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In the end, the hero always comes out victorious!
— Hikaru Hizashi, Beyblade Burst Surge - Episode 12

Hikaru Hizashi, known as Hikaru Asahi (朝日ヒカル, Asahi Hikaru) in Japan, is one of two main protagonists along with his younger brother, Hyuga, of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Surge. He fought with his Beyblade Kolossal Helios Zone 1B, until it was destroyed by Lain Valhalla. He later evolved his destroyed Bey into Helios Blazebringer Ou Zone'+Z.


Hikaru is an average-height boy with slightly tanned skin, lime-green eyes, smooth blue hair styled in a 9-piece mohawk with light-blue tips, and an orange half-sun tattooed on his right cheek. His attire consists of a turquoise-blue dress shirt, a yellow tie, a short-sleeved navy-blue Letterman's jacket with light-blue sections on the sleeves and pockets, an "H" on the left flap, a yellow sun on the back, orange baggy pants, and black sneakers with turquoise-blue cuffs and three-sectioned stripped tips, and yellow laces, and a fingerless green-cuffed teal glove on his right hand.

When Hikaru resonates with his Beyblade, his hair briefly lights up like blue fire.


He is generally calm, patient and level-headed; preferring to analyze his opponents and come up with strategies to defeat them, unlike his brother, who is quite reckless and charges into battles head-on.

In contrast to his younger brother, Hikaru is level-headed, patient, cautious, mature, serious, and determined. But like Hyuga, he can often be immature, yet optimistic blader. He tends to be the voice of reason for Hyuga.

He's also shown to act heroic when he selflessly grabbed Hyuga's arm when the vine he was hanging from snapped, even referring to himself as a "hero", which implies that he has a moderate level of confidence but not as nearly as enough to border on arrogance. However, he is slightly arrogant and attention-seeking, as shown when the people asked Hikaru a question.

Although selfless, he can be self-absorbed at times, as shown when he take all the meat on the kebab sticks. Nevertheless, he’s a compassionate person and is very protective of his little brother Hyuga Hizashi. And is deeply loyal to his friends and family.



Hikaru, aged 10, watching Aiger's title match, at the final of Beyblade Burst Turbo.

Hikaru and his brother have been enjoying Beyblade for at least two years leading up to Beyblade Burst Surge, as shown by how Hikaru was inspired by Aiger Akabane during the latter's title match that took place two years ago. After Hikaru and Hyuga moved to the Hizashi Family Restaurant, they went into the Comets Gym for the first time to practice. There, they were greeted by Chuck, Guy, and Reina, who initially thought the brothers were breaking in. The three explained to Hikaru and his brother that the former coach quit, causing all the bladers on the team to quit as well. Determined to help, Hikaru and Hyuga asked to join the club, vowing to "bring the team back on its feet," Hikaru's exact words.

After joining the Comets, Hikaru and Hyuga got more serious about blading. They were shown to battle in district tournaments, attend exhibition matches featuring legendary bladers, and watch title matches.

Hikaru and Hyuga in battle before acquiring Helios and Hyperion.

Similar to the earlier parts of Beyblade Burst Surge, the brothers were known to argue due to their different styles of blading. Hikaru was very strategic and good at defending, while Hyuga formed no strategy and was good at attacking. Most of their tag battles at district matches ended in what Chuck recalled as a disaster, with both brothers losing.

Beyblade Burst Surge


Launch Styles

  • Lightning Launch: When a Blader has achieved complete synchronization with his Beyblade, the Launcher will illuminate and sparkle, granting the bey a temporary increase in speed and power.

Special Moves

  • Whirl Counter: As Kolossal Helios/Helios Blazebringer spins, the Zone/Zone'+Z driver rotates faster to drift in a circle around the stadium, gaining speed and power, and then it attacks.
  • Twin Strike: As they charge and collide toward one another, Helios and Hyperion build up speed as their Ring blades grind against each other while rotating in their respective spin directions, creating sparks and ram into the opposing Beyblades with combined force and power.
  • Kolossal Strike: Using its ten blades and centrifugal force created by the Zone driver, Kolossal Helios deals massive damage to the opposing Beyblade.
  • Blazing Limit Breaker: The Limit Breaker System allows the shape of the Blazebringer Ring to initiate a transformation, which causes the outer frame of the Blazebringer Ring to rapidly rotate, revealing 5 additional blades that can be used to reflect the damage of oncoming attacks back to the opposing Bey.
  • Twin Limit Breaker: Utilizing a similar move with Twin Strike, Helios and Hyperion build up speed as their Rings grind against each other while rotating in their respective spin directions, creating sparks and ramming into the opposing Beyblades with combined force and power, which then triggers their Limit Break Systems, granting a boost of power that knocks the opposing Beyblades out of the stadium.
  • Blazing Recoil: While in Limit Break mode, Helios uses the movable blades on the Blazebringer Ring to push off from the opponent Beyblade's oncoming attack and gain tremendous speed and power to crash into the opposing Beyblade.
  • Twin Break Impact:


