The Italian DJ is the Italian referee from the Metal Saga.


The Italian DJ is a tan skinned man, with short, curly dark brown hair. His eyes are also a dark brown colour and he has a cleft chin. He has an attire resembling that of the ancient Romans. Around his head is a small gold band. He wears an off-white tunic that has a gold lining around the neck. Over this, he has a white cape, secured by a brown leather strap extending across his collarbone. He has white cloth wrapped around his forearms. Around his waist, there is a brown belt with a gold buckle with WBBA written on it. From this belt, there are also two smaller belts extending down and around.


The Italian DJ is a rather loud, energetic man, as much so as the other Blader DJs. He is a fair commentator, despite the occasional jab at Team GanGan Galaxy. At times, he exclaims Italian phrases such as "Pasta Fazool!" or "Mama Mia!"


Beyblade: Metal Masters

The Italian DJ appeared in Metal Masters first commentating on the match of Masamune Kadoya VS Klaus. He then commentates on the match of Sophie and Wales VS Tsubasa and Yu. Finally, he commentates on the match of Gingka Hagane VS Julius Konzern.


  • The platform he announces from is in the shape of a Roman chariot, complete with wheels.
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