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Vroom, vroom, kablammo!
— Hyuga Hizashi, Beyblade Burst Surge - Episode 12

Hyuga Hizashi, known as Hyuga Asahi (朝日ヒュウガ, Asahi Hyūga) in Japan, is one of two main protagonists, along with his older brother, Hikaru, of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Surge. He fought with his Beyblade Super Hyperion Xceed 1A until it was destroyed by Lain Valhalla. He later evolved it into Hyperion Flamebringer Cho Xceed'+X.


Hyuga is a short boy with spiked-up crimson hair with two small bangs on each temple, fair skin, red eyes, and, like his brother, has an orange half-sun tattoo, albeit on his left cheek. His attire consists of a black sweatshirt with an orange sun symbol on the front, a crimson-red hoodie with a yellow interior, orange pockets and an orange sun on the back, a white belt with a grey buckle, dark-blue shorts with a white stripe on each leg, crimson-lake compression pants, white sneakers with orange mudguards, tips and cuffs, and a fingerless green-cuffed teal glove on his left hand.

When Hyuga resonates with his Beyblade, his hair briefly lights up to resemble red fire.


Hyuga is known to be hasty and reckless, unlike his older brother, preferring to charge into battles head-on without a strategy and wanting to end the battle as quickly as possible. He is also quite lazy and has trouble waking up in the mornings, shown by how Hikaru often has to drag him out of bed and carry him on him back all while he is still half-asleep.



Hyuga and Hikaru getting welcomed into the Comets.

Hyuga and his brother have been enjoying Beyblade for at least two years leading up to Beyblade Burst Surge. After Hyuga and Hikaru moved to the Hizashi Family Restaurant at the ages of 9 and 10 respectively, they walked into the Comets Gym, which was close to their home, for the first time to practice. There, they were greeted by Chuck, Guy, and Reina, who initially thought the brothers were breaking in. The three explained to Hyuga and his brother that the Comets use to be a popular team, but then the former coach quit, causing all the bladers on the team to quit as well. Motivated to help, Hyuga and Hikaru asked to join the club, vowing to bring the team back on its feet.

After joining the Comets, Hyuga and Hikaru got more serious about blading. They were shown to battle in district tournaments, attend exhibition matches featuring legendary bladers, and watch title matches.

Hyuga and Hikaru arguing at a district tournament before acquiring Hyperion and Helios.

Similar to the earlier parts of Beyblade Burst Surge, the brothers were known to argue due to their different styles of blading. Hyuga formed no strategy and was good at attacking, while Hikaru was very strategic and good at defending. The brothers were too competitive and did not work with each other. Instead, they constantly argued about their plan, causing their opponents to take advantage of them and win. This happened in almost every tag battle the brothers had before Beyblade Burst Surge. Chuck even recalls all their battles with each other as a "complete disaster," showing just how bad the brothers were at working side by side.

It is revealed in Episode 30 also known as "Explosive Battle" that Hyuga has flare.

Beyblade Burst Surge


Launch Styles

  • Lightning Launch: When a Blader has achieved complete synchronization with his Beyblade, the Launcher will illuminate and sparkle, granting the bey a temporary increase in speed and power.

Special Moves

  • Twin Strike: As they charge and collide toward one another, Helios and Hyperion build up speed as their Ring blades grind against each other while rotating in their respective spin directions, creating sparks and ram into the opposing Beyblades with combined force and power.
  • Super Strike: With its Xceed Driver, Super Hyperion builds up its speed, then channels the energy to the Super Ring's blade and deals massive damage to the opposing Beyblade.
  • Dual Charge: After increasing their speed, Super Hyperion and Brave Valtryek slam into the opposing Beyblade from both sides with all their might, doubling the damage.
  • Spark Counter: As Super Hyperion spins, the Xceed driver rotates faster to drift in a circle around the stadium, gaining speed and power, and then it attacks.
  • Flaming Limit Breaker: This move activates the Limit Breaker System of the Flamebringer Ring, causing the Ring to transform. This deploys and extends the 4 large blades from the Flamebringer Ring in an explosive action, becoming an secondary attack to strike the opposing Bey with greater force.
  • Flaming Strike: With its Xceed'+X Driver, Hyperion Flamebringer builds up its speed, then channels the energy to the Flamebringer Ring's blades and deals massive damage to the opposing Beyblade.
  • Twin Limit Breaker: Utilizing a similar move with Twin Strike, Helios and Hyperion build up speed as their Rings grind against each other while rotating in their respective spin directions, creating sparks and ramming into the opposing Beyblades with combined force and power, which then triggers their Limit Break Systems, granting a boost of power that knocks the opposing Beyblades out of the stadium.
  • Twin Break Impact:


Beyblade Burst Surge
Opponent Episode Result
Chuck 01 Win (2-0)
Valt Aoi 01 Lose (0-2)
Valt Aoi, Rantaro Kiyama, and Silas Karlisle 01 Lose (0-333)
Guy 02 Win (2-0)
Rantaro Kiyama 02 Lose
Ranjiro Kiyama 02 Lose (0-2)
Rantaro & Ranjiro Kiyama (with Hikaru Hizashi) 02 Win (1-0)
Rantaro Kiyama 03 Lose
Silas Karlisle 03 Lose (0-2)
Silas Karlisle 03 Win (2-0)
Silas Karlisle 04 Lose (0-2)
Reina 04 Win (2-0)
Guy 04 Win (2-0)
Chuck 04 Win (2-0)
Hikaru Hizashi 04 Draw
Hikaru Hizashi 04 Lose
Free De La Hoya 04 Lose (0-2)
Free De La Hoya 05 Lose (0-2)
Lose (0-2)
Hikaru Hizashi & Valt Aoi (with Free De La Hoya) 06 Lose (0-1)
Lui Shirosagi (with Hikaru Hizashi) 06 Lose (0-4)
Lui Shirosagi 07 No Contest (0-0)
Lain Valhalla 08 Lose
Lain Valhalla (flashback) 09 Lose
Dante Koryu 10 Win (2-0)
Dante Koryu 10 Lose
Hikaru Hizashi 11 Win
Aiger Akabane, Valt Aoi, Rantaro Kiyama & Free De La Hoya (Battle Royale) 11 Win
Hikaru Hizashi & Aiger Akabane (with Lain Valhalla) 12 Lose (0-1)
Free De La Hoya & Lui Shirosagi (with Valt Aoi) 14 Win (1-0)
Valt Aoi 15 Lose (0-3)
Lain Valhalla (with Hikaru Hizashi) 15 Lose (0-4)
Hikaru Hizashi 16 TBA
Valt Aoi 16 Win
Valt Aoi and Shu Kurenai (with Hikaru Hizashi) 17 Lose (0-1)
Valt Aoi and Lain Valhalla (with Hikaru Hizashi; simulation) 18 No Contest
Hikaru Hizashi 19 Unknown
Shu Kurenai & Lain Valhalla (with Hikaru Hizashi) 19 Lose (0-1)
Valt Aoi & Rantaro Kiyama (with Hikaru Hizashi) 21 Lose (0-1)
Aiger Akabane & Ranjiro Kiyama (with Hikaru Hizashi) 21 Win (1-0)
Wakiya Murasaki (with Hikaru Hizashi) 22 Lose (0-2)
Wakiya Murasaki (with Aiger Akabane & Dante Koryu) 22 Lose
Wakiya Murasaki (with Hikaru Hizashi & Dante Koryu) 22 Lose (0-3)
Wakiya Murasaki (with Hikaru Hizashi) 22 Win (1-0)
Dante Koryu & Lui Shirosagi (with Hikaru Hizashi) 23 Win (1-0)
Free De La Hoya & Silas Karlisle (with Hikaru Hizashi) 24 Win (1-0)
Valt Aoi & Rantaro Kiyama (with Hikaru Hizashi) 25 Win (1-0)
Shu Kurenai & Lain Valhalla (with Hikaru Hizashi) 26 Win (2-1)

Official Description

Beyblade Burst Surge

What you see is exactly what you get with the younger Hizashi brother, Hyuga. A cheerful kid who doesn’t overthink things, he’s the type to charge headfirst into battle. He hates losing, so it’s a good thing he’s got a sixth sense for Beys. There’s nothing he loves more than Blading, and he’s got his sights set on battling as many opponents as he can.

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Surge


Hikaru Hizashi

Hikaru is Hyuga's elder brother. While the two love each other and generally get along well, but due to their different styles of blading. Hyuga was good at attacking, while Hikaru was good at defending, they constantly argued about their plan, causing their opponents to take advantage of them and win.

