Hyper Aquario 105F is an attack Beyblade in Hasbro's Legend beyblade Series; a series characterized by the redesign of Pre-HWS Fusion Wheels – such as Aquario – into Hybrid Wheel System Fusion Wheels.

Face Bolt: Aquario

The face bolt depicts AQUARIUS , the WATER BEARER/CARRIER , one of the 88 constellation in space and one the zodiac . The face shows a vase pouring out water in the form of an arm .

Energy Ring: Aquario

Aquario has four wave - like pattern in a dark blue color . it is one of the heaviest right spin Energy ring weighing 3.2 grams . Aquario is great choice in defence combo .

Fusion Wheel: Hyper

Main article: Fusion Wheel - Hyper

The Hyper Fusion Wheel is the HWS equivalent of Metal System Aquario. It has four main 'wings' that resemble waves of water. There is a coat of silver paint over the Fusion Wheel, which is considerably more durable than normal paint, and blue paint in the center. It is hollow, lightweight and suffers great Recoil, resulting in little to no Attack potential. Because of this, it is severely outclassed by wheels such as Variares, Blitz, and Beat. Like most other Fusion Wheels from the Hasbro Legend Series, it cannot compare to its Metal System predecessor, though it too was outclassed in its time.

Spin Track: 105

Main article: Spin Track - 105

Weight: 1 gram Width with Handles: 22.0 mm Maximum Width: 18.0 mm Minimum Width: 16.0 mm Core Cylinder Diameter: 11.0 mm Full Height: 10.50 mm

This Track is the fourth lowest Track available, but is outclassed in terms of Attack and Stamina by the 85, 90, and 100 Tracks. 105 has no problem with floor scrapes, but still is an outclassed part and should only be chosen when none of the aforementioned Tracks are available.

Performance Tip: Flat

Main article: Performance Tip - Flat

Full Width: 15.92 mm Tip Width: 4.08 mm Full Height: 8.96 mm Tip Height: 5.96 mm

F, also known as Flat, has a plastic flat tip, which gives it an offensive movement pattern. It is the equivalent of Flat Core (HMS) or SG Flat (Plastic). F has a hard time retaining a flower pattern, due to it being plastic, which results in it having less grip to the stadium floor than a rubber bottom. F has been overshadowed by countless other Attack Bottoms such as XF, MF, RF, and R²F.






Hyper Aquario 105F is comprised of mostly outclassed parts, save for Aquario. There is little to no reason to purchase this Beyblade outside of collection purposes.



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