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The HMS Custom Try Set (HMSカスタムトライセット, HMS Kasutamu Torai Setto) was a Starter Set released by Takara Tomy in March 2004 as part of their "Shin Sedai Custom Beigoma Beyblade: HMS Heavy Metal Battle" product line.

Product Details[]

The HMS Custom Try Set was a multi-piece Starter Set that included all the essential tools to introduce Bladers to the basics of the Hard Metal System. With an apparent emphasis of basic play, this Starter Set enabled Bladers, new and old, easy access to the new product line and allowed them learn the basics of HMS Beybattles with the recommended tools, using this Starter Set as a base to build their own unique toolbox as they collected other HMS tops from other different releases including the A-124 Starter: Beyblade Driger MS and MA-04 Booster: Beyblade Dark Gargoyle MS. In regards to the product list, the Custom Try Set came with 2 Hard Metal System tops, 1 HMS Beystadium, 1 Two-Way Launcher, 1 Ripcord, 6-panel Over Fence, 1 decal sheet and 1 instructional sheet. The featured Beyblades of this set, the Dranzer MS (Black Version) and Advance Averazer (Off-White Version), were simple recolors of previously released HMS Beyblade tops. Like their common retail counterparts, these Beyblade tops consisted of the following parts:

These items aside, this set gave Bladers the opportunity to acquire the HMS Beystadium Balance Type S (Tornado Type).


Despite providing little competitive value, the mystique of a black-colored Dranzer MS proved to be a source of motivation for many fans to buy this set. Advance Averazer consists of useful parts for Stamina and Wobbler combos. Since the normal versions of both Beyblades are relatively easy to find, this set should be only bought for collection purposes. However, as such, it is one of the rarest collector's items and should be purchased if found at a reasonable price.