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This article is about the Hasbro release. For the Takara Tomy release, see Glide Ragnaruk Wheel Revolve 1S.
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Glide Roktavor R6 Wheel Revolving-SPM is a Stamina Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SpeedStorm System. It was released in western countries as a SpeedStorm Starter Pack for USD$9.99 in the United States.

Storm Chip - Roktavor R6

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Hasbro's Roktavor R6 is a right-spin Storm Chip that features two symmetrical heads representing the Storm Chip's namesake, a winged demon. Roktavor R6 has a standard weight for Hasbro Storm Chips, but has average Burst Resistance. Thus Roktavor R6 is outclassed by other right-spin Storm Chips such as Dragon D6.

Ring - Glide

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Forge Disc - Wheel

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Hasbro's Wheel is a symmetrical, circular Forge Disc based on Takara Tomy's Wheel, and as such retains the same high Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) and Life-After-Death (LAD) that is useful for any kind of Combination. However, there are notable differences: Hasbro's Wheel is smaller in size, about 5 grams lighter than Takara Tomy's Wheel, and has regular, full tabs. As such its weight is comparable to the likes of 0 and 00; however the aforementioned Core Discs can facilitate Disc Frames, which can increase their weight further, while Wheel cannot. At 24.9 grams, it is one of the heaviest Hasbro exclusive Discs. It has four gaps intended to increase Outward Weight Distribution and its Stamina potential, as well as a circular perimeter that increases Life-After-Death. Due to its round shape and weight, it is comparable in performance to Discs such as Outer.

As Hasbro's Wheel is purely a weaker version of its Takara Tomy counterpart, there is no reason to use Hasbro's Wheel over the latter. However, in the WBO's Burst Limited Format, where the Takara Tomy version and other stronger Discs are banned, Hasbro's Wheel finds use due to its high Outward Weight Distribution and weight.

Performance Tip - Revolving-SPM

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