Product Details

The Heavy Metal System 5 Saint Beasts Booster is a special Booster Pack which features special "Limited Proto Grey" (Japanese: 限定プロトグレー) variants of the A-123 Beyblade Gaia Dragoon MS, A-124 Beyblade Driger MS, A-125 Beyblade Draciel MS, A-131 Beyblade Dranzer MS, and MA-01 Beyblade Dragoon MS Ultimate Version. The booster set also includes a rare "Limited Original Color Version" (Japanese: 限定オリジナルカラーバージョン) of MA-08 Beyblade Wolborg MS as the "Secret Model" (Japanese: シークレットモデル) Beyblade top. This variant features an "ice blue" color.



  • "Proto Grey" may be a possible reference to the color of prototype Beyblade models.


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