Gordo is Zeo's partner, he appears in the V-Force. His beyblade is Orthrus. This Blader was hand picked by Zagart to be teammate for Zeo. His Beyblading skills are more than a match for the Bladebreakers. With the power of the Bit Beast called Orthrus at his disposal, this competitor caused quite the stir in the World Championship finals.

Background, Personality & Appearance

Most of Gordo's past is unknown. All that is known currently is that he is a powerful individual that was chosen by Doctor Zagart out of hundreds of beybladers to help Zeo Zagart train and capture the four Sacred Bit Beasts Dragoon, Dranzer, Draciel & Driger. He is given a rock Bit-Beast name Othrus as a weapon to ensure his mission. He is partenerd with Zeo Zagart during the BBA World Beyblading Championships and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Beyblade V-Force

Gordo first appears in Beyblade V-Force as a trainer for Zeo Zagart. Gordo's task is to get Zeo to bring out his bit beast Cerberus. After 42 trials he and Zeo finally succeed in bringing out Cerberus. When Dr. Zagart decides to enter Zeo in the World Championship he decides Gordo will be Zeo's partener, this is also when Gordo recieves Orthrus. In the first round of the championships Gordo is easily able to defeat Dunga by using Orthrus Twin Spire attack. In the next round he ties with Ray after a long hard match. In the finals of the tourdament he faces Tyson and is defeated by his Dragoon's Victory Tornado.

Japanese N/A
English Translation Orthrus
English Dub Name Orthrus
First Appearance (Anime) Beyblade V-Force Episode 41
First Appearance (Manga) N/A

Beyblade & Bit Beast

Gordo recieved the deadly Orthrus Magna Core Blade from Dr. Zagart. This Beyblade is equiped with a heavy Blade Base for stronger attacks but a light Attack Ring for quick dodges as seen in Gordo's match with Ray. This Beyblade contains the power of one of the Bit-Beasts found in the ancient rock. This Bit-Beast is known as Orthrus, an ice type beast that is balanced in both Attack and Endurance. It is shown to be powerful considering it can hold its own against its ancient rock counterpart Burning Kerberous, It also easily overpowered Dunga's Vortex Ape & match up Against Ray's Driger.


Orthus Spinning {Side View}


Beyblade V-Force
Opponent Outcome
Zeo Zagart Win (42 times)
Zeo Zagart Lose
Zeo Zagart No Outcome
Anonymous Bladers Win
Dunga Win
Ray Kon Draw
Tyson Granger Lose


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