Gravity Destroyer is a Hasbro-Only, IR Spin Control Beyblade and a variation of Gravity Destroyer AD145WD. It uses the Extreme Top System and was released on October 2011 in North America. Its product number is X-102.


Gravity Destroyer is an IR Spin Control Beyblade which means, it uses an IR Controller/Launcher to control the movement of Gravity Destroyer for fifteen seconds. The controller has various buttons to use these actions. The buttons are as follows, Channel Selector Switch, Reset Button, Power Boost Button which increases the spin speed, Spirit Button which has Gravity Destroyer make battle call and metal-clashing sounds, and left and right arrows to change the movement of Gravity Destroyer. The controller also shows these small lights which show the "IR Power Supply" for each attack.

In design, Gravity Destroyer retains the same basic appearance as its normal counterpart as it shows it's Energy Ring and Fusion Wheel, along with Face Bolt motif. The colors vary however, as the Energy Ring is an opaque dark blue with pink and silver highlights. The Fusion Wheel is more of a grey rather than black and the Face Bolt is a translucent white with the Destroyer Motif printed in light red. Just like the rest of the XTS Beyblades, the parts are not interchangeable. Even though Gravity Destroyer AD145WD can spin left and right, the IR model can only spin right.


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