In the Surge manga, during his and Hyuga battle against Lain, after Lucius, without its barrier, is able to knock back Hyperion and Helios' Twin Strike, in an effect to protest Hyperion. Helios sacrificed itself to protect Hyperion from Lucius's Vexing Disaster, which ultimately culminated in the destruction of the Kolossal Helios.

With some inspiration from Valt, Hikaru and Hyuga evolve their shattered beys into Helios Blazebringer Ou Zone'+Z and Hyperion Flamebringer Cho Xceed'+X.


Hyperion is Hyuga's Beyblade avatar. After being told by Valt to hear his bey's voice, the bond between Hyuga and Hyperion grew, and now they talk about how to defeat various legends.


Guy is one of the members of the Comets. He is the referee for the Bomber's battles.


Reina is one of the members of the Comets. She is the photographer for the Comets.


Chuck is one of the members of the Comets. He usually acts as the announcer for the Comets.

Valt Aoi

Valt teaching Hyuga about forming a bond.

Hyuga admires Valt greatly, as Valt is the one who inspired him to make his own Lightning Bey along with Rantaro and Silas during the legends' 3 way battle royale in episode 1. Before making his bey, Hyuga coincidentally saw Valt walking out of the Rainbow Tree Arena. He approached him and told Valt that he wants to break his limits. This confused Valt at first, but then Hikaru caught up to Hyuga and elaborated, asking Valt to battle once they have made their Lightning beys. The brothers' enthusiasm and passion for blading caused Valt Aoi to take an interest in them. He agrees to their challenge, telling them that they are an interesting pair. The next day, Hyuga battles Valt and loses with one strike from Valt's powerful bey Valtryek. This makes Hyuga extremely frustrated and causes him to make a vow of beating all legends and start a revolution. This proclamation catches Valt's attention.

Valt has helped Hyuga become a much stronger blader. When the young blader wanted to immediately challenge Silas to a rematch, Valt told him to wait, build some muscle, and get stronger before rushing into battle with a legend. The training that Valt advised helped him grow much stronger and eventually beat Silas. Valt has also taught Hyuga about the value of listening to and bonding with his bey. Because of this advice, Hyuga strengthened his relationship with Hyperion and became a much stronger blader with the ability to talk to his partner and get support from him. His incredible bond has also enabled him to gain a surge of energy during battle and increase his power in order to beat various legends. He used this against the legendary Dante Koryu, Free De La Hoya, Rantaro Kiyama, and Aiger Akabane.

Valt and Hyuga in synchronization.

During the beginning of Beyblade Burst Surge, Hyuga regarded Valt as an unbeatable legendary blader. The latter defeated the young blader with a single strike in every match the two had against each other. However, as Hyuga developed into a stronger blader and saw Valt more often, the two had a more equal relationship with both bladers regarding each other as formidable rivals. They became good friends that support each other during matches and work well together when partnered in tag battles. This was shown when Hyuga and Valt were teamed up during the final stage of the second round during the Legend Festival. The two formed a strategy they called "Gagagatsu de Bababa." Despite their extrasensory strategy, they made an excellent team and cooperated with each other in order to win against both Free and Lui, some of the strongest legendary bladers. This cooperation is mainly due to the respect both bladers have for each other, and their like-minded way of strategizing, since both wield attack type beys. The two also take each other seriously during their one- on- one matches. Shown especially in Episode 29 when they battled each other in the semi-finals.

Throughout Beyblade Burst Surge, Valt has continued to affirm his belief that Hyuga and Hikaru will change the world of Beyblade and start a revolution. The brothers' burning passion for Beyblade and perseverance even when looing (in some cases, 333 times) caught Valt's attention and led him to believe that these brothers will revolutionize Beyblade in an unprecedented way. Because of this, Valt, alongside Rantaro has taken it upon himself to mentor Hyuga and his brother; talking them to battle various legends around the world.

Rantaro Kiyama

Rantaro had trained the Comets and made him and Hikaru stronger.

Silas Karlisle

Hyuga considers Silas his rival, though Silas sees him as a newbie. Silas pushed Hyuga to become stronger during training. Although he will not admit it, Silas enjoys Hyuga's company as shown by how he searched for him during training and even asked Hyuga to practice with him.

Ranjiro Kiyama

Ranjiro and Hyuga initially did not get along. Ranjiro called him Bamboo Shoot, and Hyuga called Ranjiro Broom Head. However, after Hyuga and Hikaru got back from the Island, they are shown to battle with Ranjiro and get along.

