Haruto Aota (青田春人, Aota Halt) is a minor character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst. His beyblade is Kerbeus K2 Force Jaggy. His type of beyblade is Attack.


Haruto is a light-skinned boy who is shorter in stature when compared to others his age, and has dark blue eyes. His hair is navy blue, and the front of it is dyed a very bright sky blue color. He dons a white sweatshirt with darker blue sleeves, and a seven imprinted on it in the same color. He also wears jeans that are a bright lime green color.


Haruto is a very hotheaded blader, who has a deep belief in his own abilities, but sometimes overestimates himself. Before battling Rantaro Kiyama in the Area Tournament and Wakiya Murasaki in the District Tournament, he angrily tells them that he will win for certain before quickly being defeated. Despite this, Haruto always tries his best in every battle, and doesn't give up without fighting hard.


Beyblade Burst (anime)
Opponent Episode Result
Wakiya Murasaki 08 Loss (0-2)
Rantaro Kiyama 23 Loss (0-2)


Wakiya Murasaki

Haruto and Wakiya have a distant and negative relationship with one another. Wakiya doesn't see Haruto as an equal, and Haruto is furious with Wakiya due to his self-centered nature and his taunts. Haruto is even more angry after he loses to Wakiya seconds after the battle starts.

Rantaro Kiyama

Haruto refuses to believe that Rantaro is better than him, and so he battles his hardest when he reaches the Area Selection Tournament. However, Rantaro confidently defeats Haruto, which greatly disappoints him and makes him unhappy with the other blader.

Anime Appearances

Episode 08 - A Powerful Opponent! Hyper Horusood!

Episode 32 - Cyclone Power!

Episode 50 - Overthrowing the King!




Haruto is mocked by Wakiya


Haruto tells Rantaro that he'll win


Haruto determinedly battles Rantaro

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