus is Gingka's primary Beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Masters. It is an incredibly powerful Beyblade that was difficult to control because of its immense power and speed. Gingka discovered that its power lies within it's Spin Track and Performance Tip that spins as fast as possible without losing control, maximizing Pegasus' unique ability to take flight.
  • Cosmic Pegasus F:D600px-BigBangPegasis.jpg: Pegasus was enhanced by a falling star fragment to unlock it's Legend Powers; transforming it into Cosmic Pegasus. Cosmic Pegasus is Gingka's primary Beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Fury. It is an amazing Attack Type 4D Beyblade with amazing attack, speed, stamina and endurance. It's 4D Tip and Mode Changing Ring allow it to optomize it's many capabilities. Its 4D Frame splits its Fusion Wheel into three sections that allow for various mode changes. Its Final Drive tip allows Pegasus to regain spin power by retracting the Semi-Flat tip to allow the rubber contact to the stadium.
  • Samurai Pegasus W105R2FSamuraiPegasisOfficial.jpg: A Bey that Gingka owns in the Zero-G manga and Shogun Steel anime. It is created by WBBA as gift for Gingka for saving world. So, he can battle in the new Zero G cyclone stadiums and with a new Zero G bey.

Special Moves

Storm Pegasus

  • Starblast Attack: Pegasus soars high into the air after an attack or by riding a ramp. It then crashes down on the opponent in a nose dive.
  • Tornado Wing: Pegasus circles the stadium quickly, forming a current that immerses the stadium and sends any opposing bey out with a vacuum like effect.
  • Meteor Shower Attack: Pegasus flies higher than before and rains down multiple powerful star blasts.
  • Full Power: Pegasus spins rapidly, producing heat from the friction created. This causes a strong updraft and a momentary vacuum, sucking in air.
  • Storm Bringer: Pegasus uses the energy channeled to circle at extreme speeds. Covered in a blue aura, Pegasus creates a vacuum that sends the enemy's bey up into the air and when it comes down, Pegasus cancels the opponent's power and strikes it out of the stadium.
  • Galaxy Nova: Gathering raw energy, Pegasus smashes down with incredible force. This much raw power required Pegasus to sacrifice itself, turning the bey to stardust.

Galaxy Pegasus

  • Starbooster Attack: Gingka unlocked this move after first gaining control of Galaxy Pegasus' power and speed. Pegasus's uses its R2F performance tip to grasp the air while racing in a circle around the stadium, igniting in a blue aura. Pegasus uses this momentum to take flight into the air and makes a dramatic turn to crash down upon the opponent like a meteor stream.
  • Stardust Driver: After understanding Pegasus' potential, Gingka unlocked it's strongest special move. Pegasus soars into space using R2F as Pegasus' legs and W105 as it's wings and comes down on the other bey. This is strong enough to defeat Julian Konzern and Damian Hart.
  • Storm Bringer: Pegasus uses the energy channeled to circle at extreme speeds. Covered in a blue aura, Pegasus creates a vacuum that sends the enemy's bey up into the air and when it comes down, Pegasus cancels the opponent's power and strikes it out of the stadium.
  • Galaxy Nova: Gathering all the raw energy of the universe after leaping into Space, Pegasus smashes down with incredible force.

Cosmic Pegasus

  • Full Power: Pegasus utilizes its full output, causing a temporary increase in power output and a surge in battle aura. In Metal Fury, he used it in his battle against Ryuga before he had his Cosmic Tornado move.
  • Cosmic Tornado (Big Bang Tornado): After mastering Pegasus' Final Drive 4D Tip, Gingka unlocked this special move. Cosmic Pegasus switches into Final Drive mode and Smash Mode and rapidly spins in a circle, forming a blue energy disc in which, it is multiplying its attack power in one giant rotation that crashes into the opponent with immense force.
  • Starblast Attack: Pegasus soars high into the air after an attack or by riding a ramp. It then crashes down on the opponent in a nose dive in the form of a strong lazer.
  • Shining Wind: Infused with the power of every Star Fragment in the world, Pegasus creates a tornado to send him high into the air. Gingka uses this to go high into the air and use his strongest special move, Super Cosmic Nova.
  • Super Cosmic Nova: Infused with the power of every Star Fragment in the world, Pegasus soars off the ground then uses Cosmic Tornado to attack and then finally utilizes the Fragment's power by performing Super Cosmic Nova to tear through the enemy.

