Grand Cetus WD145RS (known in Japan as Grand Ketos WD145RS) is an unreleased, special, Dual-Colored Beyblade, featured on the Random Booster 5 in Japan. Since Grand Cetus was released in two shades of Bright and Shadow, it has two spin tracks, Tornado 125, and WD145. The other version is Grand Cetus T125RS.

Grand Cetus WD145RS
Grand Ketos
Number: BB-82
Owner: Wells
Face Bolt Cetus
Energy Ring Cetus
Fusion Wheel Grand
Spin Track WD
Performance Tip RS
First Appearance (Anime) Episode
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter
Type N/A

Face Bolt: Cetus/Ketos

The face represents the whale, Cetus.

Energy Ring: Cetus/Ketos

Cetus' Energy Ring comes in white and blue. It has a wave pattern, along with two fish tails at the sides. It is very balanced so it is good for Stamina/Defense/Balance type customs.


Clearwheel ketos

Fusion Wheel: Grand

The Grand Wheel is a bigger Burn Wheel, with more detail. It doesn't exactly have a complex design, but it is an OK Stamina Wheel. It is too light to provide any decent Defense capabillities despite at some points its even thicker than Earth

is and instead is a worse version of the Burn Wheel due to the separate indents in the Wheel and small gaps and ridges creating some recoil and Attack power. But you would not consider Grand as your top Attack Wheel, but your back up, Attack Wheel. The Grand Wheel looks similar to the Escolpio Wheel. It outclasses Rock.

Metalwheel grand

Spin Track: Wide Defense 145

Wide Defense 145 is a lot like Eternal Defense 145, but ED145 is free spinning, and WD145 is



stable, giving more protection from uppercuts. Like ED145, it features 3 'wings' that sit on the Spin Track to protect it from low attackers. The disadvantage of the wing on WD145 is that they are locked onto the Track, and no longer spin freely. This creates a lot of recoil when hit by low attackers, and often sends the owner of WD145 either flying or dangerously off Balance or even breaking it in rare cases. One advantage WD145 has over the free-spinning ED145 is that now Beys are less likely to get caught in the 'hooks' at the end of each wing. This will stop a lot of self-KO's that ED145 provided. The T125 Spin Track that comes with the alternate version of Grand Ketos is less flawed and is reccomended over this version, which comes with WD145. However, Since Grand is so light, you would want to stick to the WD145 ver. because WD145 was more weight and is taller for more Defense. It is outclassed by R145/SW145/UW145/C145/ED145 because of less recoil.

Performance Tip: RS

RS (Rubber Sharp) is disputably the best Defense Performance Tip out there and is only available with the Beys Grand Ketos WD145RS and Grand Ketos T125RS. Like the name suggests, it is a version of the Sharp Performance Tip that comes with Beys such as Flame Sagittario C145S and Storm Aries 125S but is made of rubber, and the shape is more like BS. The rubber creates a lot of friction with the stadium floor thus making is very difficult to move the Bey around or knock it over, much less knock it out of the stadium. It also moves very little and stays mostly centered in the middle of the stadium, providing further protection from attacking beys. However, when launched with the Sliding Shoot technique, it moves around slowly and surprisingly provides 2 star Attack. Because the Tip is made of rubber, it has very little Stamina like all the rubber Tips, but due to there not being much surface area in contact with the stadium floor, it does have more Stamina than the other rubber Tips. Despite having a lot of friction, it still has bad Balance. Altogether RS is an great Tip but every blader should own multiples as RS wears down after extensive use and Defense will be reduced.

Bottom rs img


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