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Gryph Dragooon SA165WSF Coro Dragon Model (グリフドラグーンSA165WSFコロドラモデル, Gurifu Doragūn SA165WSF Koro Dora Moderu) is a Sky Synchrome Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy in Japan as part of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel toyline.

10 copies of this limited edition Beyblade were given away to winners who entered a lottery through the June 2012 issue of the CoroCoro Comic magazine, which was released in the month of May.[1]

Shogun Face Bolt - Coro Dragon


The motif displays Coro Dragon, the CoroCoro Comic mascot.

Warrior Wheel - Dragoon

Chromewheel dragooon
Main article: Warrior Wheel - Dragoon

Dragoon is the only Left Spin Warrior Wheel, and can only spin left when used as the top Warrior Wheel in Synchrome. The Dragoon Warrior Wheel features three dragon heads, resembling the design motif of L-Drago, its predecessor. Two heads circle half of its circumference laterally, while one head is flat on top, offering slopes upwards by its lower jaw and teeth. Two webbed wings cover the rest of the design, with claws encircling the hole where the orb from the Element Wheel is inserted.

Dragoon is a top tier Synchrome System part, finding use in Attack/Balance/Defense/Stamina Type combinations. When used in a Synchrome combination as the top Warrior Wheel, Dragoon can deliver strong attacks, although the protrusions are small compared to other Warrior Wheels, and thus outclassed in sheer Attack power by other Warrior Wheels. However, Dragoon's Left-Spin capability gives it an advantage over other more powerful Right-Spin Warrior Wheels because it is not affected by "Zero-G Attacks", which attempt to sway the stadium in the opposite (Left-Spin) direction.

Its slopes can be used to attack opposing Beys and knock them away when used with low Spin Tracks, but this has not proven to be a reliable characteristic. Because of its heavy weight, it can handle recoil well when in Synchrome combinations with rounder, smoother or heavier Warrior Wheels, giving it use in Defense Type customs. Although its poor balance makes Dragoon seemingly a poor choice in Stamina Type combinations, the Left-Spin allows for Spin Steal, which can be used in Zombie Stamina-Type combos.

Warrior Wheel - Gryph

Chromewheel gryph
Main article: Warrior Wheel - Gryph

Gryph consists of eight distinct sections, similar in shape to those of the Leone Metal Wheel. Four of Gryph's protrusions have spikes curved in a right-spin direction, and the other half of the sections mostly consists of straight boulders, like on Bakushin. One of the latter sections is however in the shape of an eagle head viewed from a profile perspective, with the orb from the Crystal Wheel showing on the left border of the head. Opposite of the eagle head, Gryph has one main contact point that helps to provide Force Smash, when used as a Synchrom Bottom Wheel; Upper Smash, as a Synchrom Top Wheel.

Spin Track - Switch Attack 165

Track sa img
Main article: Spin Track - Switch Attack 165

Reminiscent of Armor 145, SA165 also has a wide, parabolic shape around its core which is completely hollow except for the rigid sides forming the parabola. This latter piece can be removed, flipped, and inserted back on the core of the Track to build another mode which is more likely to touch the stadium floor, especially in Zero-G Stadiums. The parabolic part is not perfectly smooth however, as it has linear ridges going towards the core, and its outermost circumference is full of small spikes, much like GCF. Its diameter is considerable though.

  • Defense Mode

When the parabola is ascending, with its diameter increasing toward the top, SA165 is in Defense Mode. Its wide perimeter is closest to the Metal Wheel or Chrome Wheel and offers a reinforcement to it.

  • Attack Mode

If the parabolic piece is flipped so that it forms a skirt that hangs over the Bottom rather than embraces the Chrome Wheel or Metal Wheel above, this Track is in Zero-G Attack Mode since it reproduces the wide diameter of efficient Zero-G Attack Bottoms such as GCF and CF.

Performance Tip - Wide Semi-Flat

Bottom wsf img
Main article: Performance Tip - Wide Semi-Flat

Wide Semi-Flat (WSF) is simply a Semi Flat Bottom with a slightly wider flat section and a wider base. In other terms, it forms a bigger cut cone than SF was. Two sets of spiky shapes are also on either side of the main tip part, possibly to create a relation with Archer Gargole, the Beyblade this Bottom was introduced with.



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