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Gingka Hagane vs. Dashan Wang is the first battle to take place during Team GanGan Galaxy's time in China along with Team Wang Hu Zhong.


Gingka & Masamune Train

Gingka and Masamune train at Beylin

Dashan Wang greets Team GanGan Galaxy at the entrance of the Beylin Temple, as he does so he offers them a run at Beylin's training sessions, Gingka and Masamune gladly accept. G

ingka and Masamune train together at Beylin passing and failing several trials, though Dashan only seems to be impressed with Gingka. Once they have been tired out with training, Dashan congratulates Gingka and solemnly challenges him as a way to get back in the spirit of battle, Gingka accepts.


Zurafa vs Pegasus

Pegasus attacks Zurafa

The battle begins with simultaneous launches, Gingka starts it off by barraging Zurafa with straight on attacks. Dashan doesn't worry as Zurafa is pushed to the edge of the stadium then Zurafa escapes after Dashan uses a maneuver called "Quillan Ascension".

Once in the air, Dashan focus' his power and attacks Gingka's Pegasus with his move, Strong Arm Flash, it seems to have little effect on Pegasus as it goes right back to barraging Zurafa. Yu and Madoka begin to boast the fact that Dashan failed to damage Pegasus but Masamune points out that Pegasus has been continuously attacking since the battle begun and Zurafa hasn't been slowed at all.

Zurafa absorbs Pegasus Attack

Zurafa's Rubber Wings absorbs Pegasus' attacks

Madoka then figures out and reveals the fact that Zurafa's rubber wings are absorbing the attacks coming from Pegasus doing no damage to Zurafa. On the other hand, Pegasus' stamina is beginning to run low due to its continuous attacks on Zurafa.

Dashan decides to begin his counter attack and uses his move, Strong Arm Barrage to counterattack Pegasus which does obvious damage. Gingka decides to fight back instead of retreating and pays for it as Zurafa continues to barrage and damage Pegasus.

Striker interrupts

Striker intervenes to avoid Gingka's loss

Masamune then deducts that Dashan should be using a finishing move to end it at this point in the match, with quick wits he also figures out that Dashan is trying to bait Gingka into using his special move in order to learn about Pegasus. It works as Gingka activates his Star Booster Attack to try and fight back against Zurafa's onslaught, but Dashan effortlessly counters by activating a special move of his own known as Storm Surge.

Before Dashan can fully counter Gingka by coming into contact with his Star Booster Attack, Masamune intervenes in an effort to stop Dashan from knowing Gingka's Special Move. Masamune launches Striker and stops the two from colliding causing the match to cease momentum, Masamune covers up his intentions by saying he also wanted to battle, Dashan loses interest in the battle and recalls his bey because of the intervention leaving the match without an outcome.