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Grand Deucalion is a joint Special Move used by Sophie and Wales with their beys Grand Cetus T125RS & Grand Cetus WD145RS.


This is Sophie and Wales only joint special move where Sophie uses her special move Grand Maelstrom to create a water current and have Grand Victoire combine with Wales' special move Grand Fleet. Then both Cetus beasts leap high into the air and crash down creating a giant tsunami to drown the opponent.

Beyblade: Metal Masters[]

They first used this in Episode 16: The Festival of Warriors to defeat Gingka and Masamune, but their wave was cut through with Ray Striker's Lightning Sword Flash, which made a path for Galaxy Pegasus. This was in vain as Gravity Destroyer quickly knocked Pegasus out of the sky, leaving Striker to be crushed beneath the waves.

This move was used once again in Episode 24: The Creeping Darkness to defeat Chao Xin and Mei Mei in short order

In Episode 26: The Dragon Emperor Returns this was used to try and defeat Tsubasa while he was under the influence of the dark power. However, it was interrupted when Ryuga appeared and quickly dispatched Wales and his Grand Cetus, the same would've happened to Sophie if Julian hadn't intervened.

In Episode 28: Dark Eagle this move nearly defeated Yu and Tsubasa in the second match of Team Excalibur vs Team Gangan Galaxy, both Tsubasa overcame the tidal wave and unleashed Earth Eagle's new special move, Shining Tornado Buster

Episode 39: The Guard Dog of Hades: Kerbecs Wales and Sophie intervened in the championship match between Damian and Julian, preventing Damian from toying with Julian any further. The two met the conditions to unleash Grand Deucalion in conjunction with Black Excalibur to end the battle, but all three were snuffed out when Hades Kerbecs unleashed its Hades Gate to win the battle.

The move was last used against Julian Konzern in Episode 47: The Fallen Emperor who effortlessly slashed through with Gravity Destroyer's Black Excalibur and defeated the two of them