Samurai Pegasus

  • Galaxy Nova: Gathering all the raw energy of the universe after leaping into Space, Pegasus smashes down with incredible force.


Gingka Hagane is considered the strongest blader in the history of Metal Saga. Most of the Bladers wanted to fight him, from the minor characters with the generic beys, to Masamune Kadoya, who came from America to fight him. Kyoya even refused to be on Team GanGan Galaxy because he wanted to fight Gingka. Gingka's achievements include winning the Battle Bladers, making him the number 1 blader in Japan, winning the world championship, and obtaining a star fragment that made him a legendary blader to defeat Nemesis.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Unknown Bladers Offscreen Win
Benkei Hanawa MF001 Win
Benkei Hanawa and 4 Face Hunters MF001 Win
Benkei Hanawa and 99 Face Hunters MF001 Win (due to his bladers sprit)
Osamu, Takashi, and Akira MF002 Win
Kyoya Tategami MF002 Win (due to starblast attack)
Kenta Yumiya MF003 Win (due to starblast attack)
Benkei Hanawa MF004 Win (due to starblast attack)
Tetsuya Watarigani MF005 No outcome
Tetsuya Watarigani MF005 Win (2-1)
Unknown Blader MF006 Win
Kenta Yuima MF006 No outcome (colipased)
Osamu MF007 Win
Challenge Beyblades MF008 Win
Giant Beyblade MF008 Win (due to using the friction)
Unknown Blader MF009 Win (offscreen)
Hikaru Hasama MF009 Win (due to using the sun's reflection)
Kyoya Tategami MF010 Win (due to meteor show attack)
Dark Nebula Beyblades (Tag w/ Kenta, Benkei, and Kyoya) MF011 Win
Dark Nebula Beyblades MF012 Win
Giant Beyblade (Tag w/ Kenta, Benkei and Kyoya) MF012 Win (due to forming a circle)
Dark Nebula Bladers (Tag w/ Kenta, Benkei and Kyoya) MF012 No Outcome (retreated)
Dan Sodo and Reiki Sodo (Tag w/ Kyoya) MF012 No Outcome (retreated)
Doji MF012 Win (due to blader's spirt)
Ryuga MF013 Lose (due to his rage)
Ryuga MF014 Lose (dream)
Osamu MF014 Lose (wasn't focused)
Ryo Hagane MF014 Lose (Flashback)
Hyoma MF018 No outcome (flashback)
Hyoma MF018 Lose (Flashback)
Hyoma MF018 Win (due to aries getting stuck)
Osamu, Takashi, Akira and Unknown Blader MF019 Win
Kenta Yumiya and Benkei Hanawa MF019 No Outcome
5 Survival Battle Bladers MF020 Win
4 Survival Battle Bladers MF021 Win
Osamu Takashi and Akira MF021 Win
Yu Tendo, Kyoya Tategami, Madoka Amano MF022 Lose (due to libara's armor)
Ryuga MF023 No Outcome (called off)
Kyoya Tategami, Benkei Hanawa, Kenta Yumiya, Osamu, Takashi, Akira, Hikaru Hasama, Tetsuya Watarigani Hyoma MF023 Win (due to starblast attack)
Unknown Blader MF024 Win
10 Roudy Bladers (Tag w/ Tsubassa) MF024 Win
Unknown Blader MF024 Win
Unknown Blader MF024 Win
Tsubasa Otori MF024 Win (Tsubassa lost on purpose)
3 unknown Bladers MF026 Not shown
Unknown Blader MF028 Win
Unknown Blader MF028 Win
Unknown Blader MF028 Win
Tetsuya Watarigani MF028 Win (due to using staduim serface)
Unknown Blader MF029 Win (flashback)
Ryutaro Fukami MF030 Win (due to storm bringer)
Kyoya Tategami, Kenta Yumiya, Hyoma, Tsubasa Otori Yu Tendo MF032 Lose (due to using too much power) (3rd Place w/ Tsubasa and Yu)
Phoenix MF033 Lose (due to inexperence)
Ryo Onoue MF034 Win
Unknown Blader MF034 Win
Unknown Blader MF034 Win
Unknown Blader MF034 Win
Teru Saotome MF034 Win (due to mastering storm bringer)
Unknown Bladers MF035 Not shown
Unknown Bladers MF036 Win (offscreen)
Django MF036 No Outcome (interupted by Tobio)
Tobio Oike MF036 Win (due to storm bringer)
Busujima's Gang (Tag w/ Kenta) MF037 Win
Phoenix MF039 Win (due to storm bringer)
Yu Tendo MF040 Win (due to storm bringer)
Ryutaro Fukami MF043 Win (due to beliving in a stronger future)
Reiji Mizuchi MF044 Win (surprise attack)
Reiji Mizuchi MF046-MF047 Win (due to not being afarid)
Ryuga MF050-MF051 Win (due to blader's spirt)
Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Masamune Kadoya MM002 Win x6
Masamune Kadoya MM002 Lose (Due to lack of control over new Pegsus)
Kenta Yumiya MM002 No outcome
Chi-yun Li and Mei Mei (Tag w/ Masamune) MM003 Win (mei mei got taken out)
Masamune Kadoya MM004 No outcome
Benkei Hanawa, Kenta Yumiya MM006 Win
Dashan Wang MM007 No Outcome (interrupted by Masamune)
Dashan Wang MM011 Win
Yu Tendo, Masamune Kadoya, Tsubasa Otori MM013 No outcome (Tsubasa was Eliminated)
