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Houi Ou (オウ・ホウイ, Ō Houi) is a character appearing in the anime and manga series, Beyblade Burst Super Z. He fights with his Beyblade Archer Hercules 13 Eternal.


Houi is a tall, muscular man. He has tanned skin, spiky dark gray hair, and red eyes. He has a one-sleeved black sweatshirt, red pants and red shoes with yellow overlays. He also wears dark-yellow armor with silver borders on his waist and left shoulder.



Houi is an archer and a blader who comes from Korea.

Special Moves

  • Endless Spin: Heracles retracts its shield to increase centrifugal force and uses its Eternal driver to reduce stamina loss allowing it to preserve stamina and return damage.
  • Archer Strike: Heracles uses its opponent's attacks to climb up the stadium, then comes back down using the slope to gain speed and power to attack the opposing bey. This move is similar to Wakiya's Shield Crash.




  • Houi is afraid of snakes, as revealed in the tenth episode of Super-Z.
  • His overall appearance is similar to Xander.
  • He is the first blader that comes from Korea.


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