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Griffin Zirago WA130HF is a Fire Synchrome Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy.

Shogun Face Bolt - Zirago

Gryph Girago Motif Close-up.PNG

The Zirago Stone Face features the swift-like depiction of the mystical Qilin or Kilin. Shown in a running motion, the golden Qilin jogs to the left with a a dragon-esque face very reminiscent of Chinese representations leading to its two front hooved legs and its back ones as well. Its tail is made up of blazing flames, this can also be seen at the back of its neck and on one of its front-legs. With pupil-less red-eyes and some red diamonds scattered around the body, the Qilin is embodied on a ruby Stone Face.

Warrior Wheel - Griffin

Main article: Warrior Wheel - Griffin
Weight: 30.4 grams Full Width: 46.09 mm Minimum Width: 45.06 mm Full Height: 5.01 mm

Gryph consists of eight distinct sections, similar in shape to those of the Leone Metal Wheel. Four of Gryph's protrusions have spikes curved in a right-spin direction, and the other half of the sections mostly consists of straight boulders, like on Bakushin. One of the latter sections is however in the shape of an eagle head viewed from a profile perspective, with the orb from the Crystal Wheel showing on the left border of the head. Opposite of the eagle head, Gryph has one main contact point that helps to provide Force Smash, when used as a Synchrom Bottom Wheel; Upper Smash, as a Synchrom Top Wheel.

When used as the top Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom

When used as a top Chrome Wheel, Gryph's compact shape makes it barely extend beyond other Chrome Wheels' circumferences. This means it can't make solid contact in most cases.

However, Gryph performs excellently on one Chrome Wheel: Pegasis. Because of the direction of Pegasis' smaller wings, Pegasis has more Smash on the bottom of a right-spin Synchrom customization. Gryph can fully expose those contact points, as well as help to increase the spin velocity of the combo.

Gryph can be used in the Attack combination MSF-H Pegasis Gryph W145R²F. If Pegasis isn't available, Ifraid can be used.

When used as the bottom Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom

Gryph, similar to its situation when at the top of a Synchrom, does not go past many Chrome Wheels on the bottom of a Synchrom. However, its smaller diameter helps in two ways: an increase in spin velocity due to the concentration of the weight, and revealing the contact points of the other Chrome Wheel. Gryph can enhance the top Chrome Wheel by giving it a higher RPM, which will allow more contact points to hit. Gryph also has a good amount of Force smash, which can help when facing lower opponents. Despite this, it is still outclassed by Chrome Wheels in Synchrom with themselves, such as the Wyvang Wyvang Synchrom. If two Wyvangs are not at a Blader's disposition, however, it can be used as a substitute in combos such as MSF-H Gryph Wyvang GB145R²F.

When used in Synchrom with another Gryph

Gryph can fully expose its main contact points when combined in Synchrom with itself, which creates a powerful Smash Attack customization. It also has a lot of Force Smash, due to its large Force Smash slopes. Despite this, Chrome Wheels such as Wyvang and Begirados outperform Gryph for Smash Attack.

The Gryph Gryph Synchrom does find use in Balance customs though. Thanks to Gryph's Force Smash, it can KO Stamina Types when used on a high-Track Balance combo. When paired with the E230 Track, it can also outspin most Defense Types that have tall Tracks because of the grinding from E230's disk. Thus, combining it with E230 helps defend against attackers and grind down the stamina of Defense Types. On top of that, with the Bottom BSF, which has nice stamina while still having the tendency to roam around the stadium, Gryph Gryph has excellent use in the custom MSF-H Gryph Gryph E230 BSF.

Warrior Wheel - Zirago

Main article: Warrior Wheel - Zirago

Zirago is mostly designed in a symmetrical appearance like Gargoyle, unlike most of the Chrome Wheels. Two-sided, these sides just feature a stylized representation of a Qilin as they chomp on the two holes of the Chrome Wheel. While one is to support a Crystal Wheel, interestingly enough however, the other is instead embodied as a metal sphere protruding from the Wheel, itself; probably to provide additional weight and added support for Synchrom. While the two "holes" have a sun-like flare circling them, the Qilin's are shown with a long neck made of distinct layers, various blazes resting atop its forehead and also acting as eyebrows. A pupil-less eyes is also to be seen alongside its "beak-like" mouth lunging towards the holes. Some reptilian-like flaming and deep-blue decals are also seen.

Spin Track - WA130

Track wa1301 img.jpg

  • Weight: 2.2 grams

Wing Attack 130 is a Spin Track only featured on Thermal Lacerta and Burn Serpent from Random Booster Vol. 5. It resembles Wing 105 Track but without the two small pointed wings and a larger space coverage. The wings can be removed to become a 130, although illegal. This Spin Track only just pokes out of Thermal. This can also be switched from clockwise to counter-clockwise and is free-spinning. Because it is free-spinning, it is possible to remove the wings and place them on ED145, creating WA145 and ED130, however, this is illegal and cannot be used in tournaments. WA130 is a 130-height Track with two aerofoil-shaped wings that rotate freely around the Track. By removing this piece, and flipping it over, the direction of the wings can be changed i.e., Attack Mode & Defense Mode. These wings are negligible in battle: while they offer minor protection against lower Attack-Type opponents, there are better Tracks for this purpose. The wings can scrape along the stadium floor, causing a loss of spin, so WA130 is useless in Stamina combinations. WA130 can be used in various attack combos such as Evil Leone WA130WB, however, it is not recommended if you use this combo a lot because it is so aggressive it sometimes knocks itself out of the stadium.

The main appeal of this Track is its height. The 130 height has proven useful in certain Attack customizations. However, as it cannot make contact with lower opponents due to its free-spinning nature, it is considered less useful for this purpose than S130. In addition, the most popular user of this height, Fang, already comes with a plain 130 Track in its 3 releases, Fang Leone 130W²D, Twisted Tempo 130RS and Forbidden Eonis 130D.

Performance Tip - Hole Flat


Main article: Performance Tip - Hole Flat

Hole Flat (HF) has a similar movement to that of Flat, with the main difference being a slight Stamina improvement due to the hole in the center of the tip. However, this comes with the detriment of even less grip to the stadium floor than Flat, as well as increased fragility. The hole will eventually wear after use, reducing its grip further.


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