Beyblade Burst Surge
Opponent Episode Result
Guy 01 Win (2-0)
Valt Aoi 01 Lose (0-2)
Rantaro Kiyama and Silas Karlisle 01 Lose (0-333)
Chuck 02 Win (2-0)
Rantaro Kiyama 02 Lose
Ranjiro Kiyama 02 Draw
Rantaro & Ranjiro Kiyama (with Hyuga Hizashi) 02 Win (1-0)
Rantaro Kiyama 03 Lose
Rantaro Kiyama 03 Win (2-0)
Valt Aoi 04 Lose (0-2)
Hyuga Hizashi 04 Draw
Hyuga Hizashi 04 Win
Free De La Hoya (with Hyuga Hizashi) 04 Lose (0-4)
Free De La Hoya 05 Lose (1-2)
Valt Aoi 06 Unknown
Hyuga Hizashi & Free De La Hoya (with Valt Aoi) 06 Win (1-0)
Lui Shirosagi (with Hyuga Hizashi) 06 Lose (0-4)
Lui Shirosagi 07 Lose (0-2)
Ranjiro Kiyama 09 Win
Dante Koryu, Lui Shirosagi, Silas Karlisle, & Lain Valhalla (Battle Royale) 11 Lose
Aiger Akabane 11 Lose (0-1)
Hyuga Hizashi & Lain Valhalla (with Aiger Akabane) 12 Win (1-0)
Dante Koryu & Lui Shirosagi (with Rantaro Kiyama) 13 Lose (0-1)
Aiger Akabane 14 Unknown
Lain Valhalla (with Hyuga Hizashi) 15 Lose (0-4)
Hyuga Hizashi 16 Unknown
Dante Koryu 16 Win
Valt Aoi & Shu Kurenai (with Hyuga Hizashi) 17 Lose (0-1)
Valt Aoi & Lain Valhalla (with Hyuga Hizashi; simulation) 18 No Contest
Hyuga Hizashi 19 Unknown
Shu Kurenai & Lain Valhalla (with Hyuga Hizashi) 19 Lose (0-1)
Valt Aoi & Rantaro Kiyama (with Hyuga Hizashi) 21 Lose (0-1)
Aiger Akabane & Ranjiro Kiyama (with Hyuga Hizashi) 21 Win (1-0)
Wakiya Murasaki (with Hyuga Hizashi) 22 Lose (0-2)
Wakiya Murasaki (with Ranjiro Kiyama) 22 Lose (0-2)
Wakiya Murasaki (with Hyuga Hizashi & Dante Koryu) 22 Lose (0-3)
Wakiya Murasaki (with Hyuga Hizashi) 22 Win (1-0)
Dante Koryu & Lui Shirosagi (with Hyuga Hizashi) 23 Win (1-0)
Free De La Hoya & Silas Karlisle (with Hyuga Hizashi) 24 Win (1-0)
Valt Aoi & Rantaro Kiyama (with Hyuga Hizashi) 25 Win (1-0)
Shu Kurenai & Lain Valhalla (with Hyuga Hizashi) 26 Win (2-1)

Official Description

Beyblade Burst Surge

If you’re looking for a hero, look no further than the elder Hizashi brother, Hikaru. Reliable and kind, he’s a natural-born leader. With his encyclopedic Blading knowledge, Hikaru manages to forge his Lightning Bey, Helios, after watching just a single battle. Together, they devise various strategies to conquer any opponent that stands in their way.

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Surge


Hyuga Hizashi

Hyuga is Hikaru's younger brother. While the two love each other and generally get along well, Hikaru often gets annoyed by Hyuga's reckless behavior and laziness. Hikaru nonetheless deeply cares about his brother and often praises him whenever he wins a battle. Hikaru has also on occasion attempted to get Hyuga to try and come up with a plan for defeating his opponents instead of simply attacking head-on. This was shown in his success on defeating Rantaro after watching lots of video analyses of him and Rantaro's battles.


Helios is his bey, and he first developed a connection with him in Episode 04.




Valt Aoi

Both Hikaru and Hyuga hold deep admiration for Valt. Upon witnessing the latter's battle with Rantaro and Silas, the brothers were inspired to create their own Beys, and start their journey of one day defeating all of the Legendary Bladers. Valt, in turn, was impressed by the brothers' strong drive and readily accepted a battle with them once the two had gotten their Beys. When Hikaru became discouraged about not being able to speak to his partner and was worried Hyuga was getting ahead of him, Valt assures him.

Rantaro Kiyama

Rantaro Kiyama was Hikaru's and his brother Hyuga's coach for the team Comets.

Silas Karlisle

Ranjiro Kiyama

Aiger Akabane

Hikaru is a huge fan of Aiger. He deeply admires Aiger and Achilles. At age 10, Hikaru watched the legendary battle between Aiger and Valt. At the Legend Festival they were both happy to have each other as teammates.

