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Guard Draciel S 1 Atomic-S is a Defense Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System. It was released in western countries as a SlingShock Starter Pack for CAD$14.99 in Canada, USD$9.99 in the United States, and AUD$18.99 in Australia.

Energy Layer - Guard Draciel S

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Despite the added "Guard" prefix, Hasbro's Guard Draciel S is simply a recolored Draciel Shield. As such, one should refer to the Draciel Shield page for information on performance.

Forge Disc - 1

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1, like other odd numbered Core Discs, is asymmetrical and elliptical in order to facilitate a Disc Frame. One side features two small sword-tip like protrusions and the other side features a single, larger protrusion of the same shape. 1's gimmick is that it is highly unbalanced, it achieves this by having the side with the larger protrusion being more filled in with metal than the other, akin to Quarter. This weight distribution has two primary uses: The first is to increase the Burst Attack of Attack Combinations by generating momentum like a flail which is further enhanced by the heavy weight of 1. The second is to make a Combination using an unbalanced Layer such as Sieg Xcalibur more properly balanced by aligning the heavier side opposite the the heavier side of the Layer which increases Stamina and Burst Resistance.

Compared to Quarter, 1 has greater success in Attack Combinations and has proven capable of increasing the rate of Bursts despite being lighter than most other Core Discs. However, the same imbalance makes 1 unsuitable for Stamina or Defense as the more unbalanced a Combination is, the easier it is to Burst and the faster it loses Stamina. Furthermore, the imbalance slows down Mobile Attack Combinations, making it better suited for Stationary Attack Combinations.

Performance Tip - Atomic-S

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Hasbro's Atomic-S is a SlingShock Performance Tip based on Atomic. Like its normal counterpart, Atomic-S features a free-rotating ball tip surrounded by a four-tabbed, free-spinning ring. Compared to its normal counterpart, Atomic-S has a smaller ball with a diameter closer to that of Orbit.

Like all ball-based Performance Tips, the tabs around Atomic-S are meant to act as brakes against Knock-Outs at the cost of Stamina by striking against the stadium floor. However, the large diameter makes such contact rare. If hard launched, the greater surface area creates a semi-aggressive movement pattern early in the battle, bringing the Beyblade close to the Tornado Ridge.

In addition to its Defense properties, Atomic-S features high Stamina and Spin-Equalization potential. The free-rotating nature of the ball reduces friction with the stadium floor, as the wide ball tip will keep a Combination stable and thus prevent scraping. The free-spinning ring also increases Life-After-Death (LAD).

Like all SlingShock Performance Tips, its default configuration is considered its "Battle Ring Mode", and can be switched to its "SlingShock Mode". Atomic-S's "SlingShock Mode" is activated by pushing a tab in, which causes the free-spinning ring to extend downwards, creating a hole flat tip.