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Inferno Blast or Last Judgement Inferno (ラストジャッジメントインフェルノ, Rasuto Jajjimento Inferuno) is the third special move used by Yu Tendo and his Flame Libra T125ES.


Libra produces a huge blast of sonic vibrations that draws opposing beys towards it. A Bey caught in the blast would lose stamina and eventually stop spinning.

In Metal Masters, it is revealed that Yu is able to modify the frequency of the blast as well, causing it to change color.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion[]

Yu uses Inferno Blast to defeat Benkei, Hikaru, and Kenta in the Survival Battle and then defeats Gingka with it. He also uses Inferno Blast against Tsubasa, but fails and ends up in a tie.

Beyblade: Metal Masters[]

Masamune Kadoya broke through it with Lightning Sword Flash. Yu used it several other times like in his battle with Aleksey.

In the knockout battle against Team Garcias in Brazilian Trap, Yu uses it against Enso Garcia but loses.

Beyblade: Metal Fury[]

In Metal Fury, Yu upgraded it to a more powerful move, Final Inferno Blast.



  • In Metal Masters (during the battle for Team Gan Gan Galaxy's third member), Inferno Blast changes from green to yellow, then shortly to red, then purple before becoming rainbow colored. The change in color is due to the change in frequency of the vibration.
  • When Yu uses Inferno Blast, the world surrounding it becomes dark, and daylight is somehow gone.