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Hotel in London Beyblade

The hotel in London appears for the first time in the 31st episode "London Calling" By Beyblade . It is located in the heart of the city, very central to London and is mostly kept in marble and large windows. Except that the hotel has a bedroom, nothing else is known about the premises.

The Blade Breakers booked a room there because they had missed their cruise ship . They were fooled by a passenger ( Mr. Dickenson in disguise) who told them that the ship had six hours' stay. But when the Blade Breakers returned from breakfast, their ship had long since left. However, they did not stay long in this hotel.

Hotel room[]

The room of the Blade Breakers is very big. It contains a double bed, one sees a piece of a desk and on this a TV. To the left and right of the bed is a dessert with a bedside lamp. The carpet is red. Furthermore, the room is separated with a green carpet. On the side of the green carpet area is a beautiful table decorated with a plant. Around the table are three seats. Similarly, lilac-colored curtains decorate the large windows.