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Gladiator Bahamoote is a Power-Type BeyRaiderz based on the Beyblade, Gladiator Bahamoote SP230GF. It appears in the anime series, BeyWarriors: BeyRaiderz, owned by Ricky Gills.

It was released by Hasbro with a Dark Power Token based on it, BeyRaiderz Ripcord and Collector Card during December 2013 internationally for $8.99 USD.

Token Tracker: TT-19[]

Energy Core: Gladiator Bahamoote[]

Gladiator Bahamoote is the heaviest energy core, and can use its increased weight to "steal" tokens from other BeyRaiderz. It "steals" tokens by charging forward and crashing into the token already being held by another Raider, and revving backwards with its higher fiction energy core.

Tracker Wheel: Power[]

Gladiator Bahamoote uses a Power Tracker Wheel built for Power-Types.


Official description[]

Launch into a new dimension of Beyblade battles with hard-charging BeyRaiderz vehicles! This tough 3-piece Gladiator Bahamoote vehicle is a Power type that blasts into battle when you pull out the ripcord. It returns automatically to you once its mission to capture a Power Token with its TT-19 Token Tracker is complete! Launch, capture and return with your Gladiator Bahamoote vehicle!

Beyblade products are produced by Hasbro under license from d-rights, Inc. and manufactured under license from Tomy Company Ltd.

  • Launch and capture with the BeyRaiderz vehicles.
  • Gladiator Bahamoote BR-27 is a Power type.
  • Comes with Power Tracker Wheel and TT-19 Token Tracker.
  • Vehicle returns automatically.
  • Includes 1 Dark Power Token.

Includes Gladiator Bahamoote BeyRaiderz vehicle, ripcord, Dark Power Token and collector card.

  • Ages 8 and up
  • Ripcord only works with BeyRaiderz Vehicles.


Toy line[]