The Hybrid Wheel System (ハイブリッドウィールシステム Haiburiddo Uīru Shisutemu), also known as the Performance Top System, is the seventh Beyblade System to be implemented, starting from 28th of March, 2009. It succeeded the Metal System and was succeeded by the 4D System.


New components were introduced that made Beyblades more complex including a Clear Wheel made of polycarbonate and more technically advanced bottoms. All parts of an HWS Beyblade are plastic except for the Fusion Wheel. Names of Beyblades can now be determined by their parts. For example, Storm Pegasus 105RF has a 'Pegasus' Clear Wheel, 'Storm' Metal Wheel, '105 (10.5mm)' Track, and a 'RF (Rubber Flat)' Bottom.


Face Bolts (FB)

Also known as "Face" (Japanese: フェイス, Feisu). Playing a much larger role than the Bit Chip from previous systems, the Face Bolt is the screw that holds all parts together.

Energy Rings (ER)

Also known as "Clear Wheel" (Japanese: クリアウィール). These are composed of polycarbonate. Aerodynamics is sometimes a factor, and are used as a hold for the launcher hooks. The Bit Beast comes from this part.

Fusion Wheels (FW)

Also known as "Metal Wheel" (Japanese: メタルウィール). These create a frame for the Clear Wheel and make the most contact with the opposing Beyblade.

Spin Tracks (ST)

Also known as "Track" (Japanese: トラック). These determine the height of the Beyblade. Some are just heights (230, 145, 100, etc.), but some also have special features, such as metal balls (GB145/Gravity Ball 145), down-force (DF145/Down Force 145, DF105 Down Force 105, T125/Tornado 125), claws (C145/Claw 145), horns (H145/Horn 145, ED145/Eternal Defense 145) and height switch Tracks (Change Height 120/CH120 and TH170/Triple Height 170).

Performance Tips (PT)

Also known as Bottom (Japanese: ボトム). There are new Tips to ensure greater performance, and have distinct classes; Attack Tips are flat for aggressive movement and high friction (F, HF, RF, R2F, MF, etc.), Defense Tips are wide/round (RS, WB, WD, etc.), while Stamina Tips are low-friction sharp tips and sometimes free-spinning tips (S, MS, ES, EDS, EWD, etc.).



Lightning L-Drago 100HF

Earth Eagle 145WD

Burn Fireblaze 135MS

Rock Leone 145WB

 Dark Bull H145SD

Jade Jupiter S130RB

Flame Libra T125ES

Flash Sagittario 230WD

 Sol Blaze V145AS

Flame Sagittario C145S

Scythe Kronos T125EDS

Poison Serpent SW145SD

 Ray Striker D125CS

Mercury Anubius 85XF

Flame Byxis 230WD

Vulcan Horuseus 145D

Storm Aquario 100HF/S

Grand Cetus WD145RS

Evil Gemios DF145FS

Earth Virgo GB145BS

 Thermal Lacerta WA130HF

Cyber Pegasus 100HF

Bakushin Susanow 105F

Dark Poseidon 145WD

 Hell Crown 130FB

Storm Northern Cross 125SF

Mad Gasher CH120FS

Ray Gil 100RSF

 Spiral Capricorn 90MF

Nightmare Rex SW145SD

Clay Aries ED145B

Grand Capricorn 145D

Rock Scorpio T125JB

Dark Gasher CH120SF

Spiral Lyre ED145MF

Forbidden Eonis ED145FB

 Bakushin Susanow 90WF

Night Virgo DF145BS

Grand Cetus T125RS

Counter Scorpio 145D

 Bakushin Beelzeb T125XF

Spiral Fox TR145W²D

Rock Serpent SW145WD

Storm Leone 100HF

 Burn Wolf SW145WD

Twisted Tempo 130RS

Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Rush 125SF

Poison Zurafa S130MB

Poison Virgo ED145ES

Devil Serpenter 125FS

Storm Serpent SW145SF

Flame Serpent SW145F

 Cyber Pegasus 105F (Legend)

