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is an American toy company, founded in 1923. Hasbro is the distributor and manufacturer of Beyblades in Portugal, the United States, Canada, and all other countries in the world except for Asian countries such as Thailand, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, etc. They host tournaments along with other things. Hasbro is also famous for making other products such as the Transformers toys, My Little Pony, board games such as Monopoly and many more. They would be the best-selling toy company, had it not been for their rival, Mattel's, Barbie toys.


  • Hasbro beyblade names are based off the anime in America, not Japan, which has changed some Beyblade names from their original Japanese name. For example, Rock Zurafa and Rock Giraffe, in the Japanese anime it's Rock Giraffe, but in the English anime it is Rock Zurafa. And Basalt Horogium to Twisted Tempo is a huge name change.
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