Hyper-Flux, known as Gold Turbo (ゴールドターボ, Gōrudo Tābo) in Japan, is an ability introduced in Beyblade Burst Rise. It occurs when a Blader is in complete sync with their Beyblade, allowing the Bey to reach a higher level of power temporarily.


When a Blader has achieved complete synchronization with his/her Beyblade, the Bey turns gold with an illuminating light and sparkles, granting it a temporary increase in speed and power. If the Blader has not achieved full power, the Bey will only partially turn gold.



  • In the Beyblade Burst App, Golden Beyblades can sparkles just like the Beyblades in the anime.
  • The colored sparkles that a Bey emits when in this state are the same as the Bey's aura color.
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