Guardian Leviathan 160SB
Face Bolt (Beybattle Top): Leviathan
Warrior Wheel: Leviathan
Chromewheel revizer1.jpg
Element Wheel: Guardian
Crystalwheel guardian1.jpg
Spin Track: 160
Track 160 img1.jpg
Performance Tip: Sharp Ball(SB)
Bottom sb img1.jpg

Guardian Leviathan 160SB
Beyblade Details
Type Defense
Element Water
Release Dates & Price
Country Release Date Price
JapanFlag.svg Japan May 19, 2012 997円[1]
UnitedStatesFlag.svg United States Fall 2013 TBA
International Names
Language Name
JapanFlag.svg Japanese (Kanji) ガーディアンリヴァイザー160SB
JapanFlag.svg Japanese (Romaji) Gādeian Rivaizā 160SB
JapanFlag.svg Japanese (Translated) Guardian Revizer 160SB
UnitedStatesFlag.svg English Guardian Leviathan 160SB
Product Codes
Manufacturer Product Code
Takara Tomy BBG-10 (Starter)
BBG-21 (First Zero-G Battle Set)
Hasbro SS-10 (Starter)

Guardian Leviathan 160SB
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  • Even though Leviathan is a right-rotation bey, it looks as if it rotates to the left due to the stone face and chrome wheel facing to the left.
  • This Beyblade was released on the same day as the Zero-G Defense Type Stadium.
  • This is the second Beyblade to have a part named "Guardian", after L-Drago Guardian S130MB.
  • Guardian Leviathan's tip, Sharp Ball, is called Spike Ball by Hasbro. This may cause confusion becuase it sounds like a ball covered with spikes, like JB (Jog Ball).


Guardian Leviathan is based on the Leviathan, shown by its name. The Leviathan is a sea monster described and appearing in the Bible. However, as time passed, the term "Leviathan" became a synonym for 'sea monster'; one example would be the Loch Ness Monster. In Modern Hebrew, however, Leviathan simply means "whale".

In the Christian Bible the Leviathan appears as a serpentine-like sea monster, which was struck by lightning by God. Once struck, its heads broke into various pieces and then God gave the flesh of it to the people of the wilderness. It is also called the "wriggling serpent" that will be killed at the end of time.

The Leviathan also appears later in that Bible as one of the Seven Princes of Hell, representing envy. It is also Hell's gatekeeper Hellmouth.

Name origin

In its Japanese name, "Revizer" is obviously derived by the name Leviathan. However, because of Engrish where Japanese tend to change the English characters of "l" to "r" because they sound identical in Japanese, it became Revizer. The "zer" part of the name is unknown where it came from at the moment.

Guardian refers to an individual who protects and defends someone from danger and harm and essentially and serves as their keeper. This fits with the Beybattle Top because it is officially classified as a Defense-Type, and the Leviathan Warrior Wheel has shown tremendous use in Defensive combinations.

Guardian Leviathan 160SB

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Guardian Revizer 160SB - Original Version

Guardian Leviathan 160SB - Hasbro Version

Guardian Leviathan 160SB
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