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Goreim Revizer E230SB (ゴレイムリヴァイザーE230SB, Goreimu Rivaizā E230SB) is an Earth Synchrome Defense Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as a part of the BBG-25 Beyblade Zero-G Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Defense & Stamina Type.

Shogun Face Bolt - Revizer

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The Face Bolt depicts the profile of the sea-dwelling serpent, the Leviathan. With a bright-green skin, this sea serpent rises from the waves of an ocean whereas its tail swirls into the sea with a webbed tail fin. It soon reaches to the point where it curves up to the right to raise head-high, the Leviathan's head. Slightly raising its beak-like mouth to a grin that is very sinister-esque, other webbed proportions come about just next to it. Complimented with a menacing-like, bright-yellow, pupil-less eye, a small nostril and a vast amount of diamonds that scour its body. The Leviathan is finalized on a lime-green background with a bright-blue outing very fitting to act as the waves of the ocean.

Warrior Wheel - Revizer

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Showing off quite the impression of being circular, Leviathan carries many elements of its source material into its appearance. The most noticeable would be the Leviathan's head that is resting atop of the Warrior Wheel with a menacing expression. The tail of the legendary creature follows this as it whip-lashes and circles the entire Wheel. Some subtle wave-pool and oceanic designs are then carried to other distinguishable areas but does not fail to showcase some holes here-and-there.

Being the almost-circular Warrior Wheel that it is, two holes at two of its sides stop it from achieving the perfection. These holes are formed by the sea-riding waves details that can be visualized additionally as yet another Leviathan raising its jaws.

Warrior Wheel - Goreim

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Golem finds the mythical golem namesake atop with the a gladiator-like helmet with two small "ears" pushing out from the "helmet". The golem's head is situated between its two arms where its right arm consists of three square-like "pockets" with cracks and dents from ground designed in them. The right arms ends where it "holds" the Element Wheel's crystal with various earth-enchanted crystals scattered around. Its left however, is detailed even more than its counterpart by bearing an increased amount of armour that is quite burly at that. Interesting though, is that the right arm is shorter than the left as a thin-enough gap in-between both appears.

Golem also features earth-like decals that consist of stones, pebbles, mud and silver spikes. This gives Bandit a camouflaged appearance that the military practice.

Spin Track - Elevator 230

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Elevator 230 (E230) is the first variant of 230, with a gimmick similar to that of Boost Disk 145 (BD145). A large disk is around the 230 Spin Track, with four "connectors" along the exterior of the disk. Unlike Boost Disk 145, the disk freely moves along the Spin Track.

Performance Tip - Spike Ball

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Sharp Ball (SB) is the complete opposite of the earlier Performance Tip release, Ball Sharp. While the latter was offered in the form of a primary ball-shape with just a small spike protruding from it, it seems that the former has opted for a slope-esque in design. Sloping like a cliff to form the Spike base, it gently curves to retain design with the Ball part of it. It has very bad balance with the Leviathan Warrior wheel, due to it being one of the worst in weight distribution.

SB is essentially cone-shaped, with a very subtle rounded tip at its end. It differs from BS exactly for that reason: while BS consists of a ball with a slight sharp tip, SB has the opposite with a sharp base that ends in a more ball-like tip.



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