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Gingka vs. Masamune vs. Yu vs. Tsubasa is a four way battle that took place during Team GanGan Galaxy's time in Europe.


After being crushingly defeated by Team Excalibur, Gingka and his team mates decide to begin team building exercises to heighten their skills as a team. They draw straws to decide who will be on who's team and it is decided to be Gingka & Yu vs. Tsubasa & Masamune.


The battle starts off with Gingka's Starbooster Attack which backfired due to Gingka and Yu attacking Tsubasa at the same time. Gingka and Yu begin to argue over who's fault it was as Masamune comes from behind Pegasus and uses his Lightning Sword Flash. Yu's Libra moves to intercept and while the three are in a group, Tsubasa uses his Metal Wing Smash which misses sparking an argument between he and Masamune.

Yu can't take it

Yu loses it

Yu claims that he can't take it anymore and activates his Libra's Inferno Blast not caring if Gingka's Pegasus is sucked in. Pegasus slams into Striker which slams into Eagle dragging them all closer to the attack and sparking several arguments, Masamune states that it is now a four way battle rather then a Tag Team. All of them begin to yell at each other until Madoka steps in and reminds them that they need to stop fighting and this is about team work which ultimately ends the battle.