Hell Herculeo 100XF is an Attack-type Beyblade only found Random Booster Vol. 7 Beat Lynx.

Face Bolt: Herculeo

The facebolt rep
Facebolt HERCULEO BB94 36495

Herculeo face bolt

resents the face of the Greek demi-god, Hercules.

Energy Ring: Herculeo

The original release of Herculeo was orange in color, but in Random Booster Vol. 7 Beat Lynx, a blue violet Herculeo with light blue stickers was released.

Fusion Wheel: Hell

Metalwheel hell

Hell (Hades)wheel

Hell was originally painted Gold when it was released in Hell Kerbecs BD145DS , but was released this time in the normal silver color. It has good Defense and good Attack and Stamina. but if you attach BD145(Boost Mode), it becomes a Stamina powerhouse. The old version of Hell was much lighter and had a different design.

Spin Track: 100


100 Track

100 is the 3rd lowest track to date. It has good Attack potential, not as good as that of 85, yet it has slightly more Stamina than that of 85 because it doesn't scrape against the floor as quickly. However, this is only a milliseconds difference.

Performance Tip: Extreme Flat (XF)


XF tip

Xtreme Flat is the flattest tip available, and this gives it amazing speed but barely any Stamina. It is classed as the best Attack type tip there is but is a massive risk due to Stamina.


  • This is one of the 6 random booster beys to have a purple color energy ring.
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