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Infinite Assault, also known as the Infinity Wave (極水無限波 (インフィニティウェーブ), Kyokusui Mugenha (Infinitei Ueebu)) is the first and only special move used by Hikaru Hasama and her Storm Aquario 100HF/S.


This move tricks the opponent into thinking there are many Aquarios, and then attacks the opponent with the real Aquario. A huge wave also smashes on the opponent.

When used, it also changes its performance tip's mode and changes speed making it move so fast it looks like many Aquarios. It looks like it disappears. It moves rapidly, trapping the opponent with a huge, rushing wave.

It takes a skilled blader to see through this move. For example, Gingka used the sunlight's reflection to find the actual Aquario.



Metal Fight Beyblade - Wind Aquario Finishing Spin Move 1 Infinity Wave

Credit to xxxDranzerX13xxx