Gingka Hagane vs. Nowaguma is the first match between Team GanGan Galaxy and the mysterious strangers of the Russian team who challenge them to a battle in the train.


Strangers Challenge

The Strangers Challenge

During their trip in Russia on a plane, Gingka, Masamune, Yu & Tsubasa decide to have a beybattle to forget about the cold. During which they are approached by 2 strangers who challenge them to a friendly match. Aleksei, who Madoka has made friends with reveals that they are beybladers who's using beyblade for space research. Nowaguma volunteers to go first and Gingka accepts as the first contender.


Pegasus vs Orso

Pegasus vs. Orso

The battle begins as Nowaguma attacks with his Rock Orso doing no visible damage to Pegasus. Pegasus easily repels Orso as Gingka decides to use his special move; Star Booster Attack. Madoka stops Gingka by telling him he'll blow the roof off of the train if he does so. Gingka then attacks Rock Orso directly and on the final blow knocks it out of the stadium.