The Hybrid Wheel System (ハイブリッドウィールシステム, Haiburiddo Uīru Shisutemu) is the seventh Beyblade system to be implemented, and the second in the Metal Saga, introduced on March 28, 2009. It succeeded the Metal System and was succeeded by the 4D System.

The term Performance Top System was introduced in Beyblade: Metal Masters toyline by Hasbro to differentiate HWS Beyblades from the Extreme Top System (XTS) introduced at the same time. This term, along with the XTS line, continued into Beyblade: Metal Fury, before it was dropped following the introduction of the 4D System (Hyperblades).


New components were introduced that made Beyblades more complex including a Clear Wheel made of polycarbonate and more technically advanced bottoms. All parts of an HWS Beyblade are plastic except for the Fusion Wheel. Names of Beyblades are determined by their parts. For example, Storm Pegasus 105RF has a 'Pegasus' Energy Ring, 'Storm' Fusion Wheel, '105 (10.5mm)' Spin Track, and a 'RF (Rubber Flat)' Performance Tip. All Beyblades in this system follow the same homogeneous structure.


Face Bolt

Also known as the "Face" (Japanese: フェイス, Feisu). Playing a larger role than the Bit Chip from previous systems, the Face Bolt is a screw that holds all the parts together.

Energy Ring

Also known as the "Clear Wheel" (Japanese: クリアウィール). These are composed of polycarbonate. Aerodynamics is sometimes a factor, and are used as a hold for the launcher hooks.

Fusion Wheel

Also known as the "Metal Wheel" (Japanese: メタルウィール). These create a frame for the Clear Wheel and make the most contact with the opposing Beyblade.

Spin Track

Also known as the "Track" (Japanese: トラック). These determine the height of the Beyblade. Some are just heights (230, 145, 100, etc.), but some also have special features, such as metal balls (GB145/Gravity Ball 145), down-force (DF145/Down Force 145, DF105 Down Force 105, T125/Tornado 125), claws (C145/Claw 145), horns (H145/Horn 145, ED145/Eternal Defense 145) and height switch Tracks (Change Height 120/CH120 and TH170/Triple Height 170).

Performance Tip

Also known as the Bottom (Japanese: ボトム). There are new Tips to ensure greater performance, and have distinct classes; Attack Tips are flat for aggressive movement and high friction (F, HF, RF, R2F, MF, etc.), Defense Tips are wide/round (RS, WB, WD, etc.), while Stamina Tips are low-friction sharp tips and sometimes free-spinning tips (S, MS, ES, EDS, EWD, etc.).

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