The Hyper Victory Tornado (超勝利竜巻(ハイパービクトリートルネード)) is the signature Special Move of Dragoon V2, featured in the Beyblade manga and anime series, as well as various video games.


This move was first used against Ozuma's Flash Leopard.

In the manga, the Hyper Victory Tornado debuted after Tyson receives his new Dragoon V2 from Kenny. With his new Bey, Tyson battles Kane Yamashita and his Cyber Dragoon atop Zagart Tower where he unleashes the attack and wins the match. Tyson would utilize this attack again during his decisive Beybattle against Leon Zagart and his Burning Kerberous, to less than stellar results.


In the anime, the Hyper Victory Tornado is depicted as a charging attack with the Beyblade glowing red, enhanced by a fearsome whirlwind.

In the manga, the attack is depicted as a fearsome charge powered and protected by a tornado generated by the Beyblade's ever-increasing rotations which catapulting the Beyblade to high speeds.

In the Game Boy Advance game series "Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Fierce Battle! Team Battle!!", the Hyper Victory Tornado is classified as a Super Finish (Japanese: 超必殺), however, its depiction resembles the manga iteration of the "Victory Tornado", with the Beyblade charging into the enemy Bey, embued with Dragoon's power to summon a multi-vortex tornado.


Though the Katakana "ハイパービクトリートルネード" provides the syllabary for the reading of the Special Move Kanji in the manga, using the proper Hiragana gives the name an altered transliteration:

Kanji 勝利 竜巻
Hiragana ちょう しょうり たつまき
Transliteration Chō Shōri Tatsumaki
Literal translation super-; hyper-; ultra- Victory Tornado




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