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Gingka Hagane vs. Masamune Kadoya is the first beyblade battle that Gingka undergoes after recieving his Galaxy Pegasus.


Gingka & Galaxy

Gingka accepts with his new Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F

Gingka Hagane along with Madoka and Hyoma discovered Galaxy Pegasus and were returning home when they are confronted by a boy who claims to be the Number #1 Blader in the World. This boy reveals himself to be Masamune Kadoya and he couldn't participate in Battle Bladers due to his training overseas. Gingka accepts his challenge to test out Galaxy Pegasus' power.


Galaxy Pegasus' Power

Gingka looses control

Gingka and Masamune launch simultaneously and trade blows until Masamune uses his barrage attack to minorly gain the upperhand. Gingka prepares to counter when he loses control and spread uncontrollable wind creating a tornado that engulfs the entire stadium.

As it weakens Masamune capitalizes and attacks Pegasus causing Gingka to lose control as Pegasus crashes into random areas of the stage. Pegasus traps itself under a rock and Masamune seizes the moment by sending Striker to attack, Pegasus' power grows further and explodes with power sending Striker flying far away from the stage causing Masamune to run and get it, before he can return Gingka and the others leave.

Masamune Defeat

One of Masamune's quick defeats

During Gingka's return to town with Madoka and Kenta, Masamune returns to finish their match. Gingka accepts after realizing Masamune has the eyes of a true beyblader. Gingka uses Pegasus' power to send Striker flying right out of the launch giving him the win. Masamune continues to challenge Gingka but he continues to send striker flying right out of the launch.

During their battle at the riverside Masamune survives Gingka's first attack but eventually loses due to Pegasus' power. Masamune issues a final challenge to Gingka at the spot where they first met.

Gingka accepts and meets Masamune but this time Masamune figures out not to attack Pegasus' power head on but because Gingka is unable to control the power. Masamune evades Pegasus' striking power with ease and attacks only at the right moment slamming Pegaus into a pile of dirt drowning Pegasus and giving Masamune the win.


Gingka Masters Galaxy

Gingka masters Galaxy Pegasus

Masamune speaks to Gingka about how Gingka and his bey are out of sync and could not defeat Striker with just power alone. Gingka realizes what he has to do to bond with Pegasus and master his power. Gingka's aura covers both he and Pegasus after remembering his experience when he first obtained Galaxy Pegasus. He launches Pegasus and reveals his new special move, Starbooster Attack.