• In the anime, it is said to be an attack type but in real life, it is a balance type.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Gladiator Bahamut's Element is in fact, God, not Darkness.
  • Although, Bahamoote/Bahamdia is supposed to be the successor to Behemoth/Begirados, the Begirados/Behemoth Chrome wheel is heavier and bulkier than the Bahamut/Bahamdia wheel.
    • Though, it is not as wide.
  • Unlike the manga, Gladiator Bahamut is not the evolution of Berseker Behemoth in the anime.
  • Even though the Bahamut is a large fish, many franchises have created an alternate Dragon-like image to the Bahamut.
  • Beyblade is one of these franchises, as shown in episode 35, where Bahamdia's beast appears as a dragon.
  • At first it was thought that Ryuga would own it due to a figure shaped like Ryuga in an issue of CoroCoro.
  • It's Warrior Wheel is much larger than its Element Wheel.
  • Bahamut and Samurai Pegasus are the only Beybattle Tops that Synchromed with each other in the Shogun Steel Anime that are both Starter Packs Beys.


Gladiator Bahamdia is based on the Bahamut or Bahamoot, a legendary creature from Arabian mythology. Known as the Arabian version of the Behemoth, the Bahamut is a ginormous fish that is said to "support the Earth"; so gigantic that humans are unable to see it, at all. While it is primarily a vast fish, a bull called Kujuta sits atop of it, with a ruby mountain on Kujuta and an angel on the ruby mountain that holds and supports the "seven Earths". While there are different interpretations of what lays over the Bahamut, it is also said to have layers of suffocating winds, a veil of darkness and mist beneath it.

Name origin

Gladiator refers to the Roman warriors of ancient Rome that dueled one-another or animals in the Colosseum as "entertainment" by the rulers and citizens of the ancient civilization. Along with donning armour and wielding weapons for battle, the fights were quite gruesome as the objective was a "fight to the death", as each gladiator attempted to kill the other to claim victory.

Interestingly, gladiator comes from "gladius" which is the Latin word for "sword". So in essence; gladiator literally means "swordsman".

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