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Hades Gate or Hell's Gate (ヘルズゲート, Heruzu Gēto) in the Japanese version, is the second special move used by Damian Hart and his Hades Kerbecs BD145DS.


Hades Gate is a special move used by Damian Hart that opens the gate into the underworld and proceeds to ensnare the opponents in chains and drag them in so that Kerbecs can devour them.

Beyblade: Metal Masters[]

Damian first uses this attack in order to defeat Julian Konzern along with Sophie and Wales.



  • In the English dub, a distortion effect is added to Damian's voice when he announces his special moves.
  • Gingka Hagane and Kyoya Tategami were the only Bladers who were taken inside of the gate and also the only two to defeat him.