Ray Serpent M145MS

Variares 145WB

Ray Cancer 135SF

 Divine Chimera TR145FB

Cyber Aquario 105RF

Ray Gasher M145Q


 Black Sun Galaxy Pegasus GB145MS

Evil Wolf DF145FS

Vulcan Herculeo 130DS

Thermal Gemios T125S

Inferno Byxis CH120RS

Evil Aries 145S

Midnight Bull 125SF

Hell Horuseus 85RS

 Divine Crown TR145D

Calamity Raven 125ES

Thunder Libra DF145BS

 Jade Jupiter 130B

Gravity Perseus 85DS (Stamina)

Rock Aries ED145D

Cloud Gemios T125SF

 Rock Crow 125B

Inferno Sagittario 145S

Gravity Perseus BD145XF (Attack)

Cyclone Horuseus 130RSF

Wind Aquario 100HF/S

Thunder Leone GB145BS

Meteo L-Drago Assault LW105JB

 Midnight Scorpio 125JB

Rock Aries 145WD

Ancient Rex SW145SD

Fury Capricorn 100HF

 Counter Leone 145D

L-Drago Destructor DF105LRF Gold Armored Ver.

Hell Beelzeb 125XF

Thermal Herculeo DF145S

 Divine Fox 90W²D

Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Absorb DF105LRF

Twisted Befall BD145RSF

Torch Aries 125D

Burn Serpent WA130ES

Meteo L-Drago Rush 85LF

Poison Striker 130HF

Hyper Aquario 105F

 Flame Bull 105WB

Storm Serpent T125HF

Tornado Giran 100WF

Quake Shielzam DF145D

 MF-F Burn Cancer 90WD

Disaster Aigis WD145WD

Counter Leone D125B

Inferno Gasher SW145SF

 Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Assault 85XF

Torch Lyra 85SF

Typhoon Leplys 90F

Flame Bull 100F

Rock Bull WD145HF

Earth Gasher DF145ES

Galaxy Gasher D125HF

Infinity Libra GB145S

 Fire Pavon WD145S

Heat Bull D125WB

L-Drago Guardian D125B

Dark Leone C145B

 Iron Bearl WD145B

Forbidden Eonis 130D

Hellfire Delphis 145FS

Heat Wolf WD145SF

 Storm Fireblaze 130B

Ultimate Gravity Destroyer Attack 130F

Heat Pegasus DF145WB

Storm Aries 125S

Dark Sagittario WD145SD

Hell Herculeo 100XF

Burn Striker SW145JB

Poison Fireblaze WA130SD

 Flame Cancer D125RF

Galaxy Sagittario 145CS

Burn Sagittario 105HF

Burn Escolpio 100RF

 Storm Aquario M145Q

Vulcan Cetus R145DS

Storm Eagle 145HF

Rock Wolf H145B

 Ultimate Gravity Destroyer Stamina GB145S

Killer Escolpio 100D

Heat Pegasis 100WB

Heat Leone D125FS

Mad Sagittario DF145HF

Mad Leone 145FS

Flame Libra DF145S

Spiral Herculeo S130WD

 Hades Gil 100R2F

Firefuse Darkhelm 145DS

Storm Wolf WD145B

Burn Fireblaze 90WF

 Flame Wolf H145S

Storm Sagittario 145SD

Torch Gemios W105CS

Dark Capricorne 105RF

 Mad Bull C145HF

Rock Aries 145D

Cosmic Leone 85Q

Forbidden Striker DF105DS

Dark Bull H145SD/it

Storm Libra 145S

Flame Gemios 105CS

Rock Libra 100WD

Rock Capricorne T125D

Wind Pegasis DF145FS

 Wind Leone D125HF

Clay Wolf 145FS

Flame Capricorne T125HF

Heat Leone H145S

Clay Leone DF145WB

Clay Pegasus 145S

Clay Sagittario 145B

Clay Wolf 105B

Mad Leone 145B

Mad Sagittario C145SD

Wind Sagittario 100SD

 Wind Wolf WD145WD