Shu Kurenai

Hikaru didn't know who Shu was on the Ogre Island until in Episode 17 he came to the abandoned factory with Hyuga, Valt, Dante, Rantaro and Ranjiro to watch the battle between Shu vs Lain he was surprised that Shu won against Lain. He decided to train with Hyuga to become as strong as Shu.

Lain Valhalla

Lain Valhalla was the one who destroyed his Kolossal Helios and Hyuga's Super Hyperion.


  • "The hero is always fashionably late!"
  • "A revolution is when you break through any and all limits and make something incredible happen."
  • "Don't get ahead of yourself! We're just starting! There's a long way to go!" -to Hyuga when Hyuga was being interviewed by reporters.
  • "I think I got a little tense in the first round, but heroes will always win in the end." -to reporters when he was interviewed.
  • "Heroes make comebacks!"
  • "They're not legends because they're strong. It was because they put in a lot of hard work and effort, and created their legend along the way and I'll do the same."
  • "Aiger is the number one strongest blader in my eyes."
  • "I got to see your world title match against Valt, and that's when I realized I wanted to become a strong and unbeatable blader like you." -to Aiger Akabane.
  • "Helios. Are we still missing something?" -After losing to Lui the second time.
  • "If Aiger chose Achilles, then my Lightning Bey is... like the sun! Together we'll burn bright enough to light up the world!"
  • "They're not legends because they're strong, all of them earn that title after countless hours of hard work. And I will too."



For a full gallery of Hikaru, see Hikaru Hizashi/Gallery.


  • Hikaru's zodiac is a Cancer.
  • In the Superking manga, it was revealed that Hikaru's B-tier blader rank was number 98 until he ranked up to A-tier in episode 9.
  • Hikaru is the first Beyblade protagonist to be left-handed.
    • He is also the only character to debut in Surge to be left-handed.
  • Hikaru is the second Beyblade protagonist to own a Balance type Beyblade, with the first being Aiger Akabane.
  • Hikaru is the second Burst protagonist to not be 11 years old at the time of his debut along with Dante Koryu.
  • Hikaru is the first Burst protagonist and the second Beyblade protagonist overall to own a Left-spin Beyblade, with the other being Tyson Granger from the original series.
  • Hikaru the first Burst protagonist to have the same first name as a previous Beyblade character.
  • His full name in Japanese means "glowing morning sun", befitting his Beyblade's sun motif.
  • Despite Hikaru and Hyuga being brothers, they can be considered as foils to each other: Hikaru is the calmer and more tactical of the two, while Hyuga is more reckless and hot-headed, Hikaru is left-handed while Hyuga is right-handed, and they use beys that spin the opposite of each other.
  • He is the oldest main protagonist of a season being 12 during his debut.
    • He is also the first Burst protagonist to be older than a former Burst protagonist, which is Dante Koryu.
  • Even though Hikaru is older, his Bey is based on the son of Hyperion, which is Hyuga's bey spirit.
    • Furthermore, their Beys have relations to one another, as a nod to Hikaru and Hyuga being related to each other as well.
  • He is similar to Suoh Genji; both are left-handed and have Left-spin Balance-type beys with five & ten-bladed Attack & Defense modes and wears a tie.
  • Hikaru and his brother are the first pair of Burst main protagonists to be siblings, as well as the first pair of Burst main protagonists to share the same first letter in their names.
  • Along with his brother, Hikaru is one of the only Burst main protagonists to not speak to their Bey in their debut.
  • Hikaru's is the only character whose Lightning Launch generates blue lightning instead of sparks.
  • Hikaru is the third character not to change attires during different timelines, the first being Chiharu and the second being Arman. He wore the same attire when he watched Valt and Aiger's title match at the age of 10.
  • Hikaru and Hyuga are the first Beyblade protagonists since Valt to have the same Japanese and English first name.
  • Hikaru and Dante Koryu are the first protagonists in the Burst Series to not make it into the semi-finals of a tournament, being the Legend Festival.
  • It's possible that he could be afraid of hedgehogs, or at least Harry, as shown by how he feared Harry so much to the point of tears in episode 8.
  • Along with Hyuga, Hikaru is the fourth and fifth main Burst protagonist to have his Beyblade destroyed, following Valt, Aiger, and Dante.
  • Like Aiger, both he and Hyuga upgraded their launchers.
  • Both Hikaru and his brother Hyuga are the second Burst protagonists whose last names do not start with an A, although this is just their English last names. The first being Dante Koryu.
  • Both Hikaru and Hyuga are the first Burst protagonists whose English initials are different from their Japanese initials.
  • His Birthday is the same as Kevin.
  • Despite his launch form being reanimated once he obtained Helios Blazebringer, Hikaru is currently the only Burst protagonist to not change his launch form.
  • In the manga Hikaru develops trauma and quits Beyblade after Lain breaks King Helios. This is in contrast with the anime, where Hikaru develops no such trauma after Lain breaks both Helios and Hyperion.
  • Hikaru and Hyuga are the only Burst protagonists to not appear in a season of the anime following their own.
  • Hikaru is the only Burst protagonist to have his Launcher Grip at the end of his Launcher, rather than on the side.