Gingka Hagane & Masamune Kadoya vs. Dashan Wang & Chao Xin is a battle that took place at the last Stage of GanGan Galaxy's Teamwork Training with Team Wang Hu Zhong.


Dashan trains GanGan Galaxy

Dashan trains GanGan Galaxy

Team GanGan Galaxy was struggling with their independent teamwork training and eventually drove their team mate Madoka to lock herself away from them all. But luckily Team Wang Hu Zhong arrives to aid them in their training to get them to their fullest so when the two teams battle again and against Excalibur they will be at their fullest. Wang Hu Zhong trained them vigorously in 4,000 year old secrets to team work. Having excelled quickly, Dashan decides to move them to the final stage a 2 on 2 Battle with Wang Hu Zhong. The matches are chosen to be Gingka & Masamune vs. Dashan & Chao Xin alongside with Chi-yun and Mei Mei vs Tsubasa and Yu.


Pincer Attack

The Pincer Attack!

The battle starts off with Striker charging at Zurafa disappointing Gingka since he thought Dashan would be his opponent. Gingka decides to send Pegasus in behind Striker as they chase Zurafa but Chao Xin comes in from behind them both and they use a pincer attack where Zurafa comes from the front and Virgo from behind to slam Pegasus and Striker. The attack nearly sends the two into a stadium out sparking an argument between Gingka and Masamune on who's fault it was. Madoka then stresses that their attitudes towards team work haven't changed since the beginning and Wang Hu Zhong begins to taunt which finally knocks a sense of urgency into Team GanGan Galaxy.
Stand at the Top

"Watch us battle, We will stand at the top of the World!"

Gingka and the others then think back on their lost against Excalibur and reminds his team mates they have to be number one and stand on top of the world! With their will to fight back, Gingka sends in Pegasus after Zurafa who dodges but uses the distraction to send Striker slamming into Zurafa. Virgo moves in to help but is stopped by Pegasus who holds it back showing that Gingka & Masamune are finally working as a team. Inspired by their team work, Wang Hu Zhong including Dashan and Chao Xin decide that it's time to finish the battle. All four of them activate their special moves: Blue Dragon Whirlwind Sword, Storm Surge, Lightning Sword Flash, & Star Booster Attack respectively. The special moves clash and after the smoke settles it turns out that everyone was eliminated simultaneously, resulting in a draw.

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