Aiger Akabane

Hyuga enjoys battling Aiger and is fascinated by his bey's sword and shield. He and Aiger both discussed how much more fun blading his when they share their bey's abilities before battle. Aiger also enjoys watching Hyuga's actions and decisions because it reminds him of his former self when he first started blading.

Lain Valhalla

Dante Koryu

Due to their similar ages, Dante and Hyuga get along really well. They enjoy battling each other, to the point where they both ignored Hikaru, who was begging to face Dante and just focused on battling each other. Dante and Hyuga compliment one another, shown when Dante told the latter that he was "so cool" and Hyuga told the former that his catchphrase was awesome. They have become rivals and both seem extremely frustrated with themselves if one of them loses to the other. The two also support each other before their battles, shown by how Hyuga told Dante that he would be seeing him in the finals of the Legend Festival, implying that Hyuga has such confidence in Dante's ability to win that he doesn't even need to wish him luck before his match.

Free De La Hoya

Lui Shirosagi

Shu Kurenai

Valt told Hyuga about Shu; this made Hyuga really want to battle him until Episode 07, he saw Shu appear and was surprised to see him.


  • "Let's start a revolution."
  • "Hyperion. We fought together as one."
  • "No. I'm going to smash into him head on!" -after being told to hold back his attacks
  • "Hang in there! Don't stop! HYPERION!!"
  • "Battle! Battle! Battle! Battle!"
  • "Valt would never lose to someone like you! And I won't lose either!" - to Lean, after he threatened Valt.
  • "I personally hope Dante and Silas win, I mean... if I'm gonna go into the finals, I want you to be there too." - to Hikaru
  • "Hehe. They'll never see me like this." -while hiding in a box to spy on the legends.
  • "I'M NOT TRASH!!!" -after a vacuum cleaner sucked him inside a bag.
  • "I'm going to the final... together with Hikaru!" - During his battle with Valt



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  • Hyuga's zodiac is a Pisces.
  • He is the second Beyblade protagonist whose Beyblade is colored red, the first being Aiger Akabane.
  • The yellow interior of his hoodie may be a reference to the yellow on the 1A Chassis, as well as the flat rubber tip of the Xceed Performance Tip.
  • Hyuga is the first Burst character to have prominent tooth lines.
  • Hyuga is the third Beyblade protagonist to wear shorts after Tyson Granger and Aiger Akabane
  • Similar to his brother, Hyuga's full name in Japanese means "Morning, place in the sun", befitting his Beyblade's sun motif.
  • Despite Hikaru and Hyuga being brothers, they can be considered as foils to each other: Hikaru is the calmer and more tactical of the two, while Hyuga is more reckless and hot-headed, Hikaru is left-handed while Hyuga is right-handed, and their beys spin opposite of each other.
  • Hyuga's Hyperion is named after the Father of Helios which means that the sun beys are related to one another, like Hyuga and his brother, Hikaru.
  • Even though Hyuga is younger, his bey spirit is the Father of Hikaru's bey spirit in Greek mythology.
  • His hair resembles Lui Shirosagi‘s when both characters employ Resonance in battle.
  • Hyuga and his brother are the first pair of Burst main protagonists to share the same first letter of their names.
  • Hyuga has had more battles than any other Beyblade character.
    • This can mainly be attributed to his 445 battles against Hikaru in Episode 8, and 333 other matches against Rantaro and Silas.
  • Hyuga and Hikaru are the first Beyblade protagonists since Valt to have the same first name in both Japanese and English.
  • He is the second Beyblade protagonist to defeat a former protagonist before him in his season, first being Aiger Akabane.
  • Along with Hikaru, Hyuga is the fourth and fifth main Burst protagonist to have his Beyblade destroyed, following Valt, Aiger, and Dante.
  • Hyuga is the first character in the Beyblade Burst series to have a Attack Type Beyblade capable of using a Counter move, the second being Bel Daizora.
  • Like Aiger, both he and Hikaru changed launchers from their original launchers into long string launchers.
  • Both Hyuga and his brother Hikaru are the second Burst protagonists whose last names do not start with an A, although this is just their English last names. The first being Dante Koryu.
  • Both Hyuga and Hikaru are the first Burst protagonists whose English initials are different from their Japanese initials.
  • Hyuga and Hikaru are the only Burst protagonists to not appear in a season of the anime following their own.