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Griffin Dragoon LW160BSF or Gryph Dragooon LW160BSF (グリフドラグーンLW160BSF, Gryph Doragūn LW160BSF) is a Sky Synchrome Attack Type Beyblade that appears in the anime Beyblade: Shogun Steel. It is the Synchrome of Ronin Dragoon LW160BSF and Archer Griffin C145S.

Shogun Face Bolt - Dragoon

Main article: Shogun Face Bolt - Dragoon

The Shogun Face Bolt depicts a European dragon, facing towards the left. The design of Dragoon is somewhat unusual, as the dragon's head is depicted with a short snout, similar to a dinosaur.

As with all Shogun Face Bolts, the Hasbro release of Dragoon is cross-shaped rather than the round diamond shape of its Takara Tomy Stone Face counterpart.

Warrior Wheel - Dragoon

Chromewheel dragooon.jpg
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Dragoon is the only Left Spin Warrior Wheel, and can only spin left when used as the top Warrior Wheel in Synchrome. The Dragoon Warrior Wheel features three dragon heads, resembling the design motif of L-Drago, its predecessor. Two heads circle half of its circumference laterally, while one head is flat on top, offering slopes upwards by its lower jaw and teeth. Two webbed wings cover the rest of the design, with claws encircling the hole where the orb from the Element Wheel is inserted.

Dragoon is a top tier Synchrome System part, finding use in Attack/Balance/Defense/Stamina Type combinations. When used in a Synchrome combination as the top Warrior Wheel, Dragoon can deliver strong attacks, although the protrusions are small compared to other Warrior Wheels, and thus outclassed in sheer Attack power by other Warrior Wheels. However, Dragoon's Left-Spin capability gives it an advantage over other more powerful Right-Spin Warrior Wheels because it is not affected by "Zero-G Attacks", which attempt to sway the stadium in the opposite (Left-Spin) direction.

Its slopes can be used to attack opposing Beys and knock them away when used with low Spin Tracks, but this has not proven to be a reliable characteristic. Because of its heavy weight, it can handle recoil well when in Synchrome combinations with rounder, smoother or heavier Warrior Wheels, giving it use in Defense Type customs. Although its poor balance makes Dragoon seemingly a poor choice in Stamina Type combinations, the Left-Spin allows for Spin Steal, which can be used in Zombie Stamina-Type combos.

Warrior Wheel - Griffin

Chromewheel gryph.jpg
Main article: Warrior Wheel - Griffin
Weight: 30.4 grams Full Width: 46.09 mm Minimum Width: 45.06 mm Full Height: 5.01 mm

Gryph consists of eight distinct sections, similar in shape to those of the Leone Metal Wheel. Four of Gryph's protrusions have spikes curved in a right-spin direction, and the other half of the sections mostly consists of straight boulders, like on Bakushin. One of the latter sections is however in the shape of an eagle head viewed from a profile perspective, with the orb from the Crystal Wheel showing on the left border of the head. Opposite of the eagle head, Gryph has one main contact point that helps to provide Force Smash, when used as a Synchrom Bottom Wheel; Upper Smash, as a Synchrom Top Wheel.

When used as the top Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom

When used as a top Chrome Wheel, Gryph's compact shape makes it barely extend beyond other Chrome Wheels' circumferences. This means it can't make solid contact in most cases.

However, Gryph performs excellently on one Chrome Wheel: Pegasis. Because of the direction of Pegasis' smaller wings, Pegasis has more Smash on the bottom of a right-spin Synchrom customization. Gryph can fully expose those contact points, as well as help to increase the spin velocity of the combo.

Gryph can be used in the Attack combination MSF-H Pegasis Gryph W145R²F. If Pegasis isn't available, Ifraid can be used.

When used as the bottom Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom

Gryph, similar to its situation when at the top of a Synchrom, does not go past many Chrome Wheels on the bottom of a Synchrom. However, its smaller diameter helps in two ways: an increase in spin velocity due to the concentration of the weight, and revealing the contact points of the other Chrome Wheel. Gryph can enhance the top Chrome Wheel by giving it a higher RPM, which will allow more contact points to hit. Gryph also has a good amount of Force smash, which can help when facing lower opponents. Despite this, it is still outclassed by Chrome Wheels in Synchrom with themselves, such as the Wyvang Wyvang Synchrom. If two Wyvangs are not at a Blader's disposition, however, it can be used as a substitute in combos such as MSF-H Gryph Wyvang GB145R²F.

When used in Synchrom with another Gryph

Gryph can fully expose its main contact points when combined in Synchrom with itself, which creates a powerful Smash Attack customization. It also has a lot of Force Smash, due to its large Force Smash slopes. Despite this, Chrome Wheels such as Wyvang and Begirados outperform Gryph for Smash Attack.

The Gryph Gryph Synchrom does find use in Balance customs though. Thanks to Gryph's Force Smash, it can KO Stamina Types when used on a high-Track Balance combo. When paired with the E230 Track, it can also outspin most Defense Types that have tall Tracks because of the grinding from E230's disk. Thus, combining it with E230 helps defend against attackers and grind down the stamina of Defense Types. On top of that, with the Bottom BSF, which has nice stamina while still having the tendency to roam around the stadium, Gryph Gryph has excellent use in the custom MSF-H Gryph Gryph E230 BSF.

Spin Track - Left Wing 160

Track lw img.jpg
Main article: Spin Track - Left Wing 160

The Left Wing 160 (LW160) Spin Track is in most aspects identical to Wing 145 (W145), however with the wings facing left. The wings are intended to create down force for stabilization, similar to Down Force 145 (DF145) and Left Wing 105 (LW105). The tall height makes the "wing" protrusions susceptible to attacks from low-attackers, which will destablize the Beyblade. As such, Left Wing 160 finds the most use in Left Spin combinations used against Beyblades with taller Spin Tracks, such as 230.

Performance Tip - Blade Semi-Flat

Bottom bsf img.jpg
Main article: Performance Tip - Blade Semi-Flat

Blade Semi-Flat (BSF) is a slightly wider variant of the Semi-Flat (SF) Performance Tip, mounted on a base with eight left facing "blades" around its circumference. Like Circle Flat (CF), the blades of Blade Semi-Flat are intended to interact with Zero-G stadiums, to help the Beyblade keep balance. While the blades create a miniscule amount of down force, the effects are negligible. In Zero-G stadiums, combinations using BSF are extremely difficult to knockout and the Peformance Tip has the ability to wobble for extended periods of time and sometimes regain its balance, allowing it to outspin opponents. When used in Left-Spin combinations, it is even harder to sway out of the stadium.