Hyperion (ハイペリオン, Haiperion) is one of two deuteragonists of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Superking.


Hyperion is an onyx-plated, extraterrestrial humanoid clad in red armor, cyan neon lines running throughout the body, a golden ring around each ankle, and five-pronged wings. The armor and plating coloring also varies by each part: white on the pauldrons, two plates on the helmet, and cuisses, which sports blue markings; orange on the neck armor and the pauldrons' base; and dark-red frame on the jawline, vambraces, rib-cage sides, and back crest. The armor kilt sports a jagged blue section (which represents the Hyperion Superking Chip's core) and a golden rim. There are also eight gold rings on the body: a large sun-style one on the chest, one as a buckle on the armor kilt, one on each vambrace, one under each wing, and one on each cuisse. The helmet sports a blue plate on the center, a propulsion engine on each side, and an elongated top. The propulsion openings also emit a yellow energy stream. The wings emit a yellow energy on each prong.

Hyperion wields a dual-ended cyan energy blade lance, and shield. The shield is round, sports eight blades and positioned "X"-style, a gold sun crest on the center, and a crescent opening on the bottom.





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