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Gwyn Reynolds, known as Gwyn Ronny (グウィン・ロニー, Gūin Ronī) in Japanese, is the main antagonist of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Rise. He fights with his Beyblade, Royal Genesis Hybrid, which was later upgraded to Eclipse Genesis Hybrid.


Gwyn is a boy of average height with pale skin, fuchsia eyes, and white hair kept in a side braid. He mainly wears a white jumpsuit with a turquoise fur collar, a sea-green colored jacket that usually hangs over his shoulders, a black tie, white boots, and a gold-yellow belt. When in his awakened state, his eyes glow and his hair comes loose and becomes long and wavy.


Gwyn's character can be best described as enigmatic. He possesses high intelligence, often drawing arithmetic equations in order to find a way to make new Beyblade parts and figure out new strategies. He is also highly adaptable, as he won his first ever Beyblade Battle despite having never played the sport before and having no prior experience. In his youth, he studied basic formulas by dropping a ball to figure out the distance of its bounce. He also ignores anyone he feels is distracting him.

Gwyn is rather introverted and serene; often keeping to himself, soft-spoken and quite apart from people due to his ambition for math. He usually lives in his own lab, regardless of the outside world.

Gwyn is later revealed to have interest in destroying Dante's Bey due to witnessing Arthur's battle, so he appeared kind and friendly, helping Dante to develop his Command Dragon Ignition'.

Gwyn is also quite smug and vain; even taunting as he scoffed at Joe Lazure, saying he's stronger than Dante and telling Arthur that he can beat Dante and Delta by himself which increases his ego.

Gwyn is not interested in expressing emotions and relationships. As a result, he does not understand what a Bey Spirit is and believes friendship is meaningless, which is expressed by his inability to understand how Dante becomes stronger in battle when fighting alongside his friends. He is convinced that anything can be solved with math and that he can find the answer to any problem. Because of this, he gets frustrated whenever his predictions do not come true. He also apparently lacked an understanding of modern life, not even knowing how to play a video game and preferred studying more than relaxing. Gwyn seems to have a hunger for knowledge as he was desperate to find out how Dante was able to evade all of Gwyn's predictions. After the last battle, he understood the true meaning of Beyblade and friendship.



Beyblade Burst Rise


Special Moves

  • Superior-Flux: Like Hyper-Flux and Dark-Flux, the Bey changes color and glows when it and its Blader are in complete synchronization with each other. However, in this case, the Bey glows white and emits pink and blue sparkles.
  • Royal Scream: Genesis channels its energy to its contact points and uses them to hit the opposing bey, resulting in the opposing bey being knocked out of bounds.
  • Royal Eclipse: Genesis' Hybrid driver activates to grant it a boost in speed while remaining in the center of the stadium, and then it channels all the energy it has into its contact points while the opposing Beyblade hits it, resulting in a gigantic explosion that causes the opposing bey to burst.
  • Eclipse Whip: Genesis and Apocalypse use the two blades of the Eclipse Armor to create a powerful slash attack an opponent.
  • Eclipse Pulse: While spinning in the center, Eclipse Genesis creates an infinity-style symmetrical chain barrier around. When an opponent makes contact with the barrier, it expands and creates a shockwave that blows the opposing Bey backwards.
  • Superior Eclipse: This technique is a complete copy of Royal Eclipse. Genesis' Hybrid driver activates to grant it a boost in speed while remaining in the center of the stadium, and then it channels all the energy it has into its contact points while the opposing Beyblade hits it, resulting in a gigantic explosion.
  • Hybrid Force: The Hybrid Driver tip starts spinning and it makes Royal/Eclipse Genesis accelerate increasing speed as it spins.


Beyblade Burst Rise
Opponent Episode Result
Joe Lazure 17 Win (2-0)
Dante Koryu 19 Win (3-0)
Arthur Peregrine 21 Win (2-0)
Dante Koryu 23 Win (2-0)
Dante Koryu and Delta Zakuro (with Arthur Peregrine) 24 Win (2-0)
Dante Koryu and Delta Zakuro (with Arthur Peregrine) 25 Lose (0-2)
Dante Koryu 26 Lose (1-2)

Official Description

Beyblade Burst Rise

Considered by many to be a mathematical genius, Gwyn has the ability to quantify any anomaly in an instant. Though normally holed up in his lab, he uses this ability and his newfound interest in Blading to create his own Bey, Genesis.

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Rise


Dante Koryu

Initially, Gwyn seemed friendly towards Dante and became intrigued by him because of his defeat of Arthur and decided to be with his group for a while until the Infernal Tower Arc; analytically studying Dante's battle and fluently learning about Beyblade in the first battle. After the Hell Tower Arc, Gwyn started to develop an interest in the concept of destroying beys due to seeing Arthur destroy both Dante's and Delta's beys and even tried to destroy Dante's Dragon, failing in the process. This fueled his resentment for Dante as Dante was able to evade most of his predictions. After the battle of Victories and Inferno, he finally understood the true meaning of beyblade and friendship and he finally dropped his resentment against Dante and he remained a friend of Dante.


The spirit inside Genesis that serves Gwyn.




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  • Gwyn's blood type is AB.[1]
  • His birthday is on Pi Day, which is fitting given his love of math.
  • Gwyn is one of the four Beyblade Burst Rise characters whose initials are the same as their Bey: Royal Genesis, the others being Pheng Hope, Blindt DeVoy, and Arthur Peregrine.
  • Gwyn’s voice actress, Sumire Morohoshi, also voices Maru, from Shogun Steel.
  • Gwyn is the only character to use Superior-Flux.
  • While Arthur was introduced as the main antagonist of Beyblade Burst Rise, Gwyn is the final boss of the season.
  • Despite destroying Ashindra and other generic Beyblades in the manga, Gwyn is the first final boss in the anime to not break any Beys.
  • Gwyn is the second Burst antagonist to use the words "Whip" or "Slash" in his Special Moves for his Bey the first being Shu Kurenai/Red Eye.
  • Gwyn's zodiac is Pisces.
  • Gwyn is shown to be flexible, as shown when he was stretching in episode 17. This is furthermore shown by how he launches his Beyblade.
  • Gwyn is the first Burst antagonist to not be apart of his season's elite Blader team.