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Ilya Mao (イリヤ・マオ, Iriya Mao) is a character appearing in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst QuadDrive. She fights with her Beyblade, Magma Ifritor.


Ilya is an average-sized girl with pale skin, yellow eyes with light green eyeshadow, and short cerulean hair with two red strands in the front. Her attire consists of a white tucked-in t-shirt with a blue vertical stripe on the front, a dark-red jacket with crimson pads on each shoulder and elbow, a black rolled-up pair of shorts with the insides colored white, a white belt with a golden-orange buckle, a navy-blue pair of thigh-high stockings with golden knee-pads, a dark-red pair of boots with white panels on the front and roller skates built into them, and a black pair of fingerless gloves. She also sports a red helmet with a white center, cat-like ears and a horizontal white stripe from each cheek region. Her helmet also includes an orange visor which she occasionally displays.


Ilya has a rather playful, relaxed attitude. Being extremely strategic and calculating, she tries to get into her opponents' head. Outgoing and snarky, she is also shown to be quite mischievous, since she made a bet with Bel Daizora, stating that the loser would have to be the winner's servant for an entire day.

Despite her seemingly care-free nature, Ilya is very passionate about Beyblade and challenging strong opponents, considering her prime reason for joining Bc sol was to challenge Free De La Hoya and Valt Aoi and has a rather competitive nature, and gets rather upset when she loses, retracting from other people and maintaining a serious demeanor for a while, as shown after her battle with Lui Shirosagi.

Ilya seems to have little regard for rules, a prime example being when she had a battle with Bel despite not being allowed to do so when the show wasn't filming.

She also seems to have an affinity for cats, considering she wears a helmet resembling a cat, hissing mid-battle, and since her Beyblade is also based on one.



Beyblade Burst QuadDrive


Special Moves

  • Magma Smash: After riding the upper deck of the Beystadium, Magma Ifritor jumps off and crashes into the opposing Beyblade with a powerful strike with the Magma Blade, causing critical damage to the point of Bursting.
  • Beast Dodge: Set in High Mode, Magma Ifritor utilizes the Jaggy-Q Tip & Wave Armor Tip's rotation to avoid an opposing Beyblade to dodge the attack.
  • Double Windmill: As they charge and collide toward one another, Bahamut and Ifritor build up speed as their Blades grind against each other while rotating in their respective spin directions, creating two barriers that rotate against one another to deflect the opposing Beyblades' attacks.


Beyblade Burst QuadDrive
Opponent Episode Result
Bel Daizora, Rashad Goodman, Ranzo Kiyama, and Bashara Suiro (Battle Royale) 11 Win
Bel Daizora 12 Win (2-0)
Lui Shirosagi 12 Lose (1-2)
Rashad Goodman (with Bashara Suiro) 16 Lose (0-2)
Bel Daizora and Ranzo Kiyama 17 Lose (0-2)
Bel Daizora, Valt Aoi, and Ranzo Kiyama (with Rashad Goodman and Bashara Suiro) 17 Win (1-0)
Rashad Goodman (with Bashara Suiro) 18 Lose (0-4)
Rashad Goodman and Bashara Suiro (Battle Royale) 20 Lose
Phenomeno Payne (with Bashara Suiro) 21 Lose (0-4)

Official Description

Beyblade Burst QuadDrive

Ilya Mao was last seen wandering the land, battling opponents to hone her skills. Now, this up-and-coming Blader has returned to her old stomping grounds at BC Sol. A sharp strategist with an even sharper tongue, Ilya knows just how to dissect every opponent she faces.

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst QuadDrive


Rashad Goodman

Ilya and Rashad were members of BC Sol at around the same time. The two befriended each other during this time, until Ilya left BC Sol, stating she "wouldn't get stronger by staying here". After the two meet again, they seem to be on good terms. Rashad is quite strict with her and Bashara due to them being members of his team.

Bashara Suiro

Since the two are members of the same team, they get along well, often talking to each other and frequently working together during battles.

Bel Daizora

Valt Aoi



Theme Songs

Clash! Dynamite Battle

Concept Art


  • Ilya is the first main Blader in the Burst series to be female.
  • Ilya is the third of four QuadDrive characters whose initials are the same as their Bey: Magma Ifritor, the others being Bel Daizora, Rashad Goodman, and Phenomeno Payne.
  • Ilya shares her birthday with Akira Yamatoga, making them the third pair of Burst characters to have the same birthday, the first being Toko and Nika Aoi, and the second being Phi and Hyde.
    • They are also the first pair to not be related.
  • Ilya's appearance and mannerisms seems to be based on the catgirl anime/manga trope.
  • Despite being in the anime, Ilya does not play an active role in the manga, only making a brief appearance in Rashad's backstory.
  • Ilya is the only female character in the Burst series to have her own unique Beyblade, rather than a generic version of an older Beyblade.