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Hades Gil 100R2F is an Attack Type Beyblade. It was released in the Mystic Zone 2-Pack with a recolored version of Vulcan Horuseus 145D.

Face Bolt - Gil[]

The Face Bolt depicts Carina, one of the 88 constellations in space which is also the keel of a ship. It is shown as a skeleton face of a dragon/sea monster on a red Face Bolt.

Energy Ring - Gil[]

Clearwheel gill
  • Weight: 2.8 grams.

Gil is a yellow Energy Ring that representing a full skeleton of a Dragon/Sea Monster with red spots representing the bones and sharp edges. In the anime, this Clear Wheel was equipped with Attack power and protection from Force Smash attacks from above. In reality, this feature does not exist. It is un-even with the "feet" on one side and the "head" on the other. It is similar to the Libra clear wheel, but has a more complex and jagged design. It has 2 "Spines" on both sides and feet and a head on the other. It also has red highlights.

Fusion Wheel - Hades[]

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Hades is split into three wings resembling dog heads, and is 50 millimeters wide. Each of these are separated by a large gap meant to interact with Boost Disk 145 (BD145) in "Boost Mode", which fills in these gaps. This increases Hades' utility in Stamina Type combinations. Without Boost Disk 145, the wings provide excellent Smash Attack, and thus Hades can find use in Attack Type combinations.

At the time of its release as part of the Maximum Series, Hades was the widest Fusion Wheel available (hence the "maximum width"), with the average Fusion Wheel diameter at the time being around ~45 millimeters. With the release of the 4D System however, 4D Metal Wheels such as Cosmic have equalled or surpassed Hades in width.

Spin Track - 100[]

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100 is the third lowest Spin Track available, but is outclassed in terms of Attack and Stamina by the even lower 85 and 90 Spin Tracks. 100 has no problem with floor scrapes, and while it is generally an outclassed part, it is still competitively viable, particularly in Attack customizations where it is able to make contact with opposing Beyblades.

Performance Tip - Right Rubber Flat[]

Main article: Performance Tip - Right Rubber Flat

Right Rubber Flat (R²F/R2F) is an upgraded version of Rubber Flat (RF). While retaining the same basic appearance, the Performance Tip, instead of being flat, features six curves going in a right-ward motion, giving it a star-like shape. This provides the Beyblade with fast and much more aggressive movement and speed than that of RF. This is due to the added friction that is created as a result. However there is a downside; despite its fast movement, it has low Stamina, much lower than that of RF. When first used, Right Rubber Flat will be too fast and hard to control, so it is recommended that a Blader wears it down with a few practice battles for it to become more controllable.