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HD Academy: the tallest building in Hades City.

The HD Academy is located in a tall glass-like building in Hades City. Its main purpose is to find weak bladers and make them stronger by using the arrangement system. Bladers who show no progress are expelled immediately. HD Academy is also a place that creates powerful beyblades as it was shown to have created the beys by arrangement of Team Star Breaker. The HD Academy has ties with the Dark Nebula. The owner of HD Academy is Dr. Ziggurat who also has some ties with the Dark Nebula, but Ryuga destroyed most of this building after his battle with Zeo Abyss.


The owner of HD Academy, Dr. Ziggurat.

The HD Academy seems to have interest in left rotating Beyblades and they have acquired information about Meteo L-Drago LW105LF and Gravity Destroyer AD145WD through the World Championships battle with team Gan Gan Galaxy and Team Excalibur. They have also gained info on Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F, then they gave the info about Twisted Tempo 145WD, Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F and Meteo L-Drago LW105LF to Faust, to make him the ultimate blader. Most of the members survived the destruction of HD Academy, but Dr. Ziggurat (possibly) died.