Rapidity L-Drago Guardian S130MB.

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Hongyi (commonly referred to as Rapidity) is a Chinese toy company that produces and sells fake Beyblades. The company's Beys are colloquially referred to as "Rapidity" tops, which is taken from the logo used which includes the phrase "Top Set Rapidity" (Metal Saga) or "Rapidity Top Plate" (Burst Series). These fakes were most prominent during the Metal Saga toylines, and Hongyi was by far the largest producer of counterfeit products.

Hongyi briefly produced counterfeit Beys from the Burst Series, but the company is no longer active. They have since been superseded by Flame.

Beyblades produced by Hongyi and other bootleg companies are illegal in tournaments.


Rapidity Beys may appear similar to the official product, but upon closer inspection, many have weak, thin plastic parts such as the Energy Ring. In addition, metal parts such as the Fusion Wheel are shinier and do not dull with age due to the different, inferior metal materials used by Hongyi. In addition, many parts have deformities due to the low quality molding. Fusion Wheels often have poorly cut detailing.

In addition, many parts may be modified or excluded altogether. For example, a Rapidity Storm Pegasus 105RF omits the Rubber Flat Performance Tip, opting for a standard Flat. A Rapidity Cosmic Pegasus F:D has a F:D with no rubber, replacing the rubber with solid plastic.

Rapidity Beys almost always include a completely metal diecast Performance Tip. Initially Rapidity Beys were released with fake launchers similar to the original releases, but continued production into the late-2010s have opted for single package Beys.


The packages of Rapidity Beys are often low quality replications of the official Takara Tomy product. They often only have (poor) English and feature the Hongyi logo rather than the Takara Tomy, Sonokong, or Hasbro logos. Names are often mispelled, and in some cases, original photos of the Rapidity Beys are used in place of any stolen Takara Tomy stock images.

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