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Horusood H2 Quarter Liner is a Balance Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released in western countries as a Starter Pack.

Energy Layer - Horusood H2

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Horusood H2 is a Stamina Type Energy Layer that features a bird in the center looking left, shown with the Eye of Horus and four feathered blades that make up the bird's wings, two of which consist of clear plastic and two of which consist of colored plastic that are waved. All meant to represent the Layer's namesake; Horus, the falcon headed Egyptian god.

Like Wyvron W2, while Horusood H2 seems round at first glance, but upon closer inspection its actually square in shape. Each of the corners of this square-like shape and the waves of the two colored blades create points of recoil that make it unsuitable for Stamina Combinations, while the waved blades do allow for some degree of destabilization, the feathered design makes them too rough to be suited for such a purpose. For the Takara Tomy release of Holy Horusood, this problem is further exacerbated by the fact that it features four teeth, the first short in length, and the last three are medium-short in length. As such, it is prone to losses by Bursts, as the teeth are unable to withstand the recoil the Layer creates.

Forge Disc - Quarter

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Quarter is a Forge Disc with a wide, round, pipe-like shape interrupted by four rounded rectangular protrusions, on one of the protrusions is a small, marked elevation that creates the look of the letter 'Q'. Quarter also features a gimmick; it is heavily unbalanced.

It achieves this by being mostly hollow on the underside, with the marked protrusion being half filled in with metal. A weight distribution like this has two primary uses:

The first is to increase the Smash Attack of Attack Combinations as the unbalanced nature of the Forge Disc creates momentum like a flail, which is further enhanced by the weight of Quarter, which is greater than Heavy or Gravity. However, the off-set weight distribution is too little to increase Attack potential meaningfully while also severely increasing the risk of Self-Bursts.

The second is to make a Combination using an unbalanced Layer, like Xcalius, more properly balanced by placing the heavier corner opposite to the heavier side of the Layer which increases its Stamina and Burst Resistance.

Furthermore, this same unbalanced nature makes Quarter unsuitable for Stamina and Defense Combinations as the more unbalanced a Beyblade is, the easier it is to Burst.

Performance Tip - Liner

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Liner features a plastic wheel on an axis through the middle so it can roll. Although it is meant to spin, because it is perpendicular with the stadium floor, it doesn't spin naturally like Gyro or Revolve. Rather, it remains stationary when stable but has an erratic pattern when hit. This lends into its gimmick, counter attacking by rapidly returning to the center, though this effect is through the shape of the tip and not through the rolling of the wheel. This same shape also leads to poor Balance and poor Stamina in turn.



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