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Ichika Kindo (金道イチカ, Kindō Ichika) is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Rise. She is Fumiya Kindo's younger sister, and a member of the Victories.


Ichika has short blonde hair with red strips at the top and light blue eyes.

For her attire, she wears a purple Letterman jacket with a yellow smiley face pin that has a signature grin, revealing its shark-like teeth feature. On both sleeves of the purple Letterman is a huge red stripe that has small, long purple streaks on both ends. Ichika's underclothing is a plain white t-shirt. She sports black denim shorts and blackish-gray thigh-high stockings that has a red stripe on each one. Ichika wears shoes that possess two colorful shades.

In her youth, she wore a white sweatshirt, black t-shirt and black shorts like Fumiya's.


Ichika is a serious blader and will always back up her friends, as shown when she was backing up for Dante from Fumiya. Ichika's personality is very similar to Shasa's from Beyblade Burst Evolution.


Prior to the start of the season, Ichika was once a member of the Spark Wings, an elite Beyblade Club led by her brother, Fumiya. He often pushed her to her limits due to wanting to share the glory of victory with his sister. However, Ichika disliked how obsessed with winning they were and later left to join the more fun-oriented Victories. This was what led to her present-day sibling rivalry with Fumiya.


Beyblade Burst Rise



Beyblade Burst Rise
Opponent Episode Result
Dante Koryu 02 Unknown
Valt Aoi 04 Unknown
Joe Lazure 04 Lose (0-2)

 Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Rise


Fumiya Kindo

Ichika is Fumiya's younger sister.

Despite being on opposite teams, Ichika has deep feelings for her brother Fumiya and cares for him. When she's showing regards for him, she quickly denies her feelings to anyone who notices, as shown in Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 06.


  • "Is he telling the truth, Tango?" - When Dante said he's joining The Victories
  • "Oh, no way! Isn't BC Sol Valt Aoi's team?" - When Tango said Dante's from BC Sol
  • "Guess he's not that much of a hot-shot" - When Taka showed Dante losing to Arman
  • "No way... Arman lost?" - When Arman lost to Dante
  • "I've had enough! If you think Beyblading's only about getting stronger, you're wrong!" - Confronting Fumiya
  • "It sound great, but where are we gonna get the funds for that?" - When Tango announced a training journey
  • "What's a pithole doing all the way out here!?" - When Dante and Arman fell into one of Pheng's traps
  • "DON'T YOU HAVE A BATTLE TO GET TO?" - Annoyed at Arman and Dante
  • "Quiet! You'll distract him!" - Shouting at Arman and Pheng
  • "You really believe that'll work?" - To Arman after he told Dante a plan
  • "What is all this? Seriously?" - When news reporters cam over to interview Dante
  • "With all those cameras in his face, I'd be surprised if he wasn't nervous"
  • "You're seriously amazing!" - To Gwyn after he beat Dante
  • "Wow, he's really getting pumped up" - After seeing Dante getting pumped up battling Gywn
  • "Dragon is going to be destroyed...?" - When Gwyn announced Dragon will break in the battle
  • "Wait, what? Why are we going all of a sudden?" - When Tango announced Victories were going to Infernal Tower
  • "He really beat Arthur!" - When Delta got a point from Arthur
  • "Shhh!" - To Dante to keep him from distracting Delta
  • "He only needs one more point to win, So maybe he'll take a defensive approach" - Stating what Delta might do
  • "He's just too cool" - While talking about Delta
  • "Huh? You're off to do what now?" - When Fumiya announced he's going on a training journey
  • "Oh, is that all? No complaints here"
  • "You're all grown up, what's there to worry about?" - Sassing Fumiya
  • "Oh, man... What a drama queen..."
  • "Oh, who cares? He looks just as cool as Delta does!" - When Arman imitated Delta
  • "So you mean this wasn't for simple revenge?" - When Tango stated that Arthur might've came for a different reason
  • "The first battle on a new stadium? That's great!" - When Valt invited Dante and Arman to be the first ones to battle in the Hyper-Warp Stadium
  • "What's with this guy? Hey, nobody invited you!" - When Arthur interrupted Dante and Arman's exhibition match.
  • "Huh?! What are you saying?! You joined the Victories before I did, so you should go!" - insisting that Taka should battle Inferno
  • "Practicing with Delta must really make him happy" - After seeing how excited Dante was battling Delta
  • "Who'd thought they'd make such a good pair?"
  • "Wait, you just found out?" - When Fumiya said he heard about the battle against Inferno just then
  • "So close!" - When Arman lost to Delta


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  • Ichika's blood type is O.[1]
  • Her appearance is similar to Zac, as they both have blue eyes and blonde hair with two strips of red.
  • Ichika is the only member of Victories to own a Beyblade whose name was not changed in the English Dub.
  • In Episode 21, it is revealed by Taka that she is older than him.
  • In the 2020 character popularity poll held in Japan, Ichika placed 22nd.
  • Her zodiac sign is a Capricorn.