Gladiator Demolition is a special move used by Kira Hayama and his Gladiator Bahamut SP230GF.


Bahamut heads for the center of the stadium and starts shaking it with only its sole rotation. Then, the Bey glows a dark purple aura. After which, the energy from the aura becomes a radiating burst of light purple light which strikes the stadium, the opposing Beyblade, and even the enemy Blader his/herself. The dragon beast, Bahamut, then forms into view and sends off a monstrous screech that sends powerful shockwaves and winds which is able to destroy the very foundations of the area around it.

The only Blader to survive (as in stay spinning) this attack is Zyro Kurogane and his Beyblade, Samurai Ifrit W145CF.

Kira eventually made a Synchrome version of this attack with his Pegasus-Bahamut SP230R2F called Final Ultimate Demolition.

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