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Hokuto (北斗 Hokuto) is a talking dog that appears in Beyblade: Metal Fusion as a recurring character and Beyblade: Metal Masters and Beyblade: Metal Fury, but only for a short time.


Hokuto is a white dog with a black headband. In the manga, he wears an orange headband with the Libra symbol on it as well as a blue cape; in the anime, the headband is black and remains plain. He has green paws and green inside his ears.


Hokuto is Koma Village's dog, but he is the pet of Hyoma. He is quite serious being a dog, but it seemed that he liked Madoka.


Gingka, Hyoma, and Hokuto were childhood friends. He also knew Gingka's dad, Ryo Hagane.



Hokuto also takes the role of the guardian of Koma Village: whenever strangers enter the city, he calls out to them with his serious voice and tells them to leave the place immediately. In general, Hokuto is supposed to be the 'voice of reason' and an overall adviser, even though Madoka is unable to resist petting him for the cute dog he is generally a Guardian, he succumbs, naturally to her offer. Hukuto seems to be knowing more information about Koma Village than Hyoma.


At the beginning, Hokuto is a mysterious figure who wears a long cloak to hide his real identity. He takes care of Gingka when he is too exhausted after both his battle against Kyoya and his encounter with Doji. He leads Kenta and the others to his wooden house to shield them from the rain.

He reveals who he really is: a dog. He uses a Launcher Grip to launch his Libra DF145BS at the enemy in order to protect Gingka while he is sleeping. Somehow, he has the ability to speak.

During Battle Bladers, Hokuto gets discriminated because of the fact he is a dog, and he gets kicked out of the tournament, letting Madoka and Ryuga advance due to involuntarily forfeiting the match.


  • Libra DF145BS: is Hokuto's beyblade in the manga. Libra (天秤, Tenbin): is the beast inside the Beyblade.

Special Move[]


Opponent Episode Result
Busujima Loss
Tobio Oike Loss (By Default)




  • Hyoma says that Hokuto is a childhood friend of him and Gingka so he could be 12 in human years and 84 in dog years.
  • He is the first Beyblading animal, while the other is Mawashi, and he is the only blader animal in the anime.