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Grand Pegasus 85MB is a Balance Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It was released in western countries in the Beyblade: Metal Masters Gravity Brave Attack 2-Pack for USD$15.99 in the United States.

Face Bolt - Pegasus II[]

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The Pegasus II Face Bolt depicts "Pegasus", the magical winged horse that soared into the heavens for the Greek god, Zeus. Pegasus is one of the 88 constellations in space. The design is almost the same as the Pegasus I motif, but has a few modifications. The head of Pegasus has lost its colour, and is now outlined in red, while the letters "P" and "S" also have a red outline and thin gaps cutting around each other.

Energy Ring - Pegasus II[]

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Pegasus II is the successor to the original Pegasus I Energy Ring, and as such retains the designs of Pegasus' wings and symmetrical head design. However, the wings are now much larger and detailed, making up much of the Energy Ring's surface area. The wings also feature the letters "P E G I", short for "Pegasis". Pegasus II is also more circular than Pegasus I, and weighs 3.1 grams, one of the heaviest when it was released.

Fusion Wheel - Grand[]

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Grand is thicker than Earth at the thickest point on its interconnected, smooth design. However, it is not as successful defensively, as it is 3.5 grams lighter than the second mold of Earth. On the Grand Fusion Wheel there are six "walls" and with every two walls there is a gap dividing them into three sections. In each section there is a wall with small textured indents; this creates some recoil, which is never a plus for a Defense-oriented Wheel. Because of this, it does have some Smash Attack, but it is mediocre and is completely outclassed by the multitude of other great Attack-based Wheels available, such as Flash, Variares, and Blitz.

Spin Track - 85[]

Track 85 img
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85 is the lowest Spin Track available and thus, the best Spin Track for low attackers due to its Attack and Stamina capabilities. However, 85's low height causes it to scrape the stadium floor when it begins to lose spin. Due to this, some prefer to use 90 over 85. However, if placed with tall Performance Tips, like Rubber Flat (RF), 85 can avoid floor scrapes as much as possible. Although 85 can be countered with Spin Tracks like TH170 and 230, it still remains an excellent Spin Track for Attack Type customizations. However, low-attacker Spin Tracks like 85 and 90 have fallen into disuse with the release of Flame Byxis 230WD and Hades Kerbecs BD145DS, as their Spin Tracks are immune to low attackers.

Performance Tip - Metal Ball[]

Bottom mb img
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Metal Ball (MB) is a variation of Ball, with its bottom surface made of metal. It has a wide surface area and heavy weight, making it a very versatile tip. The metal surface provides the low friction needed for longer endurance. However, its lack of traction makes it very easy to knockout and destabilize. It is recommended to wear it down before using it in competitive situations.





  • The Code Card erroneously features a Wide Ball (WB) Performance Tip instead of a Metal Ball (MB).