Nowaguma MM013 Win (opponent lost on purpose)
Nowaguma MM014 Win (due to using the cages for help)
Festival of Warriors Bladers (Tag w/ Masamune and Yu) MM016 Win
Julian Konzern, Sophie and Wales (Tag w/ Masamune and Yu) MM016 Lose (due to lack of teamwork)
Masamune Kadoya and Tsubasa Otori (Tag w/ Yu) MM017 No outcome (due to fighting)
Dashan Wang and Chao Xin (Tag w/ Masamune) MM017 Draw
Kyoya Tategami MM021 Draw (both collapsed)
Kyoya Tategami and Nile (Tag w/ Masamune) MM023 Win (due to Strikers's full power) (eliminated)
Ryuga MM027-MM028 No Outcome (Ryuga fled)
Julian Konzern MM029 Win (due to Ryuga's advice)
Selen Garcia MM032 Win (Selen lost on purpose)
Ian Garcia MM032 Win (due to mastering Cyclone battles)
Argo Garcia MM032 Lose (Surprise Attack)
Brad, Bruce and Owen (Tag w/ Masamune and Kenta) MM036 No outcome
Zeo Abyss (Tag w/ Masamune) MM037 No Outcome (Zeo fled)
Kenta Yumiya, Dashan Wang, Chi-yun Li Mei-Mei Chao Xin ,Masamune Kadoya MM040 No Outcome (interrupted by Phoenix)
Phoenix (Tag w/ Kenta, Dashan, Chi-yun, Mei Mei, Cho Xin and Masamune) MM040 Lose (due to opponent's surprise attack)
Damian Hart MM043-MM044 Win
Jack and Damian Hart (Tag w/ Kyoya) MM045 No Outcome (Opponents retreated)
Argo Garcia and HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Kenta and Hikaru) MM046 Win
HD Academy Bladers MM047 Win
HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Team GanGan Galaxy and Kyoya) MM047 Win
HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Massamune and Kyoya) MM048 Win
HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Masamune) MM049 Win
Faust (Tag w/ Masamune) MM050 Win (due to Ryuga)
Sprail Core (Tag w/ Ryuga) MM051 Win
Metal Fight Beyblade VS the Sun: Sol Blaze
Opponent Result
Kenta Yumiya Win
Tsubasa Otori Win
Helios Lose (due to opponets power)
Helios (Tag w/Tsubasa) No Outcome (opponent fled)
Helios No outcome
Helios Win (due to improving)
Bakin (Tag w/ Helios) No outcome (interrupted by Kyoya)
Helios (offscreen) No outcome
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Kyoya Tategami 4D001 Draw (beys evolved)
Kenta Yumiya 4D002 Win (due to his new power)
Johannes 4D002 No outcome (Johannes retreated)
Johannes (Tag w/ Kyoya) 4D003 No outcome (Johannes retreated)
Ryuga 4D005 Lose (due to not mastering his bey)
Kyoya Tategami,Yuki Mizusawa 4D006 No outcome
Chao Xin and Mei-Mei (Tag w/ Yuki) 4D009 Win (due to teamwork)
ToRyumon Round 2 Bladers (Tag w/ Yuki) 4D010 Win
Chi-yun Li and Dashan Wang (Tag w/ Yuki) 4D011 Win (due to cosmic Tournato)
Aguma and Bao (Tag w/ Yuki) 4D012 Lose (due to ring of Distriction)
Ryuto 4D018 Win
Dynamis 4D021 No Outcome (dynamis stopped)
Aguma, Bao, Johannes, and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ Kyoya, Dynamis, Yuki, Benkei, Nile, and Demure) 4D022 No Outcome (due to Kyoyas rage)
Kyoya Tategami 4D022 No outcome
Multiple Beystar Island Bladers 4D023 Win
Kenta Yumiya 4D024 Win (due to Kenta's lack of control)
Beystar Island Bladers 4D025 Win
Beystar Island Bladers 4D025 Win
Chris, Aguma, Bao, and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ King, Yuki, Benkei, Zeo, and Toby) 4D026 No Outcome (interrupted by Ryuga)
King 4D026 No outcome (interrupted by Chris)
Dynamis 4D034 No outcome (interrupted by Kyoya)
Chris and Cycnus (Tag w/ Yuki) 4D035-4D037 Win
Rago and Pluto (Tag w/ Kyoya, Ryuga, Chris, and Dynamis) 4D038 No Outcome (nemesis evolved)
Rago (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers (Excluding Aguma), Masamune and Yu) 4D039 No outcome (temple colapized)
Kenta Yumiya 4D040 No outcome
Kenta Yumiya 4D041 No outcome (Earthquake)
Johannes, Keyser, Cycnus, and Herschel (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers (expect Ryuga) and Yu) 4D042 Win (due to wind)
Rago and Pluto (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Tsubasa, Yu Tendo and Masamune,) 4D045-4D049 Draw
Nemesis (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Tsubasa, Yu Tendo and Masamune,) (Faces him alone when his friends are defeated) 4D050-4D052 Win (due to bladers spirt)
Kyoya Tategami 4D052 Not Shown (show ended)
Beyblade: Shogun Steel
Opponent Episode Result
Zyro Kurogane ZG036 WinX2
Robo Doji (tag w/ with Zyro and Kira) ZG045 Win (due to bladers spirt)

Anime Appearances

Metal Fusion

Metal Masters

Metal Fury

Shogun Steel

The Lost Episodes


Gingka (Ginga) is Japanese for "galaxy." This relates to the continuing theme of celestial objects used throughout the Metal Saga.

Hagane is Japanese for "steel". It is likely a reference to the Metal Saga's theme.

In Bladers of The Four Seasons, Gingka represents autumn, it refers to his seiyu, Aki Kanada, which "Aki" means "autumn". Ichika's and Chifuyu's names has "Natsu" and "Fuyu" kanji that means "Summer" and "Winter" respectively, which autumn is placed between summer and winter.


Main article: Gingka Hagane/Gallery


  • He is the fifth Blader that used a Pegasus Beyblade, the fourth was Ryo Hagane (the original owner of Storm Pegasus), the second and third are Julia Fernandez and Raul Fernandez. The original Pegasus Beyblade appeared in the video game Bakuten Shoot Beyblade - Gekitou! Saikyou Blader used by Amo Karou, a blader who only appeared in the video games.
  • Even before he was a Legendary Blader, Gingka has had a blue aura surrounding him when he and Pegasus were pushed to their limits. Gingka referred to this as his Blader Spirit.
  • Ironically, Gingka trains much less than Kyoya Tategami does (though this may be due to the fact that before leaving Koma Village he would always train as a child), yet remains stronger than him in battles.
  • His hairstyle in Shogun Steel resembles Phoenix's.
  • Even though Gingka started his journey to retrieve L-Drago, he never accomplishes this task as Ryuga kept it.
  • Even before he was a Legendary Blader, Gingka has had a blue aura surrounding him when he and Pegasus were pushed to their limits. Gingka referred to this as his Blader Spirit.
  • In the anime, Gingka gives Zyro Kurogane Samurai Ifrit W145CF, but in the manga, it is Ryo Hagane, Gingka's father, who gives Zyro his Bey.
  • Gingka is the only Blader from the Metal Saga to have appeared in every season as an active Blader. As such, he is the only one to use all types of Launchers, coinciding